Best Medical Schools in UK (2019)

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The United Kingdom is one of the best destinations for studying abroad. There are a number of globally recognised and reputed universities in the UK which make education there the best in class. It has many good universities for medical education.

It has become a trend to study abroad since it is one experience which transforms the lives of students. Read here about why studying abroad is a big thing in the field of education.

Indian talent is well acknowledged and appreciated all over the globe, not only the UK but also many other leading universities in the world are offering a number of good opportunities to Indian student to empower them, the students are also cashing the opportunity and are flying with different colours of success.

Recently it has been researched that, the UK is being one of the most favourable and beneficial countries for Indian medical aspirant. Running on the same track, we have got a list of top 10 UK universities that could be dream universities for those pearls. 

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Best Medical Schools in UK

These are the best universities for medical studies in the UK :

Sr. No.Universities
1School of Medical Sciences, University of Manchester
2University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health
3University of Edinburgh Medical School
4University of Birmingham Medical School
5University of Glasgow Medical School
6University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry
7Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
8Oxford University Medical School
9UCL Medical School
10School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge

1) School of Medical Sciences, University of Manchester

Manchester is a well-known and popular university in the UK established in 1752, football lovers are also well aware of the name itself, Manchester. Talking about the university, it is one of the largest universities in the UK, with around 9000 students getting their degrees.

The best thing about the third oldest institute in the UK is, it is affiliated with the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, with four working teaching hospitals.

The prestigious university has a long list of notable alumni, including the very famous Dr John Charnley, Dr Brian Day, Dr David Nott and the list is too long to be written down. Studying in such an institute is a lifetime investment that would grow enormously with the time and experience.

2) University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health

The Newcastle school of medicine has its own aura and presence in the medical education segment in the UK. The university was established in 1834. Even being that old, the university has maintained its tempo with the fast-moving vast changes in the field of medical science and related education.

Amalgamation of being internationally striving and provincially ingrained forms the foundation for Newcastle University’s vision for the future. The university specifically works on the resource side of knowledge foundation and distribution, thus by reacting to the call side of social challenges. Medical science studies of the university are well valued and are globally accredited.

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3) University of Edinburgh Medical School

The University of Edinburgh Medical School is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. The renowned institute was established in 1726; today the university is serving around 2,218 students, to full fill their dreams to be a successful medical professional.

The medical school is affiliated with the University of Edinburgh. The medical school is pretty popular for the accomplishments it has attained, which were only attainable due to The Edinburgh Model, on which the medical school is working since its establishment.

Not only this, the school and university have a very well developed policy for women working and studying out there.

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4) University of Birmingham Medical School

Birmingham is the name that every second Indian recalls since the pre-independence era. Nevertheless, University of Birmingham Medical School is known for being one of the, largest and oldest medical schools of Britain.

The medical school is affiliated with the University of Birmingham and was established in 1767. Being such a prestigious institute the, the medical school remains enormously competitive with admission necessities set very high. Undoubtedly, getting into such an institute is no less than a lifetime achievement.

5) University of Glasgow Medical School

Every year a considerable number of Indian students try to get into the University of Glasgow for not only medical studies but also a number of other specialization studies offered by the university. Specifically, the medical school was established in 1751, on the date the school is serving around 1300 hundred students.

The best thing about the school being a part of Triangle of Excellence, as the infrastructure forms a triangle along with the other two world-class, Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, the Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre. Thus, getting down into such a top class university would surely turn student’s life upside down.

6) University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry

The medical and dentistry school of Aberdeen is affiliated with the University of Aberdeen and was established in 1495, the university is well known for being one of the oldest educational institutes in Scotland, UK.

The thing to be noticed is Medicine has been taught at the university since the founding of King’s College in 1495.The school is basically divided into subsections as, Centre for Rural Health, Dugald Baird Centre for Research on Women’s Health, Health Economics Research Unit and Health Services Research Unit.

