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The aim of education is to cater to the purpose of the overall development of the child and create a personality that is equally balanced amongst the students. It shall always strive to develop all the areas of human intelligence so that the child could be cohesive, socially responsible, and culturally rich.

Value-education is a disperse try and in a movement during which youngsters are helped by grown-ups or more established individuals in schools, family homes, clubs, and strict and different associations, to make express those fundamental their own perspectives, to evaluate the adequacy of these values for their own and others long haul prosperity and to consider and procure different values which are progressively viable for long haul prosperity. Value-education is along these lines worried to make profound quality a living worry for students henceforth, what is required is value-education.

What is Value Education?

Value Education is a stimulated process through which we impart value-based education. The idea is about the educational procedure that ingrains moral guidelines to make progressively polite and majority rule social orders.

Values education along these lines advances resilience and comprehension well beyond our political, social, and strict contrasts, putting extraordinary accentuation on the barrier of human rights, the insurance of ethnic minorities and the most helpless gatherings, and the preservation of nature.

The objective is that kids in the future add to society through great citizenship and morals. Moral education and character education, morals, and theory-based training have endeavored to do comparable things. Such education should assume a significant job in making an understudy socially capable, socially rich, just and firm.

Importance of Value Education

Value education shall always play a very crucial role in the development of the child and our society as our values are moral guides. There shall always be more emphasis on the value of knowledge as it helps in molding and developing in the personality of an individual and has below-mentioned importance:

  • Assimilating this value through education will invigorate an individual’s physical, mental, enthusiastic prosperity. 
  • Value education helps in the most extreme advancement of a youngster’s character, perspectives, propensity, development, and so forth.

Value Education Essay

An essay is long descriptions that you write for a particular topic and in reference to the Education, there are many available on the internet but we have just created a short sample for you

“An existence without values education resembles transport without radar. Education without values or enlightenment will miss the mark concerning accomplishing its objective. Unimportant instructing, getting the hang of, improving information and aptitudes without building character and psyche may not add to the comprehensive advancement of youngsters, which is an absolute necessity for the world to improve as a spot. Despite the expanding proficiency rate and more individuals getting an education, the crime percentage is declining to descend. The ascent in violations, brutality, and other damaging exercises in the general public can be credited to poor teaching of values. It has been found in the ongoing fear based oppressor assaults in different pieces of the world, that the individuals who completed the assaults were instructed, people. What they needed was enlightenment. Had they been completely shown the values of human character, it is conceivable they would have shivered to consider executing such a large number of guiltless individuals. Education strategy producers need to lay more weight on education with much weight on conferring human values and enlightenment. This will have preferred outcomes over unimportant education. Once values become everybody’s need throughout everyday life, all the negative parts of life will consequently wane. The world desperately needs individuals with high values to make it a superior spot to live in.”

Types of Values

Values education along these lines advances resilience and comprehension well beyond our political, social and strict contrasts, putting extraordinary accentuation on the barrier of human rights, the insurance of ethnic minorities and the most helpless gatherings, and the preservation of nature and could be further classified into two types:

  • Terminal Values: The term refers to those values which are most desired by human beings and are of utmost importance to the self and are long term goals like happiness, harmonious excellence, etc.
  • Instrumental Values: The term refers to that value which is acceptable modes of conducting and are means of achieving the terminal values and includes traits like sincerity, honesty, personal ethics among others.

Need for Value Education

Value-based education is fundamental to build up an individual and help him/her deep-rooted from multiple points of view:

  1. It provides positive guidance to the understudies to shape their future and even causes them to know the motivation behind their life.
  2. It shows them the most ideal approach to life that can be helpful to people just like the individuals around them.
  3. Value education additionally encourages the understudies to turn out to be increasingly mindful and reasonable. 
  4. It encourages them to comprehend the viewpoint of life in a superior manner and have an effective existence as a capable resident. 
  5. It likewise encourages understudies to build up a solid relationship with loved ones. 
  6. It builds up the character and character of the understudies. 
  7. Value education builds up a positive perspective on life in the understudy’s brain.

