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Selkirk College

Ontario, Canada
Estd. 1966
Rank: #1000
public University
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About Selkirk College

Selkirk College is a community college in Selkirk, British Columbia, Canada, and it was established in 1966. It was British Columbia's first community college. It has grown to become one of the important institutions in the Boundary and West Kootenay areas. In addition, It is a partner of the ACCC, CCAA, BCCAA, CBIE, and CUP. However, the College has a long history of providing high-quality education to both domestic and international students, and it is undoubtedly one of Canada's most recognized higher education institutions.

Selkirk College Campus

There are six campuses and two learning centers at Selkirk College. The Castlegar Campus is the main campus, followed by the Tenth Street Campus, Victoria Street Campus, Silver King Campus, Trail Campus, and Grand Forks Campus. The Kaslo Learning Center and the Nakusp Learning Center are 2 learning centers. On the Castlegar Campus, there is a meeting space known as the Gathering Space. Its purpose is to promote indigenous culture, ceremonies, and traditions.

The institution, in Kootenays, is offering Post-Secondary Certificates, Diplomas, and Associate degrees in a variety of disciplines to students from all over the world who want to study in Canada.

Selkirk College Rankings

The following are the Ranks Achieved by Selkirk College:

Webometrics - World Universities Rankings 2021


Webometrics - Continental Rankings 2021


Webometrics - Country Rankings 2021


UniPage - World Ranking


UniPage - National rankings


Selkirk College Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of Selkirk college is above 50% as it accepts more than 12,000 students around from around the world every year. Moreover, the college doesn't need SAT and ACT scores, and also it selects the students based on their academic profiles than nationality. There is a separate English language exam or Selkirk College English language program and provisional level English with an overall score of 52 or above is needed for students to admit to the college.

Selkirk College Students

The total enrollment of students at Selkirk College is about 12,000 in that 9,000+ students are part-time students and 2,700+ students are full-time students. In addition, the total number of international students in the college is 700+ it means more than 10% of the total student strength. In those international students, strength 311students are full-time students and the remaining are part-time students. And all these students are studying in 6 campuses and 2 education centers located in the college.

Selkirk College Faculty

The total number of faculty available at Selkirk college is about 550 and the student-teacher ratio in the college is 15:1. There are separate faculty for Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, Creative writing, etc fields in the College. The average salary of faculty at the college is about $72,418 which is equal to the national average.

Selkirk College Achievements and Rewards

Selkirk College is providing various types of awards for its students and also itself achieved many awards and ranks in the British Columbia region. The college is famous for least- expenses or least tuition fee college in their community. In 2013, the students of the University of Arts and Sciences achieved the Outstanding Excellence award for their excellent academic records. In the year 2016-2017, 17 students from Selkirk College Saints achieved academic awards in the intercollegiate hockey league.

Selkirk College

Selkirk College Scholarships

Selkirk College is offering a wide range of scholarships to international students. Along with scholarships, it is also providing Financial aid and Bursaries to students. Every year the college is spending CAD 425,000 amount on Scholarships and sponsors them to around 400 students. Along with these, there are different types of scholarships available for students from external sources.

There is also the availability of Canadian Government Scholarships available for international students. However, Students need to check the eligibility criteria and deadlines before applying for the scholarships. And also, students need to submit a Thankyou Mail when they receive the offer letter from the college.

The following are a Few scholarships for International students:

  • GPA Scholarships: Students who meet the following criteria are either selected or suggested internally by the college or department. They need to pursue a semester course at a post-secondary institution (completed Fall and Winter Semesters with a minimum score of 60 percent aggregate)or pursue a foundation or apprenticeship degree in the trades after high school (with a minimum score of 60 percent aggregate). Along with that, students need a  minimum GPA of 2.0 or a 'C' grade.
  • Application Scholarships:   qualified students must apply for these rewards by supplying the following information namely, Student loans, Number of dependents, Sources of Income, etc. 
  • International Scholarships: This scholarship award is provided for performers and they were nominated by the Education Department of Selkirk College. The application for the Scholarship starts in Mid February and closes in Mid march.
  • Entrance Scholarships:  This scholarship facility is especially for the students who are registering first time at Selkirk College. It is awarded to Canadian students who complete their Undergraduate And apply for postgraduation in the College. The average awarded amount is $2,500.

