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Journalism is the heart of the present modern information-centered society. With time, journalism has grown as an important career path, which has attracted a large share of candidates from across the globe. In the United Kingdom only, the number of journalists has increased from 64,000 to 84,000 in a year, hence making the journalism careers highly competitive. The significance of communication skills in the present time has increased. Read more about the Importance of Communication Skills Demonstrated Through 10 Studies. A career in media and communication indeed has a promising future as per the current trends.

Study Media and Communication in the UK

 If you aspire to become a journalist and hold a degree from a reputed university in the UK, here are the top five media and communication colleges which you can consider.

1. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is proudly ranked 1st in the UK for media and communication studies. And it has the 2nd place in the world. It is mainly offering students programmes at the postgraduate level.

Do you know: The students are offered various options including an MSc in Media and Communications, MSc in Media, Communication and Development, MSc/MA in Global Media and Communications and MSc in Politics and Communication. The University has been tagged as one of the leading research Universities in the UK and hence its courses are highly research-based.

2. City University, London

City University London is placed at the 2nd spot in the UK in the field of media and communications studies. It is also ranked at the 23rd place the world. At the university, the students can access BA in Journalism, which provides an introduction to the different aspects of the sector, along with a selection of master’s programs. Master’s programs give you various options like MA in Investigative Journalism, MA in Financial Journalism, MA in Interactive Journalism, MA in International Journalism, MA in Political Journalism, MA in Science Journalism, MA in Magazine Journalism and others. Moreover, the university is also known for the employability of its journalism graduates.

3. University of Westminster

The University of Westminster is ranked 3rd in the UK for media and communication studies. It has also been ranked at the 40th spot in the world. Students are offered a wide range of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. One can get a BA degree in Medical Journalism, Digital Media Journalism, TV or Radio Production, along with Digital Media and Communications. Suppose you already hold a diploma, but wish to enhance your skills and knowledge by doing MA courses, this university provides you with a large selection of MA degrees in Multimedia Journalism (Broadcast or Print and Online), Media Management, Social Media, Global Media, International Media Business, and others. The University of Westminster manages well-established connections with the media sector and hence its students acquire opportunities to get in touch with guest lecturers. Some of the renowned media professionals include Deborah Davies (producer of documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and others), Clive Tyldesley (ITV lead football commentator), Torin Douglas (former BBC media correspondent) and many others.

4. Loughborough University

Loughborough University is ranked 4th among the top media and communication universities in the UK. This university offers BSc degrees in Communication and Media Studies, Media, Culture and Society. It also has MA degrees in Digital Media and Society and Media and Cultural Analysis, Global Media and Cultural Industries. Loughborough University is primarily known as the training ground for several talented student-athletes; hence it can help you gain good experience for sports journalism careers. The Times Higher Education has selected Loughborough for best student experience for consecutive 6 years. Its teaching method was rated Gold in Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

5. Cardiff University

Cardiff University is placed 5th in the UK for its media and communication studies. This university offers an impressive selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of journalism. Students can take a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Media, Journalism and Communications, Media and Cultural Studies, and Media and Sociology or English Literature. Focusing on higher studies, it also offers MA journalism specializations in Broadcast, Magazine, International Journalism, cover Newspaper, and many others. Cardiff University is the only member of the Russell Group for research-led universities in the UK. And over the years, it is a popular option for international students.

The above-mentioned colleges are the best in the United Kingdom to help you pursue your dream in the field of media and communication. You can make a classic career in Journalism if you get into these colleges and work hard with guidance from the highly recognized faculty of these colleges. So, hope this post could help you in your search!

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