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Given the course credits and the presentation of the understudies every semester, the SPI is determined, which is later changed over to popularly known as CGPA, which is an abbreviation for Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Aside from the couple of colleges which execute the An O evaluating frameworks or 9-pointer grading system, there is additionally an impressive number of Indian establishments that follow the 10-pointer arrangement of determining the performance of the students. This system additionally differs in various colleges, especially engineering colleges. 

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Reviewing the framework of universities is different, starting with one college then onto the next, and that makes it all a perplexing procedure. Moreover, the different terms used to characterize the reviewing framework and the trouble people face when applying to Universities that are abroad.

Persuading remote colleges of the evaluating framework followed by Indian foundations additionally goes about as an obstacle for most students in the procedure of taking admission. Hence using this article, we are here to guide you about the language which shapes a basic piece of the reviewing frameworks and what is the methods of changing SPI to percentage.

In every single significant college all across the world inclusive of India, the scholarly year is further divided into two semesters or a solitary yearly academic year in which, except in the duration of vacation months, the classes occur during the time.

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Before we depict the transformation procedure of determining percentage through SPI, one needs to get a knowledge of the terms such as CGPA and SGPA to comprehend the components utilized to change over the terms. Curtailed as or Cumulative Grade Point Average or CGPA, this refers to the average scores obtained by the students in all the semesters of the degree program.

As of now, the marks scored by the students can be straightforwardly changed over into evaluations and rate according to the systems by which the college functions. Additionally named as Semester Cumulative Grade Point Average, the Semester Percentage Index is the per semester based variant of the CGPA.

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With the presentation of a decision-based credit framework, SPI joins credits into the calculations. Contingent upon this, the marks are then determined based on a per-semester basis. Subsequently, SPI is the average weighted grade scored over all the subjects all through the length of the course. SPI is calculated in every semester. To convert SPI to percentage, the equation for ascertaining SPI or SGPA must be comprehended. Given underneath is the general equation for figuring:

SPI to Percentage Converter

There are various calculators online that provide you with the results if you want to convert SPI into a percentage without getting it all the calculations. Most such calculators are free of cost and give the final result without showing the formulae or the calculations. Such tools can be very time efficient as well as it can be a lengthy procedure to take convert all the SPI into percentage manually.

% = (( SPI \ CPI \ CGPA) – 0.5) * 10

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How is SPI percentage calculated?

Ans. The formula for SPI to Percentage is % = (( SPI \ CPI \ CGPA) – 0.5) * 10
If the student’s course is for 2 years then the degree shall be based on CPI, which consists of all the 4 semesters performance.

What is SPI and CPI results?

Ans. SPI stands for Schedule Performance Index and CPI stands for
Cost Performance Index. CPI is measures of the cost-efficiency of the project. It is calculated in the ratio of earned value to the actual value. While SPI is measures of the schedule efficiency of the project. It is calculated in the ratio of earned value to planned value.


Ans. CPI is considered as the average SPI of all the semesters. CGPA is the average of SPI of the last 4 semesters. It depends on the company that they want, CGPA, or CPI.

How do you convert CPI to percentage?

Ans. For converting CPI to percentage you just need to multiply CPI with 10. (Percentage= CPI*10)

How is CPI marks calculated?

Ans. CPI marks are calculated as the sum of SPIs/number of semister. CPI = SPIs (SEM 1+SEM2+SEM3+SEM4+SEM5+SEM6+SEM7+SEM8)/8.

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