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Seneca College

Ontario, Canada
Estd. 1969
Rank: #76
public University
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About Seneca College

Seneca Public College was officially opened in 1967. The College is well-known for its numerous campuses located throughout Ontario's Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It provides in-person lectures as well as online learning programs in a variety of subjects, including business, health sciences, engineering technology, and others. Seneca College provides a broad range of academic and personal resources and support. It also provides a variety of transfer options, allowing you to apply your credits to another program or continue your study at one of the partner universities.

Seneca College Campus 

  • Seneca College has four main campuses, as well as many additional campuses throughout Peterborough and the Greater Toronto Area. The Newnham Campus is one of the country's largest and main Campuses of Seneca College.
  • The first name of the Newnham campus is  Finch campus; later it was named after the founding president William T. Newnham. The York campus is situated on the Keele campus of York University. The Media, English, and Liberal Studies, Creative Arts and Animation, Information and Communications Technology, and Creative Arts and Animation schools are all located on this site.
  • The King Campus, with its woods, fields, and lakes, is one of the campuses with scenic beauty. The Markham Campus was the first post-secondary academic institution in the city of Markham, Ontario. Moreover, Seneca's Center for Advanced Technologies is located on the Jane Campus. 

Seneca College Rankings

The following are the ranks achieved by Seneca College

Webometrics - World University rankings 2021


Webometrics - Continental rankings 2021


Webometrics- Country rankings 2021


Webometrics- North America Universities rankings


Seneca College Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of Seneca College is about 85% which means the College is less selective. International students who want to study in Canada can apply for this College. There is a wide range of courses available for international students at the college under both Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees. But, to get qualified for the college, students need to provide a minimum GPA of 2.5 along with English proficiency level exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.

Seneca College Students

The total number of students enrolled for full-time courses at Seneca College is about 30,000+ members and the students enrolled for part-time courses at college are above 60,000+ members. Among these students, there are about 7,000 + international students from more than 150+ countries pursuing their Bachelor's and Master's degrees. It means the total percentage of international students at Seneca College is about 27.6%.

Seneca College Faculty

The total number of faculty available at Seneca College is about 600 members and there is separate faculty for every department at college. The student-teacher ratio at Seneca College is 22:1. The faculty teaches both full-time and part-time students at the same pace. At the college, the faculty uses different types of teaching methods like in-class lectures, field placement trips to get practical knowledge, etc. The average salary for the lecture at Seneca College is about CAD 1,19,931 per year.

Seneca College: Achievements and Rewards

In recent years the graduated students from the School of Marketing and Media of Seneca College have won many awards. They have won gold, silver, and bronze medals in national competitions. And also they achieved many international awards at Newyork festival, London International Awards, Clio Awards, and Cannes Lion Advertising festival. Along with these, the college also sponsors many awards and rewards for students for their accomplishments towards the college.

Seneca College Scholarships

Seneca college offers a wide range of scholarships for students along with scholarships it also provides financial- aid to students up to 2,000CA$. Students who have excellent academic records are eligible for these scholarships. And the students who apply for admissions into Seneca college can apply for any of the scholarship awards offered by the college. The International students, who have a GPA of more than 3.0 also receive rewards when entering college. 

Moreover, Seneca college also offers bursaries to students for both native and international students. In addition to these, there are some external scholarships offered by sponsors for the students studying in Canada. And along with these, there are awards and scholarships offered by the Faculties of the College.

The following are a few scholarships offered by Seneca College:

  • Seneca College Entrance Scholarships: Seneca College is offering 10 scholarships to international students under this category. Students who have  a minimum GPA percentage of 80% or above are eligible for this. Under this scholarship, students can get a reward of up to $1,000.
  • Alumni Student and Leadership Awards: students who hold leadership positions in any government body and do volunteer programs are eligible for this award. This award is sponsored by the Alumni body of Seneca College and gets the amount worth of $ 1000 as an award.
  • Atkinson Charitable Foundation Bursary: Under this Bursary, students who applied for diploma or Certificate courses at Seneca College. As per this bursary, the native palace of students needs to be in Canada. 
  • Governor General’s Academic medal: Under this award, only one student can achieve it by showing excellent academic performance with high grades in their final year of the Post-secondary Diploma program.

Seneca College Highlights

Type of College


Number if Campuses



500 million CA$

Established in the year


Total number of international students


Percentage of international students




Student-teacher ratio


Acceptance rate


Application fee


Webometrics- world University rankings 2021


Size of campus

697 acres



Newnham Campus, 1750 Finch Avenue East, North York, ON M2J 2X5, Canada.

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How to apply in the Seneca College

Students who want to join at Seneca College need to apply before the deadline period. The college has 2 intake periods namely, Summer and Autumn. There is only one mode of application form is provided that is online mode. So, students need to check all the details and gather all the required documents before starting the application form. After submitting of application form students need to download the Seneca Service app to track the status of their application.

