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Why Pursue an MSc in Management in the UK in 2023

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Written by  Sujen Kumar, PGDM

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava, MBA - Marketing and HR

Published on Mon, June 12, 2023 1:22 PM   Updated on Sun, July 9, 2023 11:54 PM   15 mins read

Are you considering pursuing a Master of Science (MSc) in Management? You’re in for a treat because the United Kingdom is an ideal destination to embark on your educational journey. 

The UK is widely recognised for its prestigious universities, diverse cultural atmosphere, and exceptional business education. 

In this blog, we will explore the wonderful benefits of studying for an MSc in Management in the UK in 2023. We’ll delve into the top-notch academic standards upheld by UK universities, the exciting career prospects that await you, and the unique experiences you can gain from studying in this beautiful country. 

Whether you’re a recent graduate eager to take the next step or a professional looking to enhance your managerial skills, the UK offers an incredible personal and professional growth platform. 

So, let’s dive in and discover why pursuing an MSc in Management in the UK is a fantastic choice!

What is MSc in Management?

MSc in Management
Source: Canva

The MSc in Management program in the UK is a postgraduate course focused on management and business. It is designed to provide a fast track for individuals without experience in these fields. The program covers essential management aspects, including innovation, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, organisational change, and human resources.

Typically, the MSc in Management program is a one-year full-time course that covers interesting topics such as organizational theory, behavior and practice, marketing, and accounting and finance. One of the advantages of this program is that it is more affordable compared to a two-year MBA, costing approximately one-third of the price.

Although the MSc in Management is a relatively new course compared to the well-established MBA, its popularity is increasing worldwide. Many reputable business schools now offer MSc in Management programs. Unlike other programs, most MSc Management programs do not require a GMAT score for application and admission. Having an MSc in Management on your resume can make you stand out to potential employers and give you an edge over other candidates.

Key Highlights: MSc in Management in the UK 

ProgramMSc in Management
Course Duration10-16 months
EligibilityCompletion of a bachelor’s degree with a minimum second-class upper score
Entrance ExamsIELTS, TOEFL
Tuition FeesApproximately £21,000-£37,000
JobsProduct Executive, General Manager, CEO
Average Salary£36,000

MSc in Management Programs in the UK

MSc in Management Programs in the UK
Source: Canva

When it comes to top-notch MSc in Management programs, the United Kingdom stands out with its exceptional offerings. Let’s take a closer look at some of the leading programs available:

1. London Business School – MSc in Management

The MSc in Management program at London Business School is highly esteemed worldwide. It provides a strong foundation in business essentials, leadership development, and practical insights. The emphasis on experiential learning allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, and the diverse range of elective courses ensures a personalized learning experience.

2. University of Oxford – MSc in Financial Economics

If you are interested in finance and economics, the MSc in Financial Economics program at the University of Oxford is a fantastic choice. This rigorous program combines economics, finance, and econometrics elements, equipping students with a profound understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and economic analysis. The program attracts top talents from across the globe.

3. University of Cambridge – MPhil in Management

The MPhil in Management program at the University of Cambridge offers a comprehensive curriculum focusing on strategic management, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship. Students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills through engaging case studies, collaborative group projects, and valuable interactions with industry experts.

4. Imperial College London – MSc in Management

Imperial College London’s MSc in Management program provides students with a broad understanding of management principles and their applications in diverse sectors. With a particular emphasis on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship, this program prepares students for leadership roles in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

5. Warwick Business School – MSc in Management

The MSc in Management program at Warwick Business School combines academic rigor with practical insights. The curriculum covers a wide range of essential topics, including strategy, marketing, operations, and finance. By nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and leadership skills, this program ensures that graduates are well-equipped for managerial roles.

6. Manchester Business School – MSc in Management

The MSc in Management program at Manchester Business School offers flexibility, allowing students to tailor their studies to suit their interests and career goals. By emphasizing real-world applications, fostering industry collaborations, and promoting experiential learning, this program ensures graduates are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of managerial positions.

