Study Abroad: Top Engineering and Technology Colleges in USA

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Engineering and Technology in USA

Everyone wishes to pursue a career which makes them feel satisfied. The field of science and technology has evolved with time and has attracted a large crowd over the past few years. Do you wish to become an engineer? Does your primary aim push you to find an engineering college in the United States? If yes, then you are very much sorted in your thoughts!

Do you know: In 2012, according to a survey data, 6.2 million people in the U.S. were employed as scientists and engineers.

To be precise, close to 4.7% employment share in the U.S. was occupied by such professionals. This nation has several reputed and efficient engineering & technology colleges which are craved by students from all across the globe. Let us review the top 5 colleges so as to understand them better.

Study Abroad: Top Engineering and Technology Colleges in USA

1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

MIT is the highest ranked institution for engineering students since the past several years. Moreover, this college has helped to boost the digital age, with its contribution to produce the forerunners to modern computing and networking technologies.

The School of Engineering is a famous destination for MIT students as well as the faculty. It is interesting to know that, around 45 percent of all graduate students at MIT are inducted in the School of Engineering. The graduate students are offered 15 areas from which they can earn degrees, and most of them are highly ranked.

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2) Stanford University

Stanford University is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, and has even reaped a strong reputation on the global canvas among the top engineering schools. This college pulls students due to its innovative research in the fields of technology and engineering. In the 1940s and 50s, Dean of Engineering Frederick Terman inspired graduates and faculty members to establish their own companies, which made him popularly known as the “Father of Silicon Valley”.

Interestingly, graduate degrees are offered in 10 areas, with the availability of Materials Science and Engineering as well as Aeronautics and Astronautics.

3) University of California-Berkeley

At UC-Berkeley College of Engineering, the graduate students can complete an advanced degree in eight different areas, including Applied Science & Technology and Industrial Engineering & Operations Research.

This college has close to 40 research centers and institutes which are filled with aspiring students. Graduate students can easily live on campus, and during breaks the students can even take a quick tour to local beaches.

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4) University of Michigan

The University of Michigan College of Engineering manages several set of courses for master’s, doctoral, as well as interdisciplinary programs. A unique aspect of this college is that, it stresses on project-based learning. The graduate students can present research projects, seek faculty advisers, and even get to listen from featured speakers.

Moreover, each academic program integrates its own student activities. Apart from all benefits and advantages, the graduate students can acquire additional support via the Just ASK program, which basically stands for Alumni Sharing Knowledge.

5) Georgia Institute of Technology

At Georgia Tech College of Engineering, the students enjoy the benefit of having extensive degree options. There are around 20 areas to specialize in, ranging from medical physics to aerospace engineering. The industrial engineering and biomedical engineering programs at this college are indeed highly ranked.

Also, students can finish their master’s or a doctorate degree, along with dual programs with universities abroad. For example, the Dual Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering sends students to a linked school, such as Germany’s TU-Munich or France’s Institut d’Electronique de Microelectronique et de Nanotechnologies.

Study Abroad in USA

For all the engineering aspirants, “Success is no accident”, and hence hard work is surely needed to develop a bright career in this field. The above mentioned colleges can act as your guiding light for moving to the correct path.


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