As far as the main things are concerned, you need to choose a doctor to oversee the health of your little’s ones before their arrival. A medical doctor who takes of children from birth to the age of 18 is called a Pediatrician. They look after one’s mental, behavioral, and physical abilities. A broad range of childhood illnesses, from small to big break problems, am are treated and diagnosed by a pediatrician. 


Pediatricians Meaning

Pediatricians are graduates from renowned medical institutes and have completed a course in pediatrics, which has a period of three years. Many expert pediatricians have passed several exams held by the American Board of Pediatrics before getting certification. Regular continuing educations at required to remain certified.

What does a Pediatrician do?

Pediatricians check your child many times after birth, which continues at a regular interval to the child attain the age of 2. After attaining the age of 2, the child is taken to the pediatrician for normal checkups till the age of 5. After that, you may take your child to your pediatrician during some small health problems. Infract, it is the pediatricians that you might seek help to when your child is sick.

Below are given some tasks of the pediatricians: 

  • If your pediatrician thinks that your child needs special help, they suggest you, specialists.
  • They carry out physical exams.
  • Those are the ones to answer everything about your child’s mental, physical, and behavioral growth and development.
  • They give vaccinations to your child.
  • They help you and suggest you regarding your child’s needs such as nutrition, fitness, health, and safety. 
  • That ensures that your child shows mental, physical, and behavioral growth and development
  • Your child’s illness, infections, injuries, and other health problems are treated and diagnosed by pedestrians.

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Why Pediatrician?

When you go to deliver, most hospitals ask whether you have a pediatrician or not. Either your chosen pediatrician or the hospital pediatrician first examine your baby. It depends on two factors, first, hospital’s policy and second, if the doctor, who delivered your baby wants to. After checking, the hospital sends you a report card type about the baby examination, if it was a hospital pediatrician. 

After you leave the hospital, your baby will be checked from 48 hours to 72 hours by the pediatrician and will continue with its regular checkups.

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A pediatrician is a specially trained doctor for your child. They look after infants, small children, and adolescents. They are the ones who look after all the issues which your child faces. It is recommendable to visit a pediatrician once every year for your child. A pediatrician looks after several issues that parents of young children might be facing and tries to cure them.

There is an immense need for these doctors today because child care is of much importance these days. If you are a parent, you want your kids to be fit and healthy, and if they are not, you immediately consult a doctor. If you are looking for a specialist for your child, then a pediatrician is your answer. 

Their purpose is to make your child healthy. I also remember my story when, as a young child, my parents used to take me to a pediatrician because I used to get a repeated fever. They do not offer very heavy medicines as children are delicate; their course is mild depending upon the problem.

A pediatrician is the one who treats infants, children, and young teens. The job of a pediatrician is not easy because they look at the overall health of your child. Also, as it is known, a child in his/her growing years goes through many changes, be it physical or mental, which is why they have to be properly dealt with.

They often diagnose the medical conditions in the children, and likewise, parents can look for a specialist. A pediatrician could be merely a physician who does a normal routine checkup of your child and identify any major problem your child must be facing regarding their health.

Who is a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is someone who performs a diverse range of health-related services. There are also different kinds of pediatricians who are specialized in treating certain conditions ( medical) like:

  • Adolescent medicine specialist – looks after adolescent who lies between the age of 11 to 21 years.
  • Critical care pediatricians- these are professionals who treat children in unstable health conditions.
  • Child abuse pediatricians – who deal with children who have encountered any abuse or ignorance.
  • Pediatric oncologists – they diagnose and treat cancer in children.

There are many more specialists who have different streams than these and are working towards bettering the health of children.

How to become a pediatrician?

Step 1

The students who have/had science in +2 ( physics, chemistry & biology) can appear for the medical entrance test conducted by state and various independent bodies.

Step 2

The next step is acquiring a degree i.e., MBBS, and after that, doing MD ( pediatrics), which is also mandatory.

Step 3

Then the final step is registration with the medical council of India. After which the doctor can take a different career path.

So for becoming a pediatrician, you have to complete your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. In our country India many universities offer courses in pediatrics. Which is MBBS+MD to pursue your career in this field? Apart from this, you can also do several specializations in the field of pediatrics.

Thus education for a pediatrician has the given aspects. Doing +2 with science than entering a medical school to acquire a medical degree and finally get yourself licensed as a pediatrician. 

However, the cost structure may be a little high for some, but if you aspire to be in this field, there are several options.

A pediatrician is a child specialist who looks after the health of your children. They perform various tasks when it comes to healthcare. 

Which are:

  • Consulting with patients
  • Reviewing medical histories of patients
  • Ordering diagnostic tests when needed
  • Recommending treatment

Since pediatricians indulge in various roles, here is the description of the duties of a general pediatrician. A general pediatrician looks after the health of your child and suggests solutions for any problem. The job description of a general pediatrician include the following:

  • Job role – General Pediatrician
  • Education – Pediatrics residency
  • License – License is needed from the medical council
  • Job duties:
    • Examine a patient
    • Suggest any tests if needed
    • Create a plan for treatment
    • Looking at medical histories

The job of a pediatrician is idle for those who like children.

How much money does a pediatrician make?

Pediatricians make a lot of money since parents are very conscious of their child’s well-being and are willing to offer a good amount of money. They specialize in different fields and get paid accordingly.

So a pediatrician makes a lot of money both in government as well as private settings. They open their dispensary as well to earn money since they are certified. Hence it is one of the most prominent careers in India.

In India, for beginners, the average salary is 7 to 8 lakhs. The starting salary depends upon the qualification and experience of the candidate. While those at the senior level for them, the average salary is 11 to 12 lakhs.

Apart from this, the specialist can also set up their child care center.

The scope of the pediatrician is wide. It is one of the branches of medicine in which health-related issues are addressed. If you choose this field as your career, you will have different options to grow. Multiple hospitals are existent and are developing. So the need for pediatricians is growing. Also, parents are becoming aware of their children’s health and adopting a healthy mindset of consulting child specialists. 

Apart from these jobs could also be found in:

  • Medical colleges
  • Research institutes
  • Clinics
  • Medical centers
  • Research laboratories.

It is a well-respected job in society. 

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✅ What does a pediatrician do?

A pediatrician is Doctors of Children so their job is to treat the children and take off their Health including physical, behavior, and mental health issues.

✅ What ages do pediatricians treat?

Pediatricians treat patients until they are between 18 and 21 years old

✅ What does it take to be a pediatrician?

Pediatricians typically need a bachelor’s degree, a degree from a medical school, which takes 4 years to complete, and, 3 to 7 years in internship and residency programs

✅ What is the average salary of a pediatrician?

The average salary of a pediatrician is 7 to 8 lakh if you are a beginner and 11 to 12 lakh if you are at senior level and have much more experience in pediatrics.

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