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Study in USA 2024: Top Universities, Courses, Visa requirements

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Do you wish to study in USA ? The United States of America has the biggest number of international students in the world. A Lot of Indian students choose to study in the US for a variety of reasons, including the excellent quality of education, innovative programmes, multicultural environment, and numerous opportunities. This country, which is generally seen as the leader of the democratic world, offers many top-ranking universities abroad for Indian students as well as educational institutions in the United States that offer globally recognised degrees.

America is the favored education destination for all overseas students because it is one of the most powerful nations on the planet. Study in USA is always valuable because it offers a wide range of employment opportunities and would be a brilliant alternative for Indian students who are constantly striving to receive the best education available.

Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA

Top universities to study in USA in 2024

Many top universities in the United States excel at teaching standards and contribute to students’ overall growth. Let us have a look at the greatest universities in the United States:

University QS World Ranking 2023Annual Tuition Fees/ year
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1$50,000 – $55,000
Stanford University 3$25,000 – $55,000
Harvard University 5$25,000 – $51,000
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)6$44,000 – $57,000
University of Chicago 10$55,000 – $59,000
University of Pennsylvania 13$60,000 – $62,000
Yale University 14$58,000 – $60,000
Columbia University 19$58,000 – $78,000
Princeton University 20$56,000 – $58,000
Cornell University 21$56,000 – $60,000
Source: AdmitKard

Top courses to study in USA

Students seeking for the top courses to study in USA have a plethora of possibilities. However, several courses at US universities are well-known.

Here’s a brief rundown of the finest courses to study in the United States for overseas students:

  • Engineering & Technology 
  • Business and Management
  • Social Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Liberal Arts
  • Law
  • Marine Biology and Life Sciences
  • Maths & Computer Science

Mentioned below are some other programs that a student can go for :

Program Duration Average Tuition Fees
BSc Nursing (BSN) 4  years$45,000/ year 
MBBS 8-10 years$40,000/ year 
MPH1 to 2 years$50,000/ year 
MSc Computer Science1 to 2 years $50,000/ year 
MSc Data Science1 to 2 years$70,000/ year 
MA Applied Economics 2 years$35,000/  year 
MBA 2 years$70,000/ year 
LLM1 year$60,000/ year
coursefinder know the chance of admit at your dream university with our course finder
coursefinder know the chance of admit at your dream university with our course finder

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Study in USA Visa

The US government offers all Indian students the option to study in the United States, but you must first secure a student visa. Your visa requirements will be determined by factors like your age and the type of study you intend to undertake in the United States.

Following documents are required for Visa to study in USA 

  • Your photo in the format specified , as well as your phone number
  • Acceptance to a SEVP-approved school, 
  • payment of the SEVIS Non-immigrant visa application fee on Form I-20, 
  • receipt of Form DS-160 confirmation page
  • A valid passport valid for at least six months after your stay in the United States (unless exempt by country specific agreements)

Following are some additional documents that may be required:

  • Evidence proving you have enough money to cover your living expenses during your stay in the United States. Examples include:
  • Transcripts, degrees, and certificates are examples of academic preparation documents.
  • Account statements
  • A sponsor’s financial commitment to pay your lodging and living expenses
  • A scholarship scheme

Student visa requirements for the US in 2024

The US government provides three categories of student visas:

S.No.Types of student visaDescription
1F-1 Student Visato study at an accredited US college or university or to study English at an English language institute
2J Exchange Visafor participation in an exchange program, including high school and university study
3M Student Visafor non-academic or vocational study or training in the US
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA

Study in USA for Indian students

In order to apply for an undergraduate programme in the United States, Indian students must have completed 12 years of education. Students must have 16 years of education to apply for a graduate programme, though. Universities may accept three years of undergraduate study in graduate programmes in specific instances. 

Aside from a stellar academic record, notable SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT scores are required. Students must additionally demonstrate their English language proficiency by taking the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE exams.

Strong recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, a personal statement, essays, a CV, certificates of extra-curricular achievements, and a strong financial background are the general entry requirements for studying in the United States.