Highlights about Selkirk College

Type of College


Established in the year


Number of campuses



CAD 75 million

Total number of students


Total number of International students


Percentage of International students

More than 10%



Webometrics- World rankings 2021


Student-Teacher ratio


Acceptance rate

Above average 

Application fee


Academic year system

Semester type 



301 Frank Beinder Way, Castlegar, British Columbia, V17 4L3, Canada.

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How to apply in Selkirk College

Selkirk College is accepting International Students admissions in 3 intake periods namely, Summer Intake, Fall Intake, and Winter Intake period. Every course has different deadline periods so, students need to check the deadlines before applying for the College. And there is also an application fee that is non-refundable and it is applicable for both national and international students.

The following is the application process for International students to admit into Selkirk College

  • Step1:   Any International students who want to study in Canada especially in British Columbia colleges or Universities need to apply through one Online portal named EducationplannerBC.
  • Step 2: Create a new account by signing up in EducationplannerBC and login in with an email and password.
  • Step 3:   Later, read the Consent matter given in the portal and create your account in the portal by clicking on the check box and creating an account box.
  • Step 4: later, verify the email address by clicking on the verification mail sent by the portal.
  • Step 5: Read the Instruction given by the portal and complete all the information regarding personal information, contact information, academic information, etc as guided by the portal.
  • Step 6: Next, check the Course checklist and choose the Canadian colleges or universities you like along with the courses you want to join.
  • Step 7:  In addition, add the additional information asked in the portal and pay the application fee.
  • Step 8:  Finally, verify all the given details and submit the application form and wait for the results.

Selkirk College


The eligibility criteria for postgraduate and undergraduate students at Selkirk College are almost the same and the documents required for admissions are also the same but for undergraduate courses, students need some extra academic qualifications like maths scores along with English proficiency scores. And there is also special exam like the CRT exam that students are asked to take if they are first time applying for the College. 

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Students:

  • Students who want to join in any Undergraduate courses need a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • Along with that, students need a minimum of 60% of marks along with English and Maths scores in Higher secondary Education( Grade 11 or Grade 12).
  • In addition, they need to provide English proficiency exams like TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo scorecards while applying for admissions.
  • Moreover, the maths scores for the students who apply for Undergraduate courses need a minimum “C” grade.

CRT Exam ( College Readiness Tool Exam):

  • The CRT exam is a mandatory exam to join in Selkirk College so, the enrollment officer insists you take this exam.
  • But, students who have completed English level 12 with Maths score with minimum B-Grade.
  • Moreover, students who have credited Post-Secondary English or math course within 2 years.
  • The main motto of this exam is to assess language and math skills, help in course planning, give advice for improving the skills, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Post-Graduate Students: 

  • Students who want to pursue postgraduate courses at Selkirk college need to provide degree certificates with minimum marks of 67% or above based on course requirements.
  • And some courses like Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, Accounting, etc need Maths score with minimum ‘C” grade.
  • In addition, Students need to attend the interviews for entering some postgraduation courses.
  • And language Proficiency Index scores and IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo tests are required. 

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D.:

There is no availability of Doctoral programs at Selkirk College for international students. 