Dr John James Richard Macleod, Dr Sir Alexander Ogston, Dr Sir Graeme Catto are some of the notable alumni of the institute.

7) Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry is a medical and dental school. The school came into operation in 1995 by the unification of the London Hospital Medical College and the Medical College of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

In 2008,  the school was ranked first for the excellence of its medical research in London and fourth in overall nationwide. Problem-based learning is the real base of education offered at the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The concept was originally developed at McMaster University Medical School in the 1960s. Recently, the university is ranked 2nd by The Guardian survey.

8) Oxford University Medical School

The name itself is more than enough to prove the prestige and status of the education being offered at the university. The Oxford University Medical School is affiliated to the prestigious Oxford University.

The Oxford Medical School is running on the same values and policies, on which everything was started back then. The courses taught over here are diversified into Pre-Clinical and Clinical phases of the course. The medical school admits 150 students per year, the count reflects the level of entrance competition that is usually there to get into the school.

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery are awarded after the successful completion of curriculum and related activities.

9) UCL Medical School

UCL Medical School is nothing but the medical school of University College London and is sited in London, United Kingdom. The school is famous for offering a wide range of graduate and postgraduate programs.

The medical school was started in 1834 and is affiliated to the University College London. The medical school is one of the major institutes in the UK with a yearly intake of 330 students. Admittance to the medical school is tremendously competitive.

It can be proved since the medical school accepts around 2,500 applications yearly of which up to 700 candidates are carefully chosen for the interview. Approximately 450 offers are given for 322 places.

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10) School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge

School of Clinical Medicine is the medical and clinical research course offering famous institute in the UK affiliated to the University of Cambridge.

The University of Cambridge has a very vast and interesting history of the establishment and further improvisations, success stories that have shaped today’s University. It would be an insult to the university and the concerned prestige if we sum up all the things in a few lines.

As per records, the university was established in 1209, since then the management and staff people and took the responsibility to make it big, people come and go, but the mission of the institute is still beings carried with pride. Getting into such an institute is really, a once in a lifetime thing.

Best Medical Colleges in UK for International Student

1. University of Oxford

Being one of the top universities in the world , Oxford university holds its reputation for offering one of the best medical courses in UK and Worldwide. It offers seperate clininal and pre-clinincal courses which allows a student to gain a comprehensive view of the medical feild.

2. University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry finished second in the 2020 Guardian University Guide for Medicine, with its MBChB (hons) medicine course located on one of the largest clinical sites in Europe with superb teaching and extensive research facilities. The University of Aberdeen was named Scottish University of the Year by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019.

3. Keele University

The Keele University MBChB (hons) medicine course is designed to ensure you meet the necessary standards in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes that new doctors need, as identified by the GMC in its publication, ‘Outcomes for Graduates’. The Keele School of Medicine is a friendly environment where staff and patients will support you in your learning.

4. Swansea University

The Swansea University Medical School is the best medical school in Wales and research produced by the department is the second best in the UK (Research Excellence Framework). Each of Swansea’s six pathway degrees offer graduates a guaranteed interview for Graduate Entry Medicine, whilst the BSc (hons) applied medical sciences (foundation year) will introduce students to the key concepts and knowledge you need to progress to the BSc in Applied Medical Sciences.

5. University of Cambridge

Two types of medicine course are offered at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine; the Standard course and Graduate course. The School aims to “provide leadership in education, discovery and healthcare through inspirational teaching and training, outstanding basic and clinical research”.

Medical Specialisations in UK

You can choose over 60 Specialisations that medicine has to offer, some of the best are:

  1. Anaesthetics

  2. General practice

  3. Medicine

  4. Pathology

  5. Psychiatry

  6. Radiology

  7. Surgery

The UK still holds the helm of being one of the most outstanding and charming European countries. With a population of 65.6 million (Worldbank), the country has its doors open for you to be there and experience its education quality and everything that comes along with it. Kindly do share your views on this list of universities in the UK for medical studies. Also, please don’t forget to mention your feedback and suggestions.

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