The following is the online application process for applying to Seneca College for international Students:

  • Step 1: Go to the International Student Application web portal of Seneca College
  • Step 2: Create a new account using your social media accounts like Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Step 3: fill in the personal information and later review and select the interesting courses.
  • Step 4: Later, identify and select the English proficiency exams and fill in the details.
  • Step 5: Next, choose the starting dates and when you want to attend the college with a minimum of 3 choices.
  • Step 6: Next, provide the academic details and upload the required documents.
  • Step 7: Complete the Information release form if you trusted Seneca college and later review the total application form.
  • Step 8: Finally, pay the application fee as stated by the college and submit the application form.


The eligibility criteria for Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are different based on the courses selected at Seneca College. In addition, international students need to submit all the required documents to the college at the time of application. Moreover, there are also eligibility criteria for certificate courses along with Bachelors's and Master's courses. So, students who want to enroll in any diploma or certificate courses need to see the deadlines of these courses and apply based on them.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Degree:

  • For joining an Undergraduate degree at college students need a minimum GPA of 2.5 or more.
  • Along with this, students need to secure a minimum of 65% of marks in their High school degree.
  • In addition, students should complete their English and Maths in Grade 12 level with good scores.
  • Along with these, students should provide the English proficiency level exams scores along with Canada Special English exam scores to the college.

Eligibility criteria for Postgraduate Degree:

  • To admit into any Master's degree students need to provide them a minimum of 3 years Degree certificates with a minimum of 65% marks.
  • Along with these, students need to qualify in English level exams with the required scores stated by the college.
  • In addition, students need to show the additional requirements like Writing skills, Image portfolio, etc for specified courses.
  • And also students need to qualify in the specific test conducted to study in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. Students:

At Senecacollege, there are no separate Research programs or Ph.D. programs available for students. But, Seneca college helps the students to do Research programs and Doctoral courses by helping them with valuable knowledge and skills.

Admission requirements for Seneca College

List of  documents required for UG

Required Documents


IELTS( Academic)




PTE( Academic)


Duolingo test


CAE( Cambridge Advanced English Exams)


Academic Transcripts


Copy of Passport


Letter of recommendations


Financial documents


List of  documents required for PG

Required Documents


IELTS( Academic)




PTE( Academic)


Duolingo test


CAE( Cambridge Advanced English Exams)


Copies of degree, diploma certificates


Academic transcripts


Passport copy


Work experience

Required for application of Project management -IT


Required for Public relations and Clinical research courses

Personal statements

Required for Public relations and Visual effects courses

Financial documents proof


Recommendation letters


Masters in Seneca College

At Seneca College, there are more than 30 Masters or Graduate certificate  programs available for international students. The average tuition fee for master programs is between 8 lakhs INR to 9.5lakhs INR per course and the duration of courses is a minimum of 8 months. Along with these, it also offers 50+postgraduate degrees to students by partnering with many universities like North Park University, Boston University, Robert Gordon University, etc, in Canada. The most popular courses in Master's degree certificate courses are Brand Management, Event Management, Human Resources Management, etc.

Bachelor's in Seneca College

The average tuition fee for a Bachelor's degree at Seneca College is between 11.4 lakhs INR to 44 lakhs per annum. And the duration of these courses is 4 years. Along with these, the college also offers 50+diploma courses and 20+ advanced diploma courses in various fields and the duration of these courses is 1-2 years and the average tuition fee for these courses is 8-9.05 lakhs INR per year. The most popular Bachelor's degree courses at Seneca College are Early Childhood Education, English, and liberal studies, Underwater studies, Aviation, Animation, etc more than 14+ courses.

MBA in Seneca College

Seneca College doesn't offer  special MBA courses but it is offering Postgraduate diploma and certificate courses in Business Management studies. The average tuition fee for these courses is between 8.9 lakhs INR to 10 lakhs INR per year. The most popular courses are International Business Management, Marketing Management, Financial Planning, Sustainable Business Management, etc.

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Hospitality and Tourism
Professional Studies
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management30.june30.june
Computer Science and IT30.june30.june
Fine Arts30.june30.june
Hospitality and Tourism30.june30.june
Professional Studies-30.june
Social Science30.june30.june
Life at Seneca College

Life at Seneca College

  • At Seneca College there is a separate Student life Calendar arranged for students to do their months or weekly activities at College.
  • Students also get services and support from the college in various forms like Counseling, advising, medical services, career services, etc.
  • At Seneca College students get access to a variety of programs along with library services, etc.
  • Along with these, at Seneca College, there are separate Student Federation home names as Seneca Student Federation( SSF) which has 100+ clubs and societies for students to join and participate.
  • There are different types of clubs like Indian Dance club, Fire protection club, Flourishing Enterprise, MSA Club, etc are available for students based on their interests.
  • The Seneca Student Federation conducts many events and festivals like Movie nights, Cooking Classes, Skill development Workshops in collaboration with these clubs.
  • Along with these, there is a separate fitness center, well-known food restaurants, Health and Well-being services available at college.

