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Canada is the new hub for international students, who come here from all across the world to take higher education. To fulfil the dreams of studying in top colleges in Canada, the students have to get through the requirements of the college. Once they get the offer letter from the college, the next step is to get a study visa in order to fly down there and start studying. After submitting the demand drafts and the required documents, they get verified and if they are eligible then they are allowed to study in the college.

There are sudden rule changes in the visa process, which leads to many misunderstanding and finally leading to the cancellation of the visa. One should be updated and be aware of the new rules, as it is very important to not to do any mistake because anything wrong in the process and it can lead to cancellation of the visa.

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What are the New Canada Study Visa Rules in 2018?

It is the dream of every student to obtain high education and become a competent professional. Canada being the new global leader to provide quality education in various degrees in numerous departments attracts thousands of students from across the world. At first applying to Canada study visa itself is a big task as it takes numerous formalities to be met. Under the assistance of the world’s largest immigration consultant (WWICS), the students can get all the information about the visa process which they need. After applying the students are required to put forward their interest in the subject and which degree they want to pursue. Before applying for the visa the students should have sufficient funds to pay for the tuition fees and should be able to bear all the expenditure of living in Canada. Next step is to provide the student’s own IELTS score in order to meet the eligibility criteria of the college. The score will prove that the students are fluent in the main language as the course is mainly taught in English. Also, there is age relaxation for the students who apply for a study visa. This is the new protocol for the visa process which should be followed and any mistake in this can lead to the cancellation of the visa.

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What will be the New Canada Study Visa Rules in 2019?

Canada is planning to become the spot for international students to take higher education there. In the upcoming year, the rules will be a little more amended in order to make the whole process more efficient and benefit the students. After applying the students are required to submit documents which will also consist of previous academic performance. The availability of the seats in the different college will be provided to the students. Then the students can apply for there desired stream and college. There will some changes in the IELTS score requirements for students from different categories. The students should possess the sufficient fund to pay the tuition fees and other expenses. The new rules will benefit the students in order to gain higher education from their dream college.

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What are the New Canada Study Visa rules?

Studying in Canada is a dream to every student who wants to complete their higher education from a recognized college and become a professionally successful person. It can be a loathsome work to get a study visa when you are not aware of the updated rules. Canada has launched many programs such as SDS, SSP to help the students to get the visa efficiently. After applying for the visa and choosing their desired subject they are subjected to provide their IELTS score. Then the authorities will go through all the process which will consist of verification of the documents and checking the student’s ability to pay tuition fees and other expenses. Once the student is gone through every step correctly they are ready to fly down to the country and start studying. It is really necessary to fulfil all the criteria by the college as any mistake by the student in the process can lead to the cancellation of the visa. According to IRCC in extreme cases the people who did not provide the right information or misrepresent themselves they end up being barred from applying till 5 years.

What are the Canadian Visa Rules for Indian Students?

Canada is an attraction to an enormous number of students. Canada has always shown interest in attracting Indian students to its colleges. This has led to more programs introduced by the government in order to help the Indian students. Canada recently introduced a program known as SDD (Student Direct Stream) which provides a fast-track process to the Asian students to get the visa. The requirements are a higher score in English or French language test, proof of tuition payment for the first year, proof of a guaranteed investment certificate and a medical examination. Through the SDD program, the time taken for the whole process is much faster as it takes a total of seven weeks to process in normal cases. A study permit currently costs CAD$(150) which is nearly equivalent to 7,800 rupees for the processing charges. Students which had a financially weak background can also opt for working along with course. The Indian students can become a permanent resident of the country. To do so the students have to work for 1 year in the country.

What are the Canada Visa Rules for Non-SPP students?

SPP (Student Partnership Program) is an arrangement between selected Canadian Colleges and Canadian High Commission in India to provide quick and easy study visa for the prospective students. The Visa processing is easier and quicker under SPP and also the students need to show fewer documents.

But what about the students who did not apply through this?

In the process through Non-SPP, the students have to provide more detailed documents required as the processing is a little bit more detailed. The students are needed to provide their financial stability in order to bear the expenses. Under non-SPP application, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is not compulsory.

