Distance Education

Distance education is a very innovative way of learning. In this fast-moving world, many people might have problems with going to a school or college or being physically present. That’s when distance education comes into play.

With the rapid growth of technology, the old fashion of correspondence courses where the students corresponded through the post as a part of education is changing. And now it’s the age of online education. Students with the use of the world wide web or other network technologies can easily learn and get the same experience as going to an educational institution.


Distance learning has many synonyms like e-learning m-learning, online, learning, virtual classroom, etc. The best part about distance learning is that it is very convenient and efficient. Distance learning might be the new way everyone can get educated with the help of the rapidly growing technology.

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Advantages of Distance learning

  • Save Money: Distance learning is very effective in saving money. No amount of money is wasted on transportation or food from outside. The classroom wherever the student wants.
  • Comfort: Distance learning is a way of learning where you can relax and learn comfortably with no kind of disturbance.
  • Study whenever and wherever you want: A student can learn wherever she/he wishes. There is no pressure like what the students face in schools and colleges.
  • Learn at your own pace: Many may take a lot a lot of time to grasp and learn things. They may either be very fast or slow when it comes to learning. But distance education allows them to take all the time in the world and learn however they want.
  • Can do a job along with work: A big advantage of distance learning is that people can pursue their dream as well as learn without any headache. It comes as a dream come true. It helps you to earn and study too.
  • It comes in advantage for the differently-abled ones: It helps those people who have any kind of physical or mental disadvantages. It doesn’t make them feel alienated or face any problems regarding transportation.

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Annamalai UniversityAnna University offers M.Sc in Computer Science – Free/Open Source Software. It is a degree-oriented program of a leading Indian technological university focused sharply on Free/Open Source Software (FOSS)
Jadavpur University Offers M.A in Sustainable Development
Indian Institute of ScienceAll IITs offer online courses through their websites or through technology partners.
Indian Institute of Technology All IITs offer online courses through their websites or through technology partners.
IIM KozhikodeOffers management education through HughesNet Global Education satellite broadband infrastructure
Madras UniversityOffers BBA and M.Sc in Information Technology, Geoinformatics, Sustainability and Natural Resource Management, Geoinformatics and Ur
Bharathiar UniversityOffers an MBA in
-Business Administration
-Marketing Management
-Financial Management
-Human Business
-Telecom Management
-Media and Advertising Management
-Health Care and Advertising Management
-Pharmaceutical Management
-Manufacturing Management
-International Business
-Tourism and Hotel Management
-Retail Management
-Entrepreneurship Management.
Maharishi Dayanand UniversityOffers UG and PG programs in Management and Information Technology.
Mahatma Gandhi UniversityOffers MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA, B.Sc(IT), M.Sc(IT), Animation, Hotel Management, Tourism, Biotechnology, and other professional courses
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