Planning to Study in UK get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in UK
Planning to Study in UK get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in UK

Career Prospects after Completing MSc in Management in the UK

Career Prospects after Completing MSc
Source: Canva

Completing MSc in Management in the UK opens up a plethora of exciting career prospects. The program equips graduates with a strong foundation in management principles, strategic thinking, and leadership skills, making them highly desirable in the job market. 

Here are some of the career paths you can explore after completing your degree:

1. Diverse Career Options

Diverse Career Options
Source: Canva

Pursuing an MSc in Management opens up a world of career possibilities. You’ll have the opportunity to explore managerial roles in various industries, such as consulting, finance, marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship.

2. Consulting

Management consulting firms
Source: Canva

Management consulting firms, including well-known names like the Big Four, offer exciting career paths for MSc in Management graduates. You’ll get to work on strategic projects, solve complex business problems, and provide valuable advice to clients looking to improve their performance.

3. Finance

careers in the finance industry
Source: Canva

Many graduates choose to embark on careers in the finance industry, including roles in investment banking, corporate finance, and asset management. With your strong analytical and financial skills, you’ll be well-prepared for positions in financial institutions.

4. Marketing and Brand Management

careers in marketing
Source: Canva

If you have a passion for creativity and consumer behavior, you can explore careers in marketing. As a marketing professional, you’ll develop and implement strategies to promote products or services, conduct market research, and oversee brand management.

5. Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management
Source: Canva

MSc in Management graduates with a knack for efficiency and process optimization can thrive in roles related to operations management, supply chain management, logistics, and procurement. You’ll contribute to streamlining operations and ensuring smooth supply chain processes.

6. Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

Entrepreneurship and Start-ups
Source: Canva

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, pursuing an MSc in Management can provide valuable skills and knowledge to start your venture or join a start-up company. You’ll learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and how to navigate the dynamic start-up ecosystem.

MSc in Management: Salaries 

Salary for MSc in Management
Source: Canva

While salaries for MSc in Management graduates vary depending on factors like industry, location, company size, and job role, you can expect competitive compensation. 

On average, starting salaries range from £30,000 to £45,000 per year. As you gain experience and additional qualifications and demonstrate your abilities, your earning potential and career progression can significantly increase.

Reasons to Pursue MSc in Management in the UK

Reasons to Pursue MSc in Management in the UK
Source: Canva

1. Global Recognition and Prestige:

Studying for an MSc in Management in the UK offers you the opportunity to be part of a country with a strong reputation in business and management education. The UK is home to prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School, and Imperial College London, known globally for their academic excellence and influential research.

By pursuing an MSc in Management in the UK, you become part of a distinguished community of bright individuals and earn a degree that holds international recognition and respect.

2. Wide Variety of Specialisations

UK universities provide diverse management specialisations, enabling you to customise your degree according to your career aspirations and personal interests. Whether you have a keen interest in finance, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship, or sustainability, specialised programs are available that cater to your specific goals.

This flexibility ensures you acquire valuable expertise in your chosen field, enhancing your competitiveness in the job market.

3. Cultural Diversity and Networking Opportunities

Studying in the UK offers a multicultural experience, with students from around the world coming together in a vibrant community. Interacting with classmates from diverse backgrounds exposes you to different viewpoints, enriches your cultural intelligence, and nurtures a global perspective.

And, the UK’s robust industry connections and networking events create numerous chances to connect with professionals from renowned companies, expanding your network and creating possibilities for future collaborations and career opportunities.

Who Should Take MSc in Management in the UK?

MSc in Management in the UK
Source: Canva

The Master in Management program in the UK is well-suited for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Those with a strong interest in business management who aspire to deepen their understanding of the subject.
  • Individuals seeking to pursue a postgraduate degree have constraints in terms of time and finances.
  • Those with excellent administrative skills are highly sought after in various industries.
  • Students looking to establish a solid career trajectory in the management field.

How to Apply for Admission

How to Apply for Admission in UK
Source: Canva

Step 1: Choose the Right University

Begin by selecting a suitable university that offers an MSc Management program in the UK. Consider the university’s reputation, placement records, tuition fees, curriculum, and work permit regulations. If you need assistance gathering this information, you can contact the experts at Leverage Edu, who can provide guidance and mentorship.