Admission requirements for Selkirk College

The following are the admission requirements for Undergraduate: 

Required Documents


Academic transcripts


Basic education

Required with a minimum age of 18


5.5 or above


80 or above

SAT/ACT Scores

Not required

Duolingo test scores

105 or above

Recommendation letters


Statement of purpose



Required as per the courses 



Work experience

Based on the courses

Copy of passport


The following are the required documents for Postgraduates:

Required documents

Postgraduate students




80 or above

Duolingo test

105 or above

Academic transcripts






Work experience


Language proficiency Index

4 or above

Copy of passport


GMAT/GRE scores

Not required

Letter to Recommendation


Statement of purpose letters


Masters at Selkirk college

The total number of Postgraduate diploma courses available at Selkirk College is above 5+ courses. The average tuition fee for the courses at the college is 7.4Lakhs INR per year. And the most popular courses are Culinary Management, Hospitality Management, Accounting, and Finance, etc. Along with these, there is also the availability of Certificates courses with a duration of 4 to 24 months at the College. And the tuition fee of these courses is between 3.4lakhs INR per year to 6.26 Lakhs INR per year. However, the most popular certificate courses are Bronze Casting studio, Carpentry works, Blacksmithing studio, etc.

Bachelor's at Selkirk College

The average tuition fee for undergraduate courses at Selkirk College is about 6.9 lakhs INR per year. And the total number of courses available in Bachelor's degree are more than 60 courses. In addition, there is also the availability of diploma courses for students at the College. The tuition fee for these diploma courses is between 3.4 lakhs INR per year to 7.9 lakhs INR per year based on the course's demand. And there are about 150+ fields available to study at Selkirk College. The most popular Bachelor courses are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Geographic Information system, etc.

MBA at Selkirk College

There is the availability of a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management along with Postgraduate Business Management ( PGBM) for students at Selkirk College. The duration of the course is different like it is available for 1 year and 2-year duration based on the mode of study. The average tuition fee of a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management is $ 14,400 and students can get 3-year work - permit with this course in Canada. The popular specializations in this Master's degree are Marketing, Human Resources, Accountancy, etc.

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Hospitality and Tourism
Professional Studies
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management30.june15/Jun, 15/Oct
Computer Science and IT-30.june
Education-15/Jun, 15/Oct
Fine Arts-15/Jun, 15/Oct
Hospitality and Tourism-30.june
Professional Studies-30.june
Science30.june15/Jun, 15/Oct
Social Science-15/Jun, 15/Oct
Life at Selkirk College

Student life at Selkirk College

  • There is the availability of separate Fitness Centers, Drop-in - sports, Yoga centers, etc yet College.
  • There is a separate Student Union at Selkirk College where students can give their ideas to initiate new events or new programs at the college.
  • Students can participate in different types of events like Bingo, Cody Caves tour, Trail runs, Turkey shoot, road Hockey, etc.
  • There are different types of students clubs like Environmental Club, Singing Glee, Acro yoga, etc, available for students at college.
  • Even, new students have the facility to start a new club at college with simple registration and team support.

Accommodation at Selkirk College

There is the availability of both On-Campus and Off-Campus accommodation facilities for both local and international students. And these housing facilities are available with all the requirements like water, heater, laundry, kitchen, etc.

On-campus Accommodation

  • Selkirk College is providing On-Campus Housing in two ways namely, College residential halls and Homestays. Students can choose either of them at their convenience.
  • There are 2 residential halls or On-Campus Housing facilities available Namely, Castlegar Campus and Nelson's tenth Street Campus. In both these places students can live independently but In On-Campus locations.
  • When it comes to Homestays, students can choose to live with a Canadian family and the time period is for 1 semester.
  • And the cost for homestay is 100 CAD and it is changeable.
  • In addition, the cost for On-Campus accommodation is between 3,200 CAD to 3,400 CAD based on the location.
  • Along with these, there is also the availability of private housing facilities for students on the college website but some of these houses are fully furnished and some are not.
  • The link for the On-Campus Housing facility at Selkirk College is

Off-Campus Accommodation

  • There are a few locations near to Selkirk College which provides Offcamus location namely, Nelson, Downtown, Nelson, Fairview, Trail, Castlegar Downtown, etc.
  • The average accommodation fee in these Housing is between 450 to 1600 CAD
  • Students can live in different types of Housing styles like apartments, homestays, shared bedroom facilities, double bedrooms, etc.
  • However, students need to check the facilities and contracts documents thoroughly before sifting to the Housing.
  • The link for Off Camus accommodation at Selkirk College is 

Selkirk College

Key Attractions

There are various attractive places located near Selkirk College and in Castlegar city in Canada. There are different types of Art museums, Fishing spots, Food stations, or restaurants That give enjoyment and relaxation to students or for any visitors. 

