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University of Maryland, Baltimore County is a Public University in Baltimore County, Maryland. Established in 1966, its motto is to be “An Honors University in Maryland”. It is a triple-crowned University. Its academic affiliations include SURA, APLU, and University System of Maryland. 

University of Maryland, Baltimore County became the first University in Maryland having Racial Integration. Specializing in Natural Science and Engineering, it has the 4th highest enrollment of the University System of Maryland. Subsequently, it is widely popular among students.

UMBC offers many Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. The University is divided into 3 Colleges, 3 Schools, and its Graduate School. UMBC College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences includes Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Biochemistry, Marine Biotechnology, Mathematical and Statistics, Naval Science, and Physics. UMBC College of Engineering and Information Technology includes 5 departments – Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, and Mechanical Engineering. UMBC College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science offers courses into various departments including Dance, History, Political Science, Psychology and Visual Arts, etc.

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Ranking

UMBC has a decent record of Rank in various popular University Ranking Lists. It is ranked 166th in the U.S News & World Report 2020 National Universities in the US Ranking list. It has also managed to grab 79th rank nationally among Public Universities. Check out all other USBC”s National Rankings below:

Washington Monthly193
U.S News & World Report166

University Of Maryland Baltimore County World Ranking

Alike the National Rankings, UMBC holds decent Global Rankings. It has a QS Rank of 460. Besides, it has barged a Rank of 660 in U.S News & World Report Global Ranking List. Check out USBC’s other Global Rankings Below:

U.S News & World Report660

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Acceptance Rate

Admissions at UMBC are Selective. It has an acceptance rate of 57.9% as of 2019. The number of students enrolled is approximately 13602. (2019)

The University Of Maryland Baltimore County Admission Requirements

ACT, SAT and GRE scores are accepted for admission in UMBC’s various courses. Also, It has a certain minimum GPA which must be met by the student. The Student has to submit an application along with the required documentation. Some programs also require Assessment tools like Portfolio and Interviews.  

University Of Maryland Baltimore County International Admission

All International students seeking admission in UMBC are required to provide certain documents in order to successfully apply for any of the offered programs. Firstly, they are required to submit their scores in an English Proficiency Test depending upon the course applied for. (Such as.GRE, TOEFL, etc) Additionally, they need to provide an Official English Language Transcript and a Native Language Transcript from each post-secondary institution attended. There is also an option of Financial Aid available for International students. 

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Graduate Application Deadline

International as well as Native students have to apply for Graduation. The Application window remains open for a particular period. The Time period for which it is open depends upon the semester. The Time period as per the semester is given below:

  • FALL: July 1 – September 15
  • Summer: April 1 – June 15
  • Spring: December 1 – February 15

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Masters Programs

There are plenty of Masters Programs offered by UMBC. The Programs are offered in various fields like Engineering & Information Technology, Humanities & Arts, Natural Sciences & Mathematics and Social Sciences & Education, etc. Each program has its own admission criteria and other requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for applying. They help the students to attain their Academic and Professional Goals. Below is the list of some of the courses (Masters) offered by UMBC:

  • M.S in Computer Science
  • M.S in Cybersecurity
  • M.S in Information Systems
  • M.S in Technical Management
  • M.A in Music
  • M.A in Language, Literacy & Culture
  • M.A in Historical Studies
  • M.S in Biotechnology
  • M.S in Physics
  • M.S in Statistics
  • M.S in Applied Sociology
  • M.S in Education

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Undergraduate Admissions

Alike Masters, UMBC also has a bunch of Undergraduate courses to offer. It welcomes students having any type of Interest from all around the globe. The undergraduate programs are offered in various fields like History, Psychology, Science, Political Science and Social Work etc. Students have to apply online and send their SAT/GRE/TOEFL/ACT scores depending upon the course applied for. They also have to submit an application fee of $50.

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

As per 2019-2020, the Undergraduate Tuition/Fees is applicable in 2 ways. The In-State Per year Tuition/Fees applicable is $12,028. The Out-of-State Per year Tuition/Fees applicable is $27,662. Also, there are also other amounts payable by the students for Room & Board, Books, Transportation, and others.

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Scholarships

UMBC offers Merit Scholarships to the Eligible students entering as freshmen. They are based on their academic performance, high school grade point average and SAT/ACT scores. It also provides financial aids to the needy students. There is another aid named Federal Aid which is generally given only to the citizens of US. 

University Of Maryland Baltimore County MS IN CS

UMBC’s MS in CS is one of the popular courses offered to the students. The minimum TOEFL score required for applying in the course is 80. Also, the minimum score requirement in IELTS is 6.5. It is a 24 months Graduate Program. The tuition fee for 30 credits is $39,300. The program provides Advances information and research opportunities for preparing students to attain skills required in Business, Industry, Academics and Government agencies.

University Of Maryland Baltimore County Notable Alumni

There are many recognizable faces who are Alumni of UMBC. Dean Alexander is an award-winning Photographer who has graduated from the University of Maryland. Steven Fischer is a two time Emmy Award-nominated Filmmaker who is one of the UMBC alumni. Shari Elliker is a talk show host and radio personality on WBAL (AM) Radio. Below are some other Notable UMBC Alumni:

  • Brian Dannelly: Director of Saved.
  • Tony Harris: News Anchor for AI Jazeera English & Discovery Communications.
  • Jeremy Penn: Artist, Painter.
  • Mario Armstrong: Emmy Award-winning radio and television talk show host.
  • Hadieh Shafie: Contemporary Visual Artist.
  • Samuel Ankama: Namibian Politician, Leader, and Educator.
  • Duff Goldman: Chef.
  • Pascal Charbonneau: Canadian Grandmaster of Chess, Financial Analyst.


What GPA do you need to get into the University of Maryland?

Ans. The Average GPA need to get in the University of Maryland is 4.32. That means you need A in all your subjects with other applicants.

Is the University of Maryland a good school?

Ans. The University of Maryland is a good school with many top tier programs. They help their international students feel more comfortable so that they don’t feel left out.

What is the University of Maryland known for?

Ans. The University of Maryland known for Economics, Biology/Biological Sciences, Computer Science; Criminology and Speech Communication, and Rhetoric. The average freshman retention rate is 95 percent.

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