Value Education and Lifeskills

The present-day world is completely outfitted with informatics, science, advances, PC dominances, and mechanical. For the blast of information, the people are compelled to fill in as component managing materials. Thus a more extensive hole is keeping up among the people in the general public between their life and their fulfillment.

It happens simply because of value less work on the life and value disintegration among them. Education alone can’t make them to live with harmony, amicable and palatable, in actuality, circumstances. In this manner the value education is the main source to give each one of those in the human lives and made them into better and betters others conscious.

There is an all-inclusive acknowledgment of the way that the essential capacity of education is the advancement of an inside and out and even character of the understudy.

Objective Of Value Education

Values are core values of life, which are conducive to one’s physical, social, and emotional well-being. The teaching of alluring values is felt important through education and for this reason educators, the educational establishments, and society, by and large, ought to be readied.

Principle target of value education is to incorporate the fundamental values relying on the destinations, they might be individual, social and national values for instance in India, Maharashtra State has received the accompanying values to be taught among the understudy through education.

Value Education in School

Value education in another word can be portrayed as character education or good education. It is an education where students take in value from teachers and execute them in the future to have a superior existence, the life of mankind where religion has no significance, what value most is your character.

Value education begins from home and it proceeds for the duration of life, however, value education in schools has a significant impact on a man’s life so it ought to be instructed in every single school to add values to the kids for their better tomorrow.

  1. Collaboration in posing inquiries to educators. 
  2. Shows obligation in doing schoolwork. 
  3. Increment ability to work autonomously. 
  4. Actualize their learning in their commonsense life. 
  5. Mindful in class. 
  6. Causes understudies to settle on their own choices. 
  7. Creates a sound brain in them.

Guideline for Value Education

The subject that empowers us to comprehend ‘what is important’ for human bliss is called value education. So as to meet all requirements for any seminar on value education, the accompanying rules for the substance of the course are significant: 

  1. Universal: It should be appropriate to all the individuals independent of the cast, statement of faith, nationalities, religion, and so on., for all occasions and districts.
  2. Rationale: It needs to speak to human thinking. It must be agreeable to thinking and not founded on authoritative opinions or visually impaired convictions.
  3. Natural and undeniable: It must be normally worthy to the individual who experiences the course and when we live based on such values it prompts our bliss. It should be experientially evident, and not founded on creeds, convictions, or suppositions.
  4. All enveloping: Value education is planned for changing our awareness and living. Subsequently, it needs to cover all the measurements (thought, conduct, work, and acknowledgment) and levels (singular, family, society, nature, and presence) of human life and calling.
  5. Leading to amicability: The value education, at last, is focused to advance concordance inside the person, among individuals, and with nature.

Components of Value Education

Value education in another word can be portrayed as character education or good education. Following are some of the important components of value education:

1. Character Education:

Character or moral education is a very important component of value education. It helps an individual to become well mannered, well-behaved, and socially acceptable well beings.

2. Health Education:

This type of education is designed for individuals to gain knowledge and skills to maintain one’s or another person’s health.

3. Environmental Education:

This education enables individuals to explore environmental issues and take essential measures to solve them. It helps them to take responsible decisions to maintain environmental quality.

Human Rights and Value Education

Human Rights Education (HRE) is discovering that builds up the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and VALUES of human rights with the expansive objective of building a general human rights culture. As such, understudies ought to know about the issues, worried by the issues, and equipped for defending human rights.

Human rights education will move understudies from understanding human rights ideas to analyzing their encounters from a human rights point of view and fusing these ideas into their own values and dynamic procedures.


✅ Why is value education important?

Ans. Value education also helps the students to become more and more responsible and sensible. It helps them to understand the perspective of life in a better way and lead a successful life as a responsible citizen. It also helps students to develop a strong relationship with family and friends.

✅ Why is value education important in schools?

Ans. A school is a place where children spent most of the time and they get to learn many positive values in life. Value-based education shape their future and add purpose to their life

✅ What are the main objectives of value education?

Ans. Main objective of value education is to include the essential values depending upon the objectives, they may be individual, social and national values for example in India, Maharashtra State has adopted the following values to be inculcated among the student through education

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