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The most sought after school since the past few years to date for graduate and postgraduate studies is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The technological advancement of the projects carried out with unmatched expertise in the Institute is acing the whole world today. Every student’s dream destination is undeniably MIT.

Recently, a soft robot under a thin, flexible skin has been designed by the esteemed researchers of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). The lab is a merger of Computer Science (CS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The robot is built with sensors to detect its motion and position. The team aspires to enable limbs as a future course of the plan.

MIT has been ranked as No.1 Institute in 11 disciplines and positions itself prestigiously among the top 10 Universities in various other disciplines. Admission to this school is extensively competitive. Candidates from all over the world yearn to study and learn here. MIT is known not only as a profound technical education system but also for its liberal education. The exceptional facilities in the school include CSAIL, MIT Media Lab, Mechanical Engineering, Lincoln Laboratory, and Economics.

How to apply for graduate studies?

MIT has always been warmly welcoming International students and accommodates them adequately. MIT recommends International students to visit links like to understand how to apply to several American Universities, MIT included.

The final year of your schooling (17-19 years of age) is the period when you can apply for your next level of academics. You shall be required to submit mark sheets and grades of your lower classes.

MIT prefers to intake students who have studied English at least for four years, mathematics (calculus level), and a minimum of two years of History or Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Studying them increases your chance of admission to MIT.

Students need to attend a set of tests like the SAT or ACT, along with two subject tests in SAT (one in Math and one in Physics/Chemistry/Biology). Students who are not speaking English at home or whose medium of instruction is not English at school and who have been speaking English for less than five years in their life are recommended to take up TOEFL.

IELTS is not accepted for graduate studies. Two subject tests in SAT (one in Math and one in Physics/Chemistry/Biology) is also required along with TOEFL. There are no minimum score requirements for SAT/ACT, but TOEFL scores expect a least composite score of 90. Scores of all exams need to be reported to the University officially by ETS (the organization conducting TOEFL, GRE, etc.).

How to apply for postgraduate Studies?

The procedure is the same for domestic and international students who have to hold a professional degree in a particular field and plan to extend their specialization in specific areas.

The only other requirement demanded from prospective International students is an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). IELTS score is given more preference, and individual departments determine the core eligibility criterion.

A minimum score of 90 is expected in TOEFL; few departments require higher scores. If the student’s first language is not English, students are supposed to attend another test in addition to IELTS or TOEFL – the EET (English Evaluation Test).

This is to evaluate how well or how poor is the student’s English knowledge and recommend English classes if necessary. Students who have been educated in the US for four or more years are granted a waiver to this.

Applications and Deadlines

Online applications are to be submitted for further proceedings. Graduate applications can be found in the link It is called ‘GradApply.’ Applications are available for two months in downloadable or applying formats from September and given time for submission till December or January. The University Council takes three months to review all applications in detail and announce results by April 15.

Financial Aid

MIT offers very minimal financial aid, and students are suggested to outsource their funds or scholarships. Students of graduate studies who perform doctoral research are eligible for waivers and stipends, but it depends greatly on the program of study. You will be required to submit proof of your financial status to support your course of education.  

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