IELTS Writing Task 2

Have you prepared well for IELTS Writing Task 2?

In IELTS writing task 2, the candidate will be asked to write an essay on a general academic topic. Candidate needs to write a minimum of 250 words. During the exam, always take care to write quality content which has no repetitive content. Also, there are other parameters on which you will be marked. This post will be detailing on how your answer will be evaluated, what is the right approach to answer a task to question and tips that may help you to score well in this section. Kindly take note of these points while practicing and during the exam. This will help you to score well in this section of IELTS exam.

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How is ielts writing task 2 answer evaluated?

In evaluating writing task 2, following criteria are used:

  1. Response to the task: Whether the candidate has written all relevant points.
  2. Coherence: Coherent organization of information, paragraphing, linking and referencing.
  3. Vocabulary: Vocabulary and paraphrasing, spelling, collocation and number of mistakes.
  4. Control of grammar: Tenses, Sentence structures, Punctuation, number of mistakes. Each criterion is given a weight of 25%.

How to organize your ielts writing task 2 answer?

You may organize your answer in the following format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraph 1
  3. Body paragraph 2
  4. Body paragraph 3
  5. Conclusion

While practicing, if you may follow this pattern, it will be easier to write answers during the exam. Your answer should include an introduction, ideas in body paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction usually is short and not more than 2 sentences. You may choose either 2 or 3 body paragraphs as they are enough to develop ideas and show your ability in developing ideas. Your choice should be dependent on the essay question and main points. While practicing, try to do with solved ones and after writing, compare your answer to the model. This will help you to understand your weak points and improve on them.

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How to Approach a Question in IELTS writing task 2?

The basic steps which should be followed while approaching a question are:

Question Analysis

Students need to first understand what exactly the question demands. For this, it is important to pick out important keywords and instructions.


A good plan is necessary. A clear outline is important for you to write a well-structured answer.  In the outline, you may follow the below-given procedure:

  1. Identifying main points to write.
  2. Out of these main points, you need to choose the best ones.
  3. After selecting best ones, it is important to note down supporting points.
  4. After collecting all these points, you may start organizing paragraphs
  5. You may write your plan on the question paper.
  6. After having a clear outline, you can start writing the answer.


In the introduction, students need to explain to the reader what you will write in the rest of the essay.


Body paragraphs explain main points in more detail. It is always good to support main points with explanations and examples.


In conclusion, students need to summarize main points.

IELTS writing task 2 tips

Here are some tips which can help you in IELTS writing task 2:

  1. Structure to follow: There are different types of questions asked in IELTS writing task. Different essay types are opinion essays, discussion essays, solution essays, direct question essays and advantage or disadvantage essays. They may have different structures.  It is good to be familiarized with different types of question and know how the structure of each type should be.
  2. Over usage of words: Sometimes words like ‘moreover’, ‘however’ etc. will be overused in the passage.It is not good to use these words much in the essay.
  3. Simple Presentation: It is better not to overthink over a topic.Examiners always expect a meaningful and simple essay.So, better not to write a complex one.
  4. Give your opinion: The examiner wants to read your original opinions.So, do not copy ideas and make sure to keep it clear throughout the essay.
  5. Usage of words: Do not try to use complicated words in the essay.Because, if you are not 100% sure about the meaning of a complex word, it is better not to use it rather than using it.
  6. Common Topics Practice: There are many common topics which appear frequently.So, to give better answers, always practice these questions before the test.
  7. Word Limit: Students will be getting a penalty if your word count is less than the limit (250 words).But there is no upper limit.So ensure to avoid the penalty by taking care of word limit.
  8. Time Management and Choosing Task: Students can decide the length of time to spend on the essay.It is recommended not to spend more than 40 minutes on the essay.Also, a student often gets confused in choosing which task to do first.Some prefer doing task 1 before 2 and others do prefer doing task 2 over task 1.It is purely dependent on the choice of students.

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You can score well in writing section if you prepare in the right way.You can improve your English language writing skills by following writing tips, improving grammar and vocabulary and practicing sample tests as many as possible. So, plan and prepare well for your IELTS exam.  In case you may require our experts help in resolving any query, always feel free to reach out to us @ [email protected] or +91-120-653-3966 and visit AdmitKard. Kindly do post if you have any feedback, comment or suggestion.

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