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Admission process to study in USA in 2024

Indian and international students can finish their criteria to study in USA online.

The following is a step-by-step procedure for studying in the United States:

  • Choose the subject you wish to study and begin looking for the finest institutions that offer it.
  • Once the institutions have been identified, visit their official university websites to learn more about their prerequisites and eligibility criteria.
  • Begin the application procedure. Fill out the application form and attach any necessary papers and certificates. Pay the necessary application fees.
  • Wait for a response from the universities. You will be sent an I-20 form if you are chosen. It is the paperwork required to obtain your student visa.

Admission requirements to study in USA

To understand how to study in the United States, you must first grasp the university requirements for international students in the United States.

Associate DegreeHigh school transcript or equivalent with an average of C gradeTOEFL iBT score 60 
Bachelor’s Degree12th standard certificate with minimum GPA – 2.50 to 3. 60 TOEFL – 61 SOPACT/ SAT 
Master’s DegreeBachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA 2.50 to 3.60TOEFL – 78 to 100SOP, LORs, CVGRE/ GMAT

Study in USA on scholarships

Studying in the United States can be costly, especially if you attend an Ivy League school or one of the country’s best universities. There are various scholarship opportunities, fee exemptions, grants, assistantships, fellowships, federal work study programmes, and loans available to help with tuition prices. Because assistantships and scholarship are only offered to master’s students, overseas students seeking to enroll in bachelor’s programmes turn to scholarships and financial help.

Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey
Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey

Mentioned below are some of the scholarships :

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
This programme, which is part of the Fullbright programme, will send a young or mid-career professional from a developing country to the United States for ten months to study non-degree graduate education and relevant practical experience.

Long-Term English (LTE) language instruction is a new feature in this programme that is limited to minority, rural, or non-elite populations that lack essential language skills yet thrive in their business.

LTE members undergo intense pre-academic education for 20-25 weeks to develop their language ability. This programme covers tuition, a monthly maintenance stipend, housing expenses, airfare, and professional fees such as field excursions.
Fulbright- Nehru Fellowships
This scholarship is offered to international students enrolling to master’s or doctorate programmes; it covers tuition, accident and illness insurance as required by the US, flights, and living expenses.

In the event of a PhD, you will be awarded a monthly stipend to assist you in covering the costs of your study. Other degrees of education, on the other hand, may differ in terms of finance and duration. It exclusively includes J-1 visa assistance.
(Non-Government scholarship)
Abbey Road Inc. sponsors this summer programme, which gives scholarships to high school students aged 14 to 18 who succeed academically and in extracurricular activities. It grants five 73,297.1 INR student scholarships in certain disciplines each year

The prize is worth 36,648.6 INR.
AAUW International Fellowships
(Non-Government scholarship)
This fellowships is available to foreign female students who want to study and research full-time in the United States. It assists graduate and post-graduate students attending US universities.

The scholarship amounts are as follows: Master’s/first professional degree: 366,486 INR – 13,15,071.00 INR
Graduate or postdoctoral studies: 13,15,071.00 INR – 21,91,485.00 INR

Fellowships for international students can last up to five years. This is applicable to master’s and first professional degrees that are renewable for an additional year.
#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship
(Non-Government scholarship)
It’s a scholarship and social media campaign aimed at attracting overseas students to the US higher education system, regardless of their field of study.

You must submit an essay or a video demonstrating your initiative and enthusiasm for promoting intercultural exchange activities.The participating institution and college will grant you two annual and renewable scholarships that will pay at least half of your tuition expenses for an overseas undergraduate programme of your choice.

Your essay or multimedia presentation should emphasise the leadership skills that you would like to use on campus.

Loan for study in USA

Loan for study in USA is available for International students. Note that Non-US citizens who wish to study at a college or university in the United States can apply for international student loans. A lot of international students seek loans to help pay for college, especially tuition fee, room and board, books, transportation, supplies, health insurance, and other costs.

Loan for study in USA are available all year round and can pay up to the complete cost of attendance, less any additional financial aid. 

Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey
Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey

Without IELTS study in USA

You can Study in USA without IELTS. International students wishing to study in the United States may face challenges with IELTS and IELTS scores. The exam level is not only difficult for non-native English speakers, but due to the exam expense, multiple attempts are not possible. If you want to apply to universities in the United States without taking IELTS, you must complete the following prerequisites or submit the following documents:

  • Letter from your previous university stating that you completed your English course.
  • English should be one of your core subjects in high school.
  • If English was the official language in the country where you last received your education, IELTS might not be required.
  • Universities may require students to take preparatory courses, known as IELP or IELTS.

Here are some measures to take if you want to take a course in the United States without taking the IELTS:

  • Make a shortlist of universities and evaluate their eligibility requirements
  • Directly apply online
  • You may be contacted for a personal interview after submitting all documents.
  • You must pay the initial tuition payments once you receive your acceptance letter from the university.
  • Your application for a study visa must be submitted. If you have good academic grades and complete all other requirements, you can apply for a study visa in the United States without taking the IELTS exam. or IELTS (Intensive English Language Training).
Name of the InstitutionAlternative Examinations
Rice UniversityDuolingo
National Louis UniversityPTE
University of New Orleans (UNO)English Language for International or ELI
University of Colorado BoulderDuolingo PTE, Cambridge English Scale or the Duolingo
University of North AlabamaTOEIC
California State UniversityNorthwood UniversityCambridge English Test, IB, ELS or PTE Academic
University of ArkansasPTE, Duolingo or iTEP along with Cambridge Assessment English
University of DelawareEnglish Language for International or ELIPTE or Duolingo
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA

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Study in USA cost

Study in USA estimated cost of living in the United States is between $10000 and $18000 per year, or $1000 to $1500 per month. This includes expenses such as lodging, room & board, meals, transportation, textbooks, weather-appropriate apparel, and entertainment.

Pre-arrival cost

ExpenseAverage Cost (in USD)
Standardized exams185- 275
Application fees of the universities50- 100
VISA Processing Fee160
SEVIS Fee350
Health Insurance500- 1000

Post- arrival cost of living

ItemPercentage ContributionApproximate Expense Range (Monthly)
Rent of Apartment35.6%650- 25,000
Meals22.58%30- 40 (one-meal)
Transportation7.45%100- 300
Personal Expenses15.99%300- 600
Health Insurance18.33%450- 700
Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey
Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey

Study in USA for masters

Masters in the United States, often known as MS in the United States, is a two-year degree programme provided by around 70% of US universities. MS programmes in the United States are predominantly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) courses. International students interested in pursuing an MS degree frequently choose courses such as MS in Business and Management, MS in Information Technology, MS in Computer Science, and so on.

Check out the Top 10 universities and their fees:

University NameQS Ranking 2022Fees (INR)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)#138.1 Lakhs/Yr
Stanford University#317.9 Lakhs/Yr (minimum)
Harvard University#540.3 Lakhs/Yr
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)#642.1 Lakhs/Yr
University of Chicago#1044 Lakhs/Yr
University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)#1339.5 to 53.7 Lakhs/Yr
Yale University#=1432.1 to 54.1 Lakhs/Yr
Columbia University#1934 Lakhs/Yr
Princeton University#2040.3 Lakhs/Yr
Cornell University#2143.3 Lakhs/Yr

Study in USA for Medicine

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Science degree in a medical field is the first step toward earning a qualification equivalent to MBBS at US universities. You are then qualified to apply for MD programme. According to QS News Ranking 2022 for Medicine, the following colleges in the United States offer MD programmes:

UniversityQS World Rankings, 2022Program Duration (in years)Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)
Harvard University#5551.64 lakhs
Stanford University#=3642.91 lakhs
Johns Hopkins University#25443.15 lakhs
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)#40438.29 lakhs
Yale University#=14445.79 lakhs
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)438.29 lakhs
Columbia University#19449.55 lakhs
University of Pennsylvania#13447.04 lakhs
Duke University#52448.12 lakhs
University of California, San Diego#48436.97 lakhs
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA

Study in USA for indian students after 10th

If you want to continue your education in the US after 10th grade, you must complete your 11th and 12th grades in a US high school system. This could be a free or paid public or private programme. But doing so is difficult, from adjusting to US school life and culture to residing alone in the Unites States at such a young age to obtaining a visa for US admission.

