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Northern Lights College

Ontario, Canada
Estd. 1975
Rank: #122
public University
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About Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College is a public college in Canada that provides post-secondary education. Established in 1975, the college helps students learn specialized skills. Certificate, Diploma, and Associate Degree programs are offered by the college. It is a member of the British Columbia Colleges (BC Colleges) that supports the students and the community of British Columbia. The Northern Lights College aims to provide accessible education to all its students.

Northern Lights College - Campus

There are seven campuses including two Access Centres at Northern Lights College. Dawson Creek is home to the first campus. Fort St. John is home to the second campus. Fort Nelson is home to the third campus, and Tumbler Ridge is the location of the fourth campus. Chetwynd, which is located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, hosts the fifth campus. The two access centres are located in Atlin and Dease Lake.

Northern Lights College - Rankings

  • Ranked 140th in the Country Rankings of the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions for 2021
  • In the world ranking, it placed 9493rd in the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions for 2021
  • Received a score of 6468, 6492, and 6650 in the metrics of impact, openness, and excellence in the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions for 2021
  • Its continental rank in the same ranking was 2379th in 2021.

Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College - Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Northern Lights College is 82%. This acceptance rate indicates that the college accepts the majority of students that apply. A college or university with a high acceptance rate suggests that admission to that institution is relatively simple.

Northern Lights College - Students

Northern Lights College has a diverse student population. Domestic students, including aboriginal students and international students, make up the student population. Apart from students from Canada, the college has students from countries like India, Colombia, the USA, the Philippines, etc. All the campuses of the college serve thousands of students every year. The St. John campus alone has around 1,800 students enrolled.

Northern Lights College - Faculty

Canadore College boasts many prominent faculty that provide students with a high-quality education. Professors who teach a variety of courses are known to be experts in their domains. For example, the President and CEO of the college, Bryn Kulmatycki was the Academic Vice President at the College of New Caledonia. He was also the president of and Vice-Chancellor at Newman College.

Northern Lights College - Achievements and awards

  • In 2016, the college secured a $1.9 million investment from the Government of British Columbia. 
  • Impressed with the NLC aircraft maintenance program of Northern Lights College, Top Aces donated a jet plane to the college in 2019.
  • In 2020, Northern Lights College set up the NLC Climb Centre portal, which allows students to upgrade their skills and find jobs. 
  • In 2021, the college donated an aircraft to the Aerospace Technology campus of BCIT.

Northern Lights College - Scholarships

The Northern Lights College has the Northern Lights College Foundation that provides scholarships and awards to its students. This is helpful as the foundation donates over $300,000 to students in the form of scholarships, awards, and program support. 

  • Aaron Good Memorial Award - It was created in memory of Aaron Good. It awards one student enrolled in a mental health field-related course a cash reward of $1,000.  
  • BC Hydro Scholarship - It awards a female student a cash reward of $1,070. This is only offered to full-time students enrolled in a college-level program. 
  • Billy Fox Memorial Award - It was set up in memory of Billy Fox. It offers one aboriginal student a one-time cash reward of $165.  
  • Building a Better Tomorrow Scholarship - It offers a student a reward of $750. It is only offered to full-time students enrolled in PRHP programs. 

Northern Lights College: Highlights  

QS Ranking


Annual student population

Over 1,800


Public Community College

Alumni Network


Acceptance rate 


Size of Campus 

Size of all 7 campuses varies



Total international students




11401 8th St, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4G2, Canada

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How to apply to the Northern Lights College?

The application procedure for applying to Northern Lights College is clear and hassle-free. Canadian students can apply online, as well as offline, while international students can only apply online. 

For Domestic students 

  • To apply online, students can use the secure external application site, BC Post-Secondary Application Service, to apply to a regular, full-time program. 
  • To apply via FAX, Email, or Mail, students need to follow the following steps:
    • Print the required application or registration form from the website.
    • Submit the completed application form, all transcripts of secondary and post-secondary education, and any other document required by the college.
    • Provide supplementary documents or complete prerequisites required by the college.
    • Wait for the application to be processed.

For international students

  • Non-Canadian students can apply online by going to the International Education portal of the college or emailing the International Education department.


Northern Lights College has a specific set of requirements for different courses offered by it. Eligibility requirements of a college are a set of academic and general conditions that a student has to fulfil to be eligible for admissions into the college.  

For Certificate course

  • Senior Secondary Certificate or its equivalent from a recognized educational institute.
  • Some courses may require students to have taken certain subjects like English, Maths, or Science with a minimum grade.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL scores)
  • Work experience may be required in some cases. 

For Diploma Courses

  • Senior Secondary Certificate or its equivalent from a recognized educational institute.
  • Some courses may require students to have taken certain subjects like English, Maths, or Science with a minimum grade.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL scores)
  • Work experience may be required in some cases.  

For Associate degree

  • Senior Secondary Certificate or its equivalent from a recognized educational institute.
  • Some courses may require students to have taken certain subjects like English, Maths, or Science with a minimum grade.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL scores)
  • Work experience may be required in some cases. 

