The Ultimate Guide to F1 Visa Interview Tips (Updated 2019)

The US Department of State issue a non-immigrant visa for students who wish to study in United States of America. F1 visa application is filed if an individual wish to study in a university or institution, high school or private elementary education schools. F1 visa also allows to study in seminary, training programs for language or any kind of academic institution. F1 visa does not allow students to work part time off campus during the first year of their course.

What are the top tips for F1 Visa interview?

If you are appearing for the F1 Visa interview then you should keep some details in mind regarding the interview such as follows:-

Submit The Application

If you are applying for the US universities then you should apply for the visa in your home country in the US embassy. Try to submit the application on time as any delay after the deadline can lead to cancellation of the Visa.

Practice On Your English

Apart from your English proficiency marks your personal knowledge in the language matters the most as the interviewer keeps a check on your language.

Gather All The Documents Needed

For your full authentication and identity gather every document important for the interview whose details are discussed later in the blog.

Relation To Your Home Country

This ensures that you will eventually come back to your Home country which after the expiry of your visa which will convince the interviewer for the visa a lot.

Stay Confident And Positive

During your whole interview try to be confident and keep smiling which will leave a good impression on the interviewer.

How to present yourself in the F1 Visa interview?

The F1 visa interview is very crucial as the interviewer judges the applicant and if they inspect anything wrong in your presentation it can lead to cancellation of your visa. So, the knowledge on how to present you in front of the interviewer in the interview is really important.

Here are few things to keep in mind during the interview:-

  • Present yourself professionally in the interview.
  • One should answer all the questions loudly and clear asked by the interviewer which will leave a good impression on the interviewer.
  • You should keep in that your answers have to be true according to the documents you have provided them.
  • Remain calm and relaxed during the whole interview. Try to be casual but in a formal manner and no need to get anxious and scared.
  • You should maintain a regular eye contact with the interviewer as it will make them feel that you are confident about your actions.
  • Most important thing to keep in mind during the interview is your body language and your postures. For example sit straight, shoulders held back and head high.
  • Sit in your chair properly and avoid slumping and fidgeting.

Why Is It Important To Talk About Your Family In The Interview?

This is a basic question asked mostly by the interviewer about your family because the interviewer wants to know your ties with your home country and ensure that after your study or expiry of the visa you will eventually come to your country. This answer is important because USA doesn’t want too much of immigrants to migrate to the country leading to population growth and giving rise many problems so the country allows the students only for a limited time period so that after the return of the student the population remains unaffected.

So answer about your family with confidence and show proof of the ties to your own country. The proof of ties will provide the interviewer information that you have enough to hold on to in your own country and that you will come back to your own country.

What is the Dress code for F1 Visa interview?

Dress is an important part of an interview as reflects the traits of an individual. A well maintained dress shows the strong personality and positive attitude of the candidate. There are many kinds of combinations that boy or girl can wear during his/her F1 visa interview.

Dress for Boys:

  • A formal white or light sky blue color shirt with a tie and formal pants.
  • Candidate can wear a dark grey suit over the shirt.
  • Well-polished pair of black leather shoes and dark socks.
  • A well maintained bearded and hair (avoid too much wax) with nails trimmed.
  • A little bit of perfume for good smell to finish the look.

Dress for Girls:

  • A formal Kameez-Salwar with duppatta on left side or a formal white with black formal pants.
  • Girls can also go for a sari of a formal color.
  • Paint your nails with very light shade of pink or you can avoid painting them at all.
  • Try to use light lipstick shades (don’t use glossy ones).

How do I prepare for F1 visa Interview?

There are few things you must prepare before going for a F1 visa interview:

  • Always carry all the important documents and make different sets for various types of documents.
  • Personal Details Document
  • Passport
  • Visa Interview Appointment Letter
  • Confirmation Slip
  • Education Details
  • Class 10 and 12 mark sheets
  • GRE scorecard
  • If passport photo is in glasses do wear your glasses at the time of interview.
  • Be prepared for the questions that can be asked during interview session.
  • Always make sure you are well dressed with a good smell.
  • Always remember the completing or passing years of graduation and classes.

While giving interview, interviewer must be convinced that you are not going for a permanent resident purpose, otherwise your visa can be denied.

What is F1 visa?

 However if a student has a good academic record US State Department allows to work after the first year of the course. Individuals can also change the status of F1 visa any time after immigration to USA, even extensions in F1 visas are allowed to increase the validity of the visa.

Why do we need to apply for F1 visa?

There are people who want to go to United States of America for quality education and admission in various types of courses ranging from elementary education to higher studies. Actually, F1 is non-immigrant visa which means students have to return back to their country after completing the academic course. The need of F1 visa arises when student want become full time students there to pursue higher courses after completing basic courses for USA, except  they can’t work full time on this visa. However one can apply for Optional practical training to work part timely related to the course individual is pursuing, up to 12 months.

What are the requirements for the F1 visa?

There are some defined steps that are required to get a F1 visa. These steps should be followed sequentially in order to get F1 visa.

Apply For SVEP School

Before applying for F1 visa, candidate must apply for an institution where he/she want to study and must get accepted before applying for F1 visa.

Fee Payment

Pay the fee of your institution and get a confirmation slip with a I-20 form. These things will need during the interview in US consulate.

Visa Application

Embassy or consulate will provide you an application with a specific non-refundable application fee. You have to fill the form with all necessary documents and present them during the interview.

  • Interview Appointment
  • Schedule your interview appointment with the US consulate and do a check on the necessary documents to be needed during interview.
  • Passport
  • Non-immigrant Visa Application
  • Payment Receipt
  • Your Photo
  • Certificate of Eligible for F1
  • I-20 form

Questions asked in the F1 Visa interview

There are many kinds that can be asked during the interview process varying from personal details to educational details.

  1. In How Many Universities You Have Applied?
  2. In How Many Universities You Are Rejected And On What Basis?
  3. From Which College You Have Completed Your Bachelors?
  4. Have You Taken An Education Loan And How You Will Repay It?
  5. What Your Family Income Source?
  6. How Many Members Are There In Your Family?
  7. Do You Have Any Relative In US?
  8. Why You Have Applied For This Specific Course?
  9. How You Will Prove That You Will Come Back After Completing Your Education?
  10. Why You Chose USA For Higher Studies?
  11. Are You Will Work There With Studies?

What is the validity of the F1 Visa?

Like other different visa to USA, F1 visa also comes with validity for a period of time. During the immigration, the immigration officer will give you card I-94 that will tell you non-immigrant status with your stay authorization. The status tells about the period of your stay which is generally the period or duration of your course program in which you are admitted. For example, if you are enrolled in a 4 year course then your duration of stay will become four years. After the expiration of visa, you will be given 60 days to renew your visa or depart from USA. This Duration of your stay is mentioned on the given I-94 card.

So, all this information regarding the F1 visa interviewer is just because it is really important to do well in the interview otherwise it can lead to some bad consequences, if you don’t keep up with the details of the interview.  

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