In addition, unlike India and other areas of the world, US high schools do not offer board exams such as SSC and HSC. Individual school grades, which would vary depending on the courses you take, would be used to evaluate you. If you don’t take the appropriate courses or perform poorly in them while attempting to acclimate to the new environment.

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Study in USA for Indian students after 12th

After graduating their 12th grade in their home country and deciding to continue further education in the US, students have a variety of opportunities In the United States, students can study a wide range of humanities, science, and commerce-related disciplines. The following are some of the most popular courses for overseas students looking to study in the United States after high school.

Mentioned below are some of the top universities to study in USA 

Top Universities
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
California Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For Indian students looking to study in USA, there are numerous ways to apply for a course in the United States. A bachelor’s degree in the United States can be obtained in 4 or 2 years, depending on the course design and institute. Students can attend private or community institutions depending on their financial situation. Students can pick between a four-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year bachelor’s degree, depending on their preferences and budget.

Study in USA for Indian students after 12th commerce

You can study in USA after 12th standard. There are Ivy League universities iin the United States. Which they provide some of the greatest courses in business, art, and humanities. 

Following is a list of top universities in the United States for Indian students who have completed their 12th commerce:

UniversityCourseFees (per year)
Harvard UniversityBachelor’s in EconomicsINR 36,600,00
Arizona State UniversityBA Business AdministrationINR 40,000,00
Texas A & M UniversityBBA- ManagementINR 45,100,00
University of Texas at AustinBBA in FinanceINR 48,600,00
Cleveland State UniversityBachelor of Business Administration in FinanceINR 24,100,00
coursefinder know the chance of admit at your dream university with our course finder
coursefinder know the chance of admit at your dream university with our course finder

Study in USA : Work opportunities

International students can work part-time in the United States with a student visa.

For overseas students’ part-time jobs in the United States, the US government has a 20-hour work-week limit.

Off-campus occupations fall into four categories: Optional Practice Training (OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Economic Hardship, and International Organisations. On-campus and off-campus student employment are the two categories. The former refers to work done on a college or university campus. On the other hand, off-campus employment is labour that is not associated with the university.

Mentione below

Part-Time JobsAverage Salary Per Hour
Library Assistant$14
Research Assistant $17
Tutor $12
Campus Tour Guide$13
Department Assistant$16
Food Runner $12

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How to study in USA?

If you’re looking for steps to follow with regards to how to study in USA, then read along. Indians are the most common recipients of high-skilled H-1B visas and the second-largest group of overseas students in the United States.

According to US government records, Indian immigrants are better educated, more likely to have solid English language skills, arrive on work-based visas, and are less likely to live in poverty than the general immigrant community. Many Indians work in STEM sectors (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). California, Texas, and New Jersey are home to the majority of Indian immigrants.

To study in USA follow these steps mentioned below:

Step#1. Select the colleges you want to apply to.

The school search process might be daunting, leading you to want to give up or employ someone right away. Many students begin by looking at a top 100 university list and never venture beyond it. We always encourage students to consider all of their alternatives, find the greatest fit, and maintain an open mind during the process.

We strongly advise beginning your search with three primary criteria – location, climate, and course – and narrowing it down from there. For example, I speak with a lot of kids who want to study business and believe that narrowing their options will help them, but practically every four-year university in the United States offers a business degree. So think about what you want – what kind of environment you want, whether you want to live in a big metropolis or a tiny university town – and then look for institutions that offer programmes that match your interests.

Step#2. Look at funding options.