The following are a few places in Castlegar and around Selkirk College:

  • One of the best places for enjoyment and thrilling experience to visitors is Cool Dozen Micro Golf. It is the best place for Indoor Golf practice.
  • Red River Lighthouse, is the best historical site which was built in 1902 and there are also some old Ships and boats located in that place.
  • Selkirk Community Arts Center is the best place to explore the arts free of cost.
  • St. Peters Dynevor Anglican Church is the best place to know the history of Manitoba.
  • The Boot Traven is the best place for Steak food along with other delicious food. It is also called a Steak House.

Career at Selkirk College

There is a separate Career development committee at Selkirk College for students. Along with this, there is also the availability of Cooperative Education and Employment Services ( CEES) facility available for students. In this service center, students can learn different courses which help to get immediate employment opportunities while studying, and also it provides some credits for students. In addition, the college also conducts job fairs and summer fairs for students to grab the best employment opportunities.

Jobs after studying at Selkirk College

At Selkirk College, there are many courses which are providing Employment opportunities after completing courses. And the college itself offers many jobs for students while and after completion of studies. Along with that, students can find jobs in the separate web portal of the college. In this web portal, not only current students but also alumni of Selkirk college can find their interest jobs. There are different job positions for different fields like Nursing, Hotel and Hospitality management, Education, etc. for example: in Hotel and Hospitality management there is the availability of different jobs positions like Restore supervisors, Manager, Food and beverages Supervisors, Event planners, etc.

Placements at Selkirk College

The students of Selkirk College are getting placements in Government sectors, in local nearby Industries. The companies like Dell, Google, Intel, etc select the students in Campus placements. Along with these, there is also the availability of internships and apprenticeships facilities for students. And the Career service community helps students to grab the best opportunities by helping them with resume preparations, interview preparations, cover letters, etc. 

Selkirk College Notable Alumni

The following are the Notable alumni of Selkirk College:

  • Kiesza - Musician
  • Mitch Merrett - Record Producer
  • Roz Nay - Novelist
  • Judy Cameron - Canadian Airlines pilot.

Colleges related to Selkirk College

There are six campuses and 8 different schools are at Selkirk College.

The following are the related Colleges of College:

  • The University of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business
  • School of Environment And geomatics
  • School of Health
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism
  • School of Human Services
  • School of Industry and Trade Services
  • School of Peace and Justice studies.
  • General University
Living Costs
Accomodationnull cad/month
Food250 cad/month
Entertainment175 cad/month
Utilitynull cad/month
Travelnull cad/month
Miscellaneous150 cad/month
Coke/Sodanull cad/month
McDonaldsnull cad/month
Colleges at Selkirk College
School of Health and Human Services

School of Health and Human Services turns the students’ desire to helping and nurturing humankind into an informed, meaningful career in the field of health and human services.

School of Environment and Geomatics

School of Environment and Geomatics focuses on the experiential and hands-on outdoor learning through their environmental science programs which are nationally-accredited.

School of Arts

The programs of the School of Arts support individualism amidst a challenging and learning environment which integrates critical thinking, history, science, business, and technology in various hands-on studio settings.

School of Hospitality & Tourism

School of Hospitality & Tourism is known for providing practical experiences and knowledge in the field of hospitality and tourism.

School of Business

Selkirk College’s School of Business is revered for providing an enriching educational experience to the future businessmen and businesswomen.

School of Industry & Trades Training

Industries are only going to tap the demographic dividend all around the world and hence the employment potential is highest in the Industrial sector. The School provides students with relevant skills for a future job.

Contact Details
ADDRESS301 Frank Beinder Way, Castlegar, BC V1N 4L3, Canada
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