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Bachelor of Commerce in Computers Application or B.Com Computer Application is a 3-year undergraduate program that combines the study of both computer technology and commerce. It enables the students to apply computer technology in the field of commerce.

More specifically, applying technologies for better growth of the economic system. It qualifies the students both in the IT and commerce sectors. Students after finishing this can go for MBA, MCA, M.Com, ACCA, MIB, and so on. The most common subjects include Accounting, Programming Languages, Company Law, and E-commerce.

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B.Com Computer Application

B.Com Computer Application is also the application of computer technology to the field of commerce. It is basically a 3-year course with 6 semesters. The curriculum comprises of Business Organization, E-Commerce, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Fundamentals of Computers, Business Accounting Software, Internet and Web Designing, Banking Theory, Banking Law, and Banking Practice, essentially.

B.Com Computer Application Subjects List (All Semester)

Semester I

  • Language I
  • Language II
  • Principles of Accountancy
  • Principles of Management
  • Company Law
  • HTML and Javascript

Semester II

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Managerial Economics
  • E-Commerce
  • Income tax law and Practice
  • Computer Application Practical I

Semester III

  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing Management
  • Executive Business Communication
  • Technical Writing
  • Banking Theory Law and Practice
  • Database Management System

Semester IV

  • Industrial Law
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Management Information System
  • Corporate Accounting I
  • Computer Application Practical II

Semester V

  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • C ++
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Mathematics

Semester VI

  • Computer Information System
  • OOPS with C++
  • Java Programming
  • Internet and Web designing
  • Software Development and Visual Basic.

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B.Com Computer Application Subjects

Here is the list of Computer Application Subjects:

  1. Language study 1
  2. Language study 2
  3. Accounting Principles
  4. Introduction to Information Technology
  5. Practical: Computer Application 1
  6. Principles of Financial Accounting
  7. Marketing Management
  8. Database Management System
  9. C++
  10. Practical: Computer Application 2
  11. Cost Accounting and Management
  12. Business Statistics
  13. Business Management
  14. Software Development and Visual Basic
  15. Practical: Computer Application 3

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Core Subjects in B.Com Computer Application

Principles of Accounting

  1. It includes basic accounting principles such as cost principles, matching principles, full disclosure, materiality, going concern principles, economic entry, and so on.
  2. It provides proper guidance for the accountants for the preparation of financial statements.
  3. It is also known as GAAP- Generally Accepted Accounting Principle.

Corporate Law

  1. It is also known as Business Law/ Enterprise Law/ Company Law.
  2. It comprises of the law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of company, organization or even individual persons.
  3. Corporate law focuses mainly on the funding, governance, and death of a corporation.


  1. The students have to study 2 languages.
  2. The one language which every student has to take compulsorily is English.
  3. The other language can be selected from their choice.

Javascript and HTML

  1. Javascript is a programming language for HTML and Web.
  2. Also known as JS.
  3. It is a high-level programming language, used mainly for the manipulation of objects in HTML.
  4. HTML( HyperText Markup Language) is used for the designing of documents in a format, that it can be displayed in the browser.


  1. It is a general-purpose programming language.
  2. It is a high-level language.
  3. It is an extension of C, and an object-oriented language.


  1. It involves the strategic planning, system analysis of programming, database and network which is essential for e-commerce.
  2. It includes concepts related to both technology and online business.


  1. It is also known as the mathematical body of Science, which is applicable to the collection of examination, elucidation, and presentation of data.
  2. It is a distinct mathematical science.

Web designing

  1. This subject teaches the students how to create, develop a website and enables them to perform operations on the graphics, designs, and images on the websites.

Business Statistics

  1. The statistics used in a business is known as Business Statistics.
  2. It includes budgeting, tax preparations, proposals and data mining.
  3. It focuses on the statistical techniques that are used to make decisions about the business enterprise.

Marketing management

  1. It deals with the phenomena, extent, and position or the part of the marketing.
  2. It concentrates on the economic growth and the decent living of people.
  3. It mostly includes marketing research, selling, product planning, development, and so on.

Cost Accounting

  1. It is an approach to accounting which deals with the costs, budgets, and benefits of types of products and services.
  2. It is about documenting and posting measurements such as the cost of manufacturing products and performing services in a well-explained manner.

Financial Accounting

  1. It is a branch of accounting.
  2. It deals with the concepts of a company’s transactions.


  1. It inspects the company’s financial reports and checks whether they are correct according to the rules.
  2. It ensures that the rules are properly maintained.

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Elective Subjects in B.Com Computer Application

Environmental Studies

  1. This course tells about the relationship between the environment with the people.
  2. It is an interdisciplinary subject.
  3. It is mainly based on the aspects of environmental problems.

General English

  1. The main aim of this course is to train the students for fluent learning, writing, listening, and speaking of English.
  2. It improves grammatical accuracy along with the proper vocabulary and pronunciation.

Gender Sensitisation

  • It is also known as Gender sensitivity.
  • Its aim is to educate students about equality concerns.
  • It focuses on how one’s perspective should be on the same and the other gender.

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What are the subjects in B.Com Computers?

Ans. The subjects in B.Com Computer Application are Language study 1, Language study 2, Accounting Principles, Introduction to Information Technology, Principles of Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Database Management System, C++, Cost Accounting and Management, Business Statistics, Business Management, Software Development and Visual Basic.

What is B.Com Computer Science?

Ans. B.Com Computer Science is the combination of both Computer and Commerce courses, more specifically, applying technologies for better growth of the economic system.

What are the subjects in B.Com 1st year?

Ans.There are 6 Subjects in B.Com 1st year. The subjects are:
1. English
2. Environmental Studies
3. Financial Accounting –I
4. Second Language
5. Information Technology
6. Business Economics & Business Organization

What is the use of B.Com Computer Application?

Ans. B.Com. in Computer Applications is a 3- year course intended to give advanced learning to students. This program particularly involves the application of software technology for professional requirements. It enables the students to apply computer technology in the field of commerce.

How many subjects are there in B.Com computers?

Ans. Their are a total of 15 subjects in B.com Computer.


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