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University Of Mannheim

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Thu, February 27, 2020 12:06 PM   Updated on Thu, February 27, 2020 12:06 PM   3 mins read

The University of Mannheim is one of the premier reputed public research universities, Founded in the year 1946, located in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

The University of Mannheim has no clear foundation date, and history traces its roots way back to the time of inception of the university by precursor institute Kurpfälzische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Palatine Academy of Sciences) in the palace of Mannheim which was discovered by Elector Carl Theodor in the year 1763—furthermore succeeding the preceding university, Municipal Commercial College Mannheim (1907-1933), which was reopened in 1946 for the State College for Economics Mannheim and renamed the University of Mannheim in 1967.

Courses offered by the University

The premier university offers courses within the varied streams of business administration, economics, law, social sciences, humanities, mathematics, engineering, and data system for undergraduate and master’s programs.


The University of Mannheim is found within the center of Mannheim and comprises of the campus in the East, which could be reached from the Palace of Mannheim to the Mannheim Main Station. Alongside there is a West campus, which comprises of the squares A5 and B6, which are within the confines of the palace.

At the roundabout of 800 meters from the university, there lies the Rhine River. Amidst the years of 19555 to 1973, the Palace of Mannheim became the core of the university campus. In the current stage, it is home to the graduate school of the university, law school, varied parts of the school of humanities alongside the university library. In early 2000, the University of Mannheim begins the Renaissance des Barockschlosses (Renaissance of Mannheim Palace), a fundraiser geared towards raising funds for the renovation and reincarnating the campus.

There were around 53 million Euros, which were raised and used for the renovation of the lecture halls, palace fade, and a replacement in the library. In 2007, a palace museum was opened within the central part of the building displaying the reconstructed historical halls and rooms of Elector Carl Theodor, who resided there from 1742 until 1777.


The University of Mannheim is well-known for its distinct profile, it’s business orientation, and its international approach. Various rankings, awards, and evaluations indicate the standard of its research and teaching: they classify the University of Mannheim joined of the most effective universities in Germany.

Moreover, the University is a component of the national “Excellence Initiative”, which funds the Mannheim school of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS). Institutes and projects, just like the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research and variety of collaborative research centers underline the University’s reputation joined of the highest 20 institutions in Economic and Social Sciences in Europe. 

Accommodation Facilities

There are off-campus accommodation facilities available within the university, where the common rent is 400 to 500 Euros/month. The residence type includes studio apartments, three-bedroom apartments, four-bedroom apartments, and a shared apartment. Furthermore, apartments/shared flats feature separate rooms: supplied with a wardrobe, shelves, desk, desk chair, bed, and wash basically. The bus that stops near the house will take the scholars to the University or the most station in exactly some minutes. 

International Students

There are around 2000 international students within the college from over 100 countries and offers a premium campus life.

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