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Top Career Options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Mon, December 16, 2019 11:39 AM   Updated on Mon, September 21, 2020 10:50 AM   9 mins read

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The end of high school leads students to an open end. There are a plethora of career options to choose from but one should know what they want. The most common career choice after completing 12th with science subjects is Engineering and MBBS but, there are tons of other options that students may be unaware of. Students must be aware of all the courses and options so that they can make a sound decision.

Some of the many career options and courses are discussed below

Career Options After 12th Science Other Than engineering


The nurse takes care after patients and looks after their needs. To become a nurse practitioner, one must have the required degree, and at least one year of practice.


Biotechnology has become a very popular choice for youth. It is a study and research on the latest technologies in the field of biology.


Psychology is an interesting career option that can be chosen by students from any stream. It may be helpful if they have studied it in the 11th and 12th too but that is not necessary. There are clinical psychology, child psychology, etcetera many other options that can be pursued.

Fashion and Design Technology

Fashion and design are very popular among the youth these days. Interior designing, fashioning designing etcetera are some of the career options that can be pursued.


It is a branch of study that deals with the study of the animal kingdom.


Horticulture is the science and art of cultivating gardens and maintaining them.

Food technology

Food technology is a branch of study that deals with the production, preservation, technique’s etcetera related to food. 


Students interested in becoming a pharmacist or having a career related to the pharmacy can start by pursuing B.Pharma.


Dentistry is a branch that deals with the study related to oral health and hygiene. It is also one of the most commonly sought after branches of study.

Nutrition and dietetics

Individuals can study the nutritional value of food and have a future