Northern Lights College

Admission requirements for Northern Lights College

List of documents required for Certificate course :

For Certificate course

Official transcripts


Letter of Recommendation

Statement of Purpose


List of documents required for Diploma Degree :

For Diploma Degree

Official transcripts


Letter of Recommendation

Statement of Purpose


List of documents required for Associate Degree :

For Associate Degree

Official transcripts


Letter of Recommendation

Statement of Purpose


Certificate course in Northern Lights College 

Certificate courses lay down a concrete foundation of the basics of a subject. It prepares students to continue their studies at a higher level once they complete the certificate course. 

  • Business Management Advanced Certificate in Management
  • Indigenous Human Service Worker Certificate
  • Certificate in Engineering
  • Certificate in Pre-medicine
  • Certificate in Social sciences

Diploma in Northern Lights College

Two years of full-time study are required, with a combination of experience, theory, and academic course requirements designed to equip students to become polished professionals. Students can earn a diploma in several domains like Management, Education, Social Services, Criminology, etc. 

  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Diploma in Criminology
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma
  • Social services and Worker Diploma

Associate Degree in Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College offers a few associate degrees. An associate degree is an undergraduate degree earned after two to three years of post-secondary study. It is a qualification that is higher than a high school diploma but lower than a bachelor's degree. 

  • Associate of Arts degree
  • Associate of Science degree
  • Associate of Arts degree (Health Studies)
Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management-30/Jul
Computer Science and IT30.june-
Fine Arts-30.june
Social Science-30.june
Life at Northern Lights College

Life at Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College does a great job at stimulating the interest of the students in higher education and training. Students can participate in social, cultural, and recreational activities organized by the Northern Lights College Students' Association (NLCSA). The NLCSA aspires to have student representation from all its campuses. Resources for on-campus and off-campus distress support are available to students who are in need.

Accommodation at Northern Lights College

Students at Northern Lights College have the option of choosing between on-campus and off-campus accommodation. Some campuses of the college offer on-campus housing, while other campuses do not offer on-campus accommodation.

Northern Lights College - On-campus accommodation

Only the Dawson Creek Campus and St. John Campus have on-campus accommodation facilities for their students. Students can learn in a relaxing environment on campus. Campus living is convenient and enjoyable. 

  • Dawson Creek Campus Housing - It can house up to 190 students. There are one, two, three, and four-bedroom condos to choose from. A kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, table, and chairs, is included in each apartment. A washing machine and dryer are located on each floor. 
  • St. John Campus - There are 102 student beds available, as well as assisted living facilities. Units with two or four bedrooms are available. Each bedroom has a bed, a small dresser, bookshelves, a computer station, and a chair, as well as internet and telephone access.

Northern Lights College - Off-campus accommodation

Off-campus accommodation has many types of accommodation. It allows students to choose an accommodation type that they are most comfortable with.

  • Studio apartments, three-bedroom apartments, four-bedroom apartments, and communal apartments are among the residential options. 
  • There are rentals and hostels available. 
  • All essential amenities, such as well-kept landscaping, controlled access entry, online maintenance requests, and lots of parking, may be included in the accommodation depending on its type.

Key attractions

  • Dawson Creek Art Gallery - This quaint art gallery in Dawson Creek houses beautiful art pieces. It also has historical pieces. It also hosts various art shows and music shows.
  • Alaska Highway House - Students can discover the incredible story behind the construction of the Alaska Highway House. In just nine months, 30,000 US Army men and citizens performed the incredible task of building this monument.
  • Kiskatinaw Bridge - The Historic Kiskatinaw Bridge is located in Kiskatinaw Provincial Park, about 30 kilometres north of Dawson Creek, British Columbia. The bridge is a curved structure that is now known as an important part of the legacy of the community.
  • Mile Zero Post - The Mile Zero Post was built in the year1946. The Mile Zero Post is a very important historical monument that graces the Alaska highway.

Northern Lights College

Career at Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College provides post-secondary education while taking a practical approach towards education. Be it apprenticeships programs or vocational programs, the college supports its students to find employment. The career-focused programs of the college ensure the growth of the career of the students. 

Jobs after studying at Northern Lights College

The certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs cover all important concepts to build upon existing education and work experience. The programs groom all students to work as professionals in the field of their study. For example, students who complete the associate degree or certificate program in a management course are groomed to work in managerial positions.

Placements at Northern Lights College

The Northern Lights College does not have complete placement support however it does have other career planning tools to support students. The NLC Climb Centre portal is an easy and accessible portal that students can use to find jobs after graduating. Moreover, the official website of the college has various services and tools for improving the skills of the students.

Northern Lights College - Notable alumni

Northern Lights College has seen a lot of star students who have excelled in various fields. The alumni of the college become supporters of the college and the community. One of the most prominent alumni of the Northern Lights College is Canadian politician Bob Zimmer. He is a Member of the Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada.

Living Costs
Accomodationnull cad/month
Food250 cad/month
Entertainment175 cad/month
Utilitynull cad/month
Travelnull cad/month
Miscellaneous150 cad/month
Coke/Sodanull cad/month
McDonaldsnull cad/month
Contact Details
ADDRESS11401 8th St, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4G2, Canada
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