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What is the vision and mission of AdmitKard?

AdmitKard's vision is to empower students with the right knowledge, guidance and support to make informed decisions about their education and career, and to become successful global citizens. Its mission is to create a seamless and personalized experience for students seeking to study abroad by leveraging technology, data, and human expertise.

How does AdmitKard help me?

AdmitKard provides a range of services to help students build a strong profile for study abroad, including personalized guidance on academic and extracurricular activities, writing a statement of purpose (SOP), creating a resume, and preparing for interviews. AdmitKard also has a team of expert editors who can review and provide feedback on students' application materials.

How does AdmitKard help with profile building for studying abroad?

At AdmitKard, we understand that each one of you is unique. With ProfileKard, we help students build an impactful profile for studying abroad by providing personalized evaluation, expert guidance, and profile enhancement by helping you engage in meaningful activities that significantly increase the chances of getting accepted into the desired universities.

Are AdmitKard's services free or paid?

AdmitKard offers both free and paid services to students. However, some of its more specialized services, such as platinum admissions and ProfileKard, are paid.

Does AdmitKard help with scholarship applications for study abroad?

Yes, AdmitKard provides guidance and support with scholarship applications for study abroad. AdmitKard's experts can help students identify relevant scholarships, both internal and external, understand eligibility criteria, and assist with application submission.

Can AdmitKard help me with securing an Education Loan?

Yes, AdmitKard has a fintech vertical that can help students with the financial aspects of studying abroad, including applying for education loans. AdmitKard works with various banks and financial institutions to provide the best loan options for its students.
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