Accommodation at Seneca College 

At Seneca College there is the availability of both On-Campus and Off-Campus accommodation facilities for international students. And these accommodations are provided with a kitchen, study space, game rooms, laundry, etc.

On-campus Accommodation

  • International students get the On-Campus accommodation facilities at Newnham and King Campuses in apartment styles.
  • The residential halls contain private bedroom facilities, single rooms, shared rooms, en-suite, study lounges, etc.
  • There are about 1100 spaces for students in Newnham residence halls and the king campus has 230 spaces for students.
  • At these residential halls, there is 24hours security and 24/7library facilities available for students.
  • The average cost for housing facilities with private bedrooms but living with a family is $800-$1000.
  • The average cost for accommodation for a shared bedroom and bathroom is between $ 700-$800.

Off-Campus Accommodation

  • Seneca College collaborated with places4students Inc. to provide Off-Campus accommodation facilities for students.
  • So, by using their website or app international students can check the Off-Campus accommodation facilities near the Campuses of Seneca College.
  • All these housing facilities are provided with laundry, kitchen, separate bathroom, etc.
  • The average price for a shared room at Off-Campus accommodation is about CAD 1265 per month.
  • And the average rent for a private room is between CAD 1350-CAD1777 per month.
  • Along with these, the average cost for renting the whole space is about CAD 3,010 per month.

Key Attractions

The Seneca College area is a destination for many shopping malls, food centers, and tourism places. Not only Seneca College premises  but the surroundings and the Toronto city is famous for tourism. There are many key Attraction places located near the college.

The following are a few key Attraction places near Seneca College:

  • Norma Reed is the famous and longest-running dress store near the college. It has become the first choice for all generations for buying special dresses for their special days and occasions.
  • One of the best places to know about Islamic art and Calligraphy is the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.
  • To spend the weekend with adventure and thrilling experiences then Ontario Science Center is the best place. There is a Dome theatre, public planetarium, Galaxy in space hall, etc. Presented in the center.
  • Toronto Botanical garden is the best place to relax and enjoy the fresh air along with that, the visitors can know about the wide range of plants and their specialties.
  • Scarborough Town Centre is the home of almost 200 stores and 30 Dining spaces. It also has a big Multi-screen Cineplex to enjoy the weekends with family or friends.

Career at Seneca College

There is a separate career development team at Seneca College with the name Seneca Works. It helps the students to plan their careers and start their journey after the completion of their studies. This team helps the students in preparing resumes, interview preparation, etc, and also conducts career fairs, by attracting a pool of job offers for students. And also the support and help students to work and learn in real-time practices by encouraging them to work in their interested fields.

Jobs after studying at Seneca College

After studying at Seneca College students are placed in various types of job roles like Software developer, legal assistant, Executive assistant, Graphic designer, HR Generalist, etc. Every year there are about 7,000+ job notifications offered for students at college. Moreover, the college focuses on the career development of students by supporting and encouraging them to attend the job-fairs, On-site interviews, Career events to create a network among themselves.

Placements at Seneca College

Seneca College has been maintaining a 70%+ placement record for the past few years. Moreover, 90% of employers are satisfied with the work of students of Seneca College. Every year college brings more than 16,000 companies for campus placements. The average salary of a graduate student from Seneca College is about CAD 53,092. And the highest paying sectors are IT and software fields with an average of CA$66,000 per year. Moreover, the companies like Sheraton Hotels, Holiday Inn, Thomas Cook, American Express, etc. are regular companies that select the students at the time of campus placements.

Seneca College Notable Alumni

Seneca College has a large network of alumni.

The following are a few notable alumni of the College:

  • Vivienne Poy - Former Canadian Senator and fashion designer.
  • Beverly Thomson - Canadian Journalist.
  • Yasmin Warsame - Model
  • Rukhsana Khan - Author, Writer and Storyteller.
  • Wiz Kilo - Hip Hop Artist.
  • Mathis Bailey - Novelist and Writer.

Colleges related to Seneca College

There are about 6 Faculties presented at Seneca College and these faculties are further divided into different schools.

  • Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences
  • School of Community Services
  • School of Early Childhood Education
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public safety
  • School of Recreation and Environmental Studies
  • School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry
  • School of Electronics and Mechanical engineering technology
  • School of Environmental and Civil engineering technology
  • School of Fire Protection Engineering Technology
  • School of Information technology Administration and Safety
  • School of Software Design and Data Science
Living Costs
Accomodation1204 cad/month
Food250 cad/month
Entertainment175 cad/month
Utility121 cad/month
Travel141 cad/month
Miscellaneous150 cad/month
Coke/Soda1 cad/month
McDonalds9 cad/month
Contact Details
ADDRESS1750 Finch Ave E, North York, ON M2J 2X5, Canada
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