Importance of Value Education

Importance Of Value Education – 4 Things You Must Know

Value Education means teaching and learning of ideals. The aim is for students to understand moral values and show their good behavior and attitude towards society.

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In today’s world, there is crime increasing day by day instead of literacy rate. The benefits like patience, honesty, tolerance and sympathy are the extreme values for education. This will enhance your positive attitude instead of a negative attitude.

What is Value Education?

The meaning of Value Education is to teach universal values like moral values, patience, honesty, etc, to the students. The purpose of value education is the development of the personality of the student.

The children should develop in all dimensions so that they can serve the nation more democratic, cohesive, socially and responsibly.

  1. The full development of children’s personality in its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  2. Development of good manners and responsibility towards citizenship.
  3. The way of thinking and living should be developing at the democratic level.
  4. Developing patience, honesty, moral values etc. 

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Importance of Value Education in Life

Education is critical in the life of a person. This will give you success and a better future. The people who are educated can survive in the competitive world more precisely as compared to uneducated. Education gives you better living opportunities and good work.

Here is the list of importance of value education in life:

  1. Education in the life of a person makes the future better.
  2. Education act as a backbone in society.
  3. Education changes the perspective of a person.
  4. Education develops the moral values and patience.
  5. Education helps in understanding things better and more precisely.

Importance of Value Education in Schools

  1. Character development: The value education helps the students to develop the character. This improves the inner personality of the student. The mental level also improves by this.
  2. Personality development: The value education helps the student to develop the inner and external personality of the student. The physical, social and mental personality will emerge of the student.
  3. Citizenship education: This includes the social and behavioural aspects of the students towards citizenship. The ethical values develop towards citizenship of the student.

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Role And Purpose Of Value Education

The purpose of value education can be identifying in different aspects.

Various purpose of Value Education:

  1. To develop the child’s personality in all possible aspects.
  2. To develop good moral values in the children.
  3. To develop thinking in a better aspect and a democratic way of living.
  4. To develop good citizenship and standard of living and behavior of children.
  5. To develop tolerance and make a kind person to the children.

Methods of Teaching Value Education

There are different methodologies and teaching technology techniques for value education.

Different methods for teaching value education:

  1. Classroom learning activities methods: This method includes direct presentation, discussions, reading, listening etc., taught by the teachers.
  2. Practical activity method: This method includes the practical description of the strategies. This practical knowledge enhances the learning skills and lives life by doing practical by own self.
  3. Socialized techniques: This includes the learner involved in the practical activities and experiences which represent the functions and problems of agents in socialization.
  4. Incident learning method: This gives the study of an episode or experience in the life of an individual group.

Need Of Value Education In Today’s World

  1. Moral awareness: Moral awareness should enhance the progress in science and technology towards the latest trends.
  2. Shared values: This will enhance the traditional and social benefits of the person, which is essential for the nation to develop.
  3. Consciously plan value education: This will establish formal learning as sometimes teachers pass values both consciously and unconsciously. There should be the encouragement of only conscious values.
  4. Enhance thinking ability: The value education enhance your thinking ability and moral values. The mental and social thinking increases to enhance good value towards society.


What is Value education?

Ans. The value education means is of teaching and learning of ideals.

What is the value of education importance in schools?

Ans. This will develop students’ mental, physical and social values.

What are the teaching methods of the value of education?

Ans. Classroom learning activities methods, Practical activity methods, socialized techniques, and incident learning methods.

What is the purpose of value education?

Ans. To develop moral values, mental and social values, good manners, and personality of the people.

✅ What is the need of value education?

Ans. To enhance moral awareness, increase thinking ability shared values, and consciously plan value education.

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