The higher education in US is world-renowned, but it’s also among the most costly in the world. The United States takes pleasure in providing a college education that is tough to match anyplace else in the globe. Some universities provide substantial financial help and scholarships. Scholarships, grants, loans, family assets, or your own personal funds could all be sources of funding. To pay for education, you’ll usually need a combination of these. It is a crucial stage in the process of studying in the United States. Unfortunately, university education does not come with an unlimited budget, so students must be resourceful, prepared, and dedicated to succeed.

Step#3. Registration and application

After you’ve decided on which schools to apply to, the next step is to fill out applications, get accepted, and figure out which school is best for you. In terms of the resources they require, most colleges follow a similar application process. 

The following items are frequently requested by schools:

  • Admissions application
  • Secondary school transcripts
  • Secondary school translation/evaluation of records (this often needs to be completed by an outside company)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Test Scores (SAT/ACT/TOEFL)
  • Personal Essay
  • Personal Interview

Step#4. Apply for a student visa.

You must submit financial paperwork to acquire a student visa after enrolling at a school by presenting a signed contract or enrollment agreement, as well as a monetary deposit. A bank statement (from you, your parents, or a sponsor) demonstrating that you have enough money to cover for at least one year of study in the United States is required. 

Step#5. Arrange your flight tickets 

If you book flight tickets some months before you can grab some early bird discount. Also, extra steps will most likely be communicated by the school. Many institutions provide new students with adviser meetings, packing lists, and orientation schedules to help them prepare before they arrive.

How to study in USA for free?

International students can study for free in USA in a variety of ways. You can first apply for and earn a full-ride scholarship to study at a U.S. college, and if that doesn’t work out, you can try for a partial scholarship and pay the difference using grants, work-study programmes, and part-time jobs.

Follow the steps below to study in USA for free:

Step#1. Create a fantastic application

The United States of America is an excellent place to further your education. Your academics should be competitive and exceptional, as demanded of an aspiring student, to stand out among hundreds of applicants. Study hard and start creating a strong academic profile.

Your scores, GPA, test scores, English language skills, and other academic performance factors will all affect your ability to study in the United States for free. Furthermore, getting recommendations from people you trust can help you get into university.

Step#2.Research Low-Cost Universities in the United States

In the US which has over 4,000 universities and colleges, you will have many options for higher education. Among them are affordable universities that offer high-quality education.

You can save money by attending universities with reduced tuition prices. Among the universities worth considering are California State University, Alcorn State University in Mississippi, and Minot State University in North Dakota.

With scholarships, you can study in the United States for free.You’ll be also able to save money and avoid being a broke college student because you’ll be spending less for your education. After all, thousands of miles apart from your family and attempting to make things work from afar might be challenging.

Step#3. Grab a scholarships in the United States

After you have opted to study in the United States, you may have fantasized about living the American ideal. However, you may have financial issues when you study abroad rather than in your home country because the overall costs are likely to be much more .While this concept may be unpleasant and may hinder your academic goals, bear in mind that the United States offers international students scholarships.

Scholarships from the government, colleges, and private institutions make it quite easy to obtain a free degree in the United States. Scholarship donors have the option of selecting who receives their funds. Top universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, and others award large scholarships to deserving students. You can also apply for a variety of government scholarships.

Apply for as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of being accepted. Double-check your qualifications before submitting your application to avoid any issues or disappointments.


How does it cost to study in USA?

International students pay $25,000-$35,000 per year at a public university and $30,000-$45,000 at private colleges on average. The cost can reach up to $50,000-$55,000 per year for some private colleges.

Can I study in USA for free?

The United States is the finest option for Indian students who desire to study abroad. For many students, the country offers not only excellent educational options, but also greatly improved career prospects. Many Indians prefer to study in the United States to avoid the fierce competition for top universities in their home country.

Can a foreigner study in USA?

You must pay a visa application fee and be accepted at a US university at the time you submit your application. While it is feasible to transfer to another university, you will have to fill out additional forms and follow other steps.

Can Indian students study in USA after 12th?

Yes, Scholarships to study in the United States for Indian students are plentiful if they qualify. There are numerous opportunities for Indian students to study in the United States after completing their 12th grade science or commerce.

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