Best Answer to why MBA

Best Answer for Why MBA

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MBA has emerged as a popular course from the past few years and is something every undergraduate or every working professional aspires to do. MBA has made up a brand for itself and associating with which can help you in your career. MBA comprises of various subjects such as sales, HR, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, and management. In the course, you will get the exposure of management skills which guarantee success in various managerial positions. It equips you with the attributes of a proficient manager that every organization looks for. 

How to Answer why MBA

These days according to many people an MBA is just a trend. It’s not true. Do you believe in surviving in Germany without knowing their language? Sure, you can. Let’s say this is similar to succeed in business without knowing any of the business principles or skills required. Reasons for the importance of – Why MBA?

  • MBA helps in boosting your personality, giving you skills that help you to take your career to the next level. It helps you to gain interpersonal skills.
  • As a requirement at entry-level most of the top organizations have an MBA. As they come equipped with the skills necessary, management trainees find it easy to climb the corporate ladder.
  • With an MBA degree, you can fit into a diverse culture in an organization abroad. You will find Indians and Asians with MBA heading brands across the US, UK or Canada.   

Why MBA Answer

MBA has a holistic approach for the comprehension of organizations, businesses, challenges as well as solutions. In this course, you will get to learn about how you can run your own business or how an organization operates. An MBA degree makes you proficient in handling managerial positions. You can even use your abilities to create a business from scratch and take the path of an entrepreneur.

  • MBA helps you to progress in career.
  • MBA is helpful in self-growth.
  • One must go for MBA for better knowledge and skills. 

Best Answer for Why MBA

MBA has made up a brand for itself and associating with which can help you in your career. In the course, you will get the exposure of management skills which guarantee success in various managerial positions. It equips you with the attributes of a proficient manager that every organization looks for. An MBA can help you understand the bigger picture where most others can only make sense of their own special field. 

  • Management’s concepts are essential in an organization as well as in life too.
  • With MBA you can broaden your career prospects. Expanding career prospects is the key objective for some to pursue MBA.
  • MBA employees get a higher package compared to others.

Best Answer for Why MBA after Engineering

Every engineering graduate thinks the same, i.e. why should go for MBA after engineering. However, to maximize the career growth, for any professional to move further, the professional would need management skills. Students who opt MBA after engineering, they tend to develop their personality as well. As the curriculum of MBA focuses more on group discussions, projects, presentations, and industry visits.

  • Engineering + MBA is the best combination of skills and knowledge as per the corporate world. Engineers can hop a fast track in their careers with a managerial background.
  • MBA employees with engineering backgrounds can command higher pay and faster career growth.

Best Answer for Why MBA in Finance

Finance is the backbone of the industry. MBA in Finance enhances your knowledge about business skills and most importantly, you get a deeper knowledge about finance skills. Finance being the most popular specializations in MBA programs, one can enter into different industries like the corporate sector, banking, real estate business, investment services, etc. 

  • In this course, you will get practical experience in the finance industries. With practical experience, will make your life easy and convenient, before your employment phase.
  • As finance covers all the industries, there is a high chance of getting a handsome salary.
  • Moreover, it educates you about finance, the economy, leadership, statistics, and marketing. 

Best Answer for Why MBA in Interview

The Personal Interview round is quite difficult, according to maximum students. With the Personal Interview round, the committee tries to evaluate your interpersonal skills, communication skills, and the most important thing your attitude. But, to answer one of the most standard questions, i.e “Why MBA”, you should know the purpose of an MBA.

  • MBA is a must to get a general understanding of the business. An MBA can create a bigger picture as compared to others, which are capable of making sense in their own fields.
  •  Return on Investment (ROI) is great, as the MBA gets a higher package because they are equipped with the necessary skills required in a business.
  • MBA degree enables you to fit into a diverse culture. Indians and Asians with an MBA heading the top brands of the US, UK, or Canada.

Best Answer for Why MBA in HR

To answer the question, ”Why MBA in HR”, one must know what exactly an HR does. Human Resource (HR) plays a significant role in a company. The role of an HR is to recruit the right candidates for the company. Steps including an HR are: recruiting the suitable candidate to train and then performance appraisal, compensation, until exit interview. 

  • HRs are people expert, if you think you have that capability then go ahead.
  • HR needs to be creative and must have patience. These things are crucial for every HR.
  • Interaction of all the functional departments with HR departments. If you like interaction with many people, then you must opt for HR.

Best Answer for Why MBA in Marketing

These days the Marketing profession is at a peak. All you need is a creative and innovative mind, which helps you to take the next level in this field. Generally, people in marketing observes the habits of the consumer and then design the products according to their needs. This methodology helps in grabbing the attention of the consumers on a large scale. 

  • In comparison to other fields, marketing is much more interesting and is related to long-term opportunities. 
  • Marketing involves many things that we can mention only some of them such as social media, advertising, blogs, emails, branding, affiliate marketing and much more.
  • To be in the marketing profession, you have to be communicative, dedicated, fully devoted to the daily challenges you have.


1. What skills do you get from an MBA?

Skills you get from MBA are, Leadership, Teamwork, Problem-solving and analytical skills, Initiative, Adaptability to change, Interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Do I need an MBA to be a manager?

To be a manager you need to have better managerial skills. And on the other hand, MBA equips you with advanced business administration knowledge to compete in this competitive job market.

3. Is MBA difficult for average students?

Not at all. Even an average student can handle this course as subjects in MBA are not too hard. If you study well then definitely you can clear an MBA course.

4. Which MBA has the highest salary?

Financial Manager, Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology (IT) Director, Investment Bank Manager, Marketing Manager, and many more.

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