The documents required are –Letter of Acceptance from the college, IELTS score, 12th-grade mark sheet, proof of payment of tuition fee, proof of funds to support living expenses, Visa fee of $150 and Medical test results. The colleges accept students from both the programs; there is no restriction on that.

What are the Benefits of Canada New Study Visa Rules?

As Canada is planning to become the global leader in providing quality education in higher studies, the government has introduced many programs that will help students across the world. Especially to the students of India, the government introduced one such program known as SDS (Study Direct Stream) which will help them in the process of Visa verification. The process under this program is much faster and thus saving a lot of time. As the increase in the minimum score of IELTS Score which was low earlier. The students need to pay the fees annually and many more changes from the earlier process. The process will definitely benefit Indian students in many ways as the Canadian government is taking more initiatives to help the students who apply for the visa.   

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What are the New Rules for Canadian Study Visa 2018 CIC?

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  1. Biometric expansion: – According to new instructions provided by the IRCC the students are required to provide their photos and biometrics in order to prove their identity. The reason is the proof of the students that he/she possesses a good character.
  2. IRCC introduces more accurate method: – IRCC has now introduced more accurate methods to calculate the processing time as earlier it was not confirmed that how many days are going to take in the visa processing.
  3. Ways of applying: – The students can apply online or offline both the facilities are provided to them.

Applying online consists: – Access to a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of the student’s documents to upload, and a valid credit card to pay with.

Applying offline consists: – Read the instruction guide to get all the details to apply on paper, Instruction Guide [IMM 5269]. Once the student had read the guide, they can prepare their application package. They must select the country/territory from which you will be applying to get your local visa office instructions.

What do the Canadian Study Visa Rules change?

The new rule is more beneficial than the old rules as students can get financial support from the Scotia bank, which will reduce some burden of the students. Now financially weak, but eligible students also can apply study visa for their further study in Canada. So, SDS is launched to provide study abroad opportunities to the deserving and eligible students. Moreover, this SDS program will speed up the visa processing.

The new rules for the study visa are:-

  1. SDS has replaced SPP which facilitates the students in getting the study visa faster and easier.
  2. The foremost change in the new rule is the band requirement. Students need 6 bands in each module to apply under SDS rule. It is done in order to choose only the best students who will benefit their college in many ways.
  3. Students have to pay an annual fee instead of semester fee which was earlier allowed.
  4. SPP was linked with college whereas SDS is linked with students directly which facilitates them to get the information of the college easily.
  5. GIC proof from Scotia bank to cover living expenses for the stay of the first year in Canada.
  6. Payment proof of the tuition fee of the first year of the course duration.
  7. Medical Report at least one week before the submission of the application.
  8. Valid academic qualification proofs.

These are the changes and are important as any mistake in the process from the student’s side can lead to severe problems.

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Canada Study Visa Rules 2018 PDF

The students can get the PDF by clicking (ctrl +click) on this link: – study canada.pdf

What are the Canadian Study Visa Rules and Regulations?

Canada welcomes more than 350,000 students from foreign countries each year. If a student intends to study at a Canadian educational institution, most of them have to apply for a study permit. A study permit once issued, allows a foreign national to study in Canada at an approved institution for the duration of the specified course or program.

To be eligible to study in Canada:-

  1. The student must have been got an offer letter by a school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada which he/she desired for.
  2. The student must prove that they have enough money to pay for their:-tuition fees, living expenses and also if they wish to keep a family member with them they also have to cover the transportation expenses.
  3. The student must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada. They may have to provide a police character certificate.
  4. They must be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary.
  5. They must satisfy an immigration officer about their duration of stay and also that at the end of the time they will leave the country.

Canada is witnessing arriving of more than 350,000 students every year from other countries to its colleges from which around 100,000 from India itself. It is predicted to increase by 18% in the upcoming future making it a global leader in providing education to international students. The Canadian government has proposed many programs to help the student in the visa process.

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The government has also introduced some programs which will help the Indian students. Any mistake in the process can lead to severe results hence the students should take extreme caution while applying for the visa. There are various organizations and websites which provide fake or old news about the visa process so it is recommended to obtain information from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

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