Step 2: Gather the Necessary Academic Requirements

Ensure that you meet the academic requirements for the program, which may include clearing exams like IELTS or TOEFL. Leverage the resources available, such as Leverage Live, to prepare for these exams effectively. Additionally, gather other essential documents such as letters of recommendation (LORs), statements of purpose (SOP), essays, updated resumes, and official transcripts from your previous academic degrees.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Once you have collected all the required documents and obtained your proficiency exam scores, proceed to fill out the application form. Take care to provide all personal and professional information accurately. Be mindful of the application deadlines and plan your time accordingly to ensure timely submission.

Step 4: Await the Offer Letter

After submitting your application, universities typically take a few weeks to evaluate it. Patience is essential as you wait for the offer letter. Once you receive the offer, it’s time to initiate the visa application process, search for suitable accommodation, and prepare for your exciting study abroad journey.

It is important to note that Admit Card is a trusted educational consultancy that can provide further assistance and support throughout the application process.

Documents Required

Documents required for MSc in Management in the UK
Source: Canva
  • Completed application form: Fill in all the required information accurately.
  • Passport copy: Provide a clear copy of your passport.
  • Passport-size photographs: Include two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Language proficiency certificate: Submit proof of your language proficiency, such as an IELTS or TOEFL certificate.
  • Academic certificates: Include relevant academic certificates, modules, and grades from your previous education.
  • High school diploma: Provide a copy of your diploma or secondary education certificate.
  • Test scores: If required, submit the scores of tests like TOEFL or GRE, as specified in the eligibility criteria for the MSc program.
  • Recommendation letters: Request recommendation letters from professors or employers who can attest to your abilities and achievements.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae: Prepare an updated resume or curriculum vitae highlighting your education, work experience, and relevant skills.
  • Personal identification proof: Provide any necessary personal identification documents.
  • Statement of Purpose: Write a statement of purpose explaining your motivation to pursue the MSc in Management program and your career aspirations.

Scholarships for MSc in Management in the UK

Scholarships for MSc in Management in the UK
Source: Canva

In the UK, universities provide a range of financial assistance options to support international students, including scholarships and education loans. 

The following table highlights the diverse scholarships available to students pursuing Masters in Management programs in the UK.

Scholarship NameProviderEligibilityAmount
UK Government ScholarshipsUK GovernmentVaries (based on specific program)Varies (full or partial funding)
Chevening ScholarshipsUK Foreign & Commonwealth OfficeVaries (based on country)Full funding
Commonwealth ScholarshipsCommonwealth Scholarship CommissionVaries (based on country)Full funding
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipsGates Cambridge TrustExcellent academic record and leadership potentialFull funding
Rhodes ScholarshipsRhodes TrustOutstanding academic achievement, leadership qualitiesFull funding
Erasmus+ ScholarshipsEuropean CommissionVaries (based on specific program)Partial funding
University-specific ScholarshipsIndividual UniversitiesVaries (based on university criteria)Varies (partial funding)

So, Are you Ready?

Why Pursue an MSc in Management in the UK
Source: Canva

Pursuing an MSc in Management in the UK in 2023 is a smart choice for your future. The country’s strong reputation, a wide range of specializations, cultural diversity, and networking opportunities make it an ideal place to study management. With top-notch education, you’ll gain valuable skills, grow your professional network, and open doors to exciting career prospects. 

So, go ahead and seize the opportunity to embark on an MSc in Management in the UK, setting yourself up for global success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an MSc in Management in the UK cost?

Tuition fees for an MSc in Management in the UK vary depending on the university and program. On average, international students can expect to pay between £15,000 and £30,000 per year.

Can international students work in the UK after completing their MSc in Management?

Yes, international students can take advantage of post-study work opportunities in the UK. The UK government offers various visa options, such as the Graduate Route and the Skilled Worker Visa, which allow students to work and gain practical experience in the UK after graduation.

What is the scope of MSc Management?

The career possibilities after completing an MSc in Management are vast and varied roles for MSc Management graduates encompass finance managers, marketing managers, production managers, project managers, business development managers, and more.

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