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University of Alberta

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Thu, February 13, 2020 2:28 PM   Updated on Thu, February 20, 2020 7:42 AM   3 mins read

The university of Alberta is a research university located in Edmonton part of Canada. Its first president was Henry Marshall Tory and it was founded by the first premiere of the university, Alexander Cameron Rutherford in 1908. A wide range of professional as Well as academic programs are offered by the University which means that it generally has undergraduate and graduate level credentials.

The university of Alberta has all of it’s five campuses in the city of Edmonton. The original and the oldest campus is the north campus of the university which consists of a total of 150 buildings. The university of Alberta is very famous worldwide as it provides academic and practical education to the students of more than 150 countries which numbers around a whopping 39000.

In total, 400 programs are offered by the University of Alberta. The economy of the city of Alberta is also very much driven by this prestigious institution which provides around $12.3 billion annually or around 5% of the city’s GDP. The university has a very wide alumni record which goes around to be numbered at 2,75,000. This university is modelled on the American state University. The name of the five campuses of the university are

  1. North campus
  2. South campus
  3. Campus Saint- Jean 
  4. Augustana Campus
  5.  Enterprise Square

The north campus among all of the campuses is original location of the university of Alberta and it is built around on 92 hectares of land. While talking about the south campus, it is located around 2 KMS south from North campus and is much larger than the other in terms of area. Most of the university’s agricultural and food related research is performed in the south campus.

The Saint- Jean campus of the university is the only French language campus of the university of Alberta and it is undergoing expansion due to the exponentially increasing number of enrollments. Augustana Campus was formerly a college which merged with the university of Alberta to form its fourth and a satellite campus. Enterprise campus is a campus developed for business. It is located at a place which was previously owned Hudson’s bay company.

The university of Alberta has taken a lot of investments in terms to develop it in fields of health and science. In the last 5 years, the university of Alberta, in terms of external research funding and it’s funding is expected to increase Since the addition of Teaching and research ability. 

There are two student’s Union at the University of Alberta and the matters of the university’s students which reside in the residences provided by the institution are represented by a number of associations. 

Along with the academic excellence, the university of Alberta also focusses on the all round development of the students and for that the university have around 450 organizations which include clubs, covering wide range of interests such as academics, culture, religion, social issues and recreation as well. In addition, there are athletic programs as well in the university which are handled by the Athletics departments which provides its service under the faculty of kinesiology, sport and recreation. The male teams of the university of Alberta are known as “ Golden bears” while the female ones are known as “Pandas”. 

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