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Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Fri, October 26, 2018 11:49 AM   Updated on Tue, June 16, 2020 9:06 AM   10 mins read

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Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US include the last date to submit applications in the universities in the US for MS course. Students go to USA for higher studies and jobs, mostly because the jobs people get in USA have a higher pay than what they will earn in India and the fact that USA boasts of a better education system.

The college courses in universities work differently where undergraduates go through- freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years which is 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year respectively. The 4 common courses taken by the students are in the field of Engineering, Fine Arts, Science, Architecture, Philosophy, and Social work.

Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US

The deadlines have arrived for all the STEM subjects.

Some of the universities deadlines are as follows:

UniversitiesDeadlinesGRE Quants(Average)
Harvard UniversityDec 15, 2018167
Stanford UniversityDec 4, 2018167
MITDec 1/Dec 15,2018164 -167
UC BerkeleyDec 15,2018 / Jan 6, 2019166
Carnegie MellonDec 15,2018 / Jan 15, 2019159 – 163
Yale UniversityDec 15 / Jan 2158 – 165
Duke UniversityJan 1 / Jan 5 / Mar 15154 – 160
University Of ChicagoDec 1 / Jan 5155
University Of PennsylvaniaNov 15 / Feb 1 / Mar 15157 -166

Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US- What intakes are there for MS in the US?

There are admissions in the big colleges two times a year, once at the start of the term i.e. around March – April and second is around mid-term i.e. September – October which is called as the Fall Admissions.

The two kinds of intakes the US universities take

  • Spring months – March, April, May
  • Fall months – September, October, November, December

The fall semester admissions start at August and end in late December whereas the spring semester admissions start in January and end in early May. Many students apply for fall intake as their semester ends in June and for the higher course, fall semester starts in September.

Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US- Advantages for fall semester admissions

Admissions in the fall semester has following advantages:

  • The universities offer hundreds of courses in fall intake than the spring semester; hence the students get a lot of choices.
  • There is an option to gain financial assistance by the students; the number of opportunities to earn is more during fall intake as the on-campus jobs are open during that time.
  • To participate in a student organization, fall intake is a more suitable option if a student is eager on winning a prestigious position within that organization. Mostly the new leaders are elected by the end of the spring semester.
  • Internships are also an important aspect, in which you require at least 9 months enrolment in the university; hence the fall intake student would get an easy chance for the internship.
  • Job intakes are also less during the spring intakes as it is already booked by the fall intake students.

The admissions for fall intake usually as said before starts around August month and the semester starts from September or October month. The procedure is quite simple wherein you shortlist 10 to 12 colleges and keep a check on their website when they start taking in admissions followed by a little research of which college is best suited for you. After giving the tests in the month of June or July 2018, you can apply for the colleges on August 2018 and wait for the results. When you get an acceptance letter, make sure you don’t delay its reply; respond to it as soon as possible.

Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US- Does applying for fall out intake really advantageous or it’s just a myth?

Fall out intake is for the benefit as compared to spring semester, it gives you a lot of advantages like good choice of courses, job, joining new clubs etc. The classes are another concern, in spring semester the classes are pre-requisites to what students will be studying in fall semester. So applying for spring can’t prove to be much useful in this case. The placements also happen during the fall semester of your 2nd year. In the extreme areas of US, there is a weather factor which leads you to decide between which semesters will be comfortable for you; hence fall out the semester, in that case, can be disadvantageous.

The fall 2020 deadlines are updated on the websites of the universities, now it is your time to speed up and join your dream college to pursue not only knowledge but many other hobbies, arts you want to learn, as it is like an open box of talent where you can learn as much as you want and still don’t get enough.

Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US- Eligibility for MS in US

The eligibility for obtaining M.S in US is having a bachelor’s degree from the science stream, test scores of the exams like TOEFL and IELTS followed by 16 years of education which includes your primary, secondary, senior secondary education and bachelor’s degree. It is good if you have certain professional experience in the form of short-term jobs or internships. Some other criteria through which the US universities judge you is your score in academics, your participation and accolades in extra-curricular activities, internships etc.

Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US- Requirements for MS in US

For immigrant students, like students from India, there is a requirement to give 2 kinds of exam to get qualified for any university in the USA. The exams are Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) exam for undergraduates or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for graduates. It is also important to prepare for the visa interview.

Top Universities in US for MS

Talking of some of the top colleges for M.S in Computer Science are –

  • Carnegie Mellon – This university offers the most popular M.S courses in US for Computer Science. The program is not fixed as a structure; students are given to complete course modules after which they can choose from the given set of degrees. These modules are spread under three main categories – Systems, Theoretical Foundations and Artificial Intelligence. 
  • MIT – This University is popularly known to offer various courses for M.S in Computer Science for a doctoral degree. This course requires students to finish 66 course–units and covers various aspects of computer science. After completion of this course, they can apply for Masters in engineering programme at MIT.
  • Stanford University – The institute which was established in 1965 have contributed significantly to the modern computer science and MS in computer science is one of the most popular courses given to the students. The course, includes artificial intelligence, programming languages etc.

The top colleges of M.S. in US are

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Stanford University
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • University of Washington
  • Princeton University

M.S in the U.S can be done in a number of subjects like Computer Science, Wireless Communication, Management Information Systems, Petroleum Engineering, and Life Sciences etc.

What are the scholarships for MS in US Fall 19 Intake?

Coming to the funding part we see that the universities offer two kinds of scholarships to the students

  • Needs – Tested scholarship – this scholarship is given to students who are not financially well – off and they may need to work in the university to cover up the costs.
  • Merit-Based scholarship – this scholarship is given to the students by the universities who have obtained extremely outstanding scores.

Some universities like MIT, Harvard University, and Princeton University offer full needs-based scholarships where your family doesn’t need to pay any of the tuition fees.

There are some universities which take separate tests and don’t see the scores of TOEFL.

Selecting a good course and college is the main step for the procedure of further education. For this selection, there are many advising and counseling agencies which help you choose the right college in USA with some charges included.

Recently this year, US had restricted job options for international STEM students under the OPT extension. The case which happened was the students who wished to work in USA for a longer duration had their hopes shattered as the US stated that the students have to go through a 12 month OPT (optional practical training ) after which they’re eligible to work in the US. The STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) students can also apply for further OPT extensions to 24 months.

Fall 2020 deadlines for MS in US-Why study in the USA?

As mentioned above and before, US is one of the top countries for jobs and education in information, technology, science hence most of the students have already started applying for fall intake for M.S in US

  • There are around 4000 universities across the country, and some of them are the top universities around the world. All of them give you a wide variety of choices for degrees and courses.
  • The colleges give you the flexibility to choose different subjects before you declare the major subject at the end of the second year for undergraduates program which you won’t find in any college of India. This gives students time and options to explore their interests and ambitions, for the Master’s level these universities give you a chance to customize your subjects accordingly.
  • The career opportunities in USA are more than any other country and a degree from a reputed university broadens your scope to get a good job there.
  • There are many research and training opportunities given to the students at the graduate level, which helps them broadening their knowledge.
  • US have a lot of technology with them hence they don’t leave a chance to use them at its best. They make things pretty easy for students by replacing textbooks with e-books and notepads to laptops. The American universities have made sure they don’t fall behind when it is to give best facilities to students.
  • There is a humongous exchange of language, culture, lifestyle when an Indian student goes to study in USA. The American lifestyle gives one to broaden their views about various aspects and see the world very differently. It is not only about studies in colleges but much more to that where you can portray your talent, learn new things etc.

It is suggested that if you get a college in US, you must join it without giving a second thought as it is the best opportunity anyone can get, and if you haven’t got that chance then start working towards your dream college. This fall season is your chance that you apply and get into a college you always wanted to be in to experience things you couldn’t ever in India, learn different cultures, languages, study with better facilities, accept new ideas, people and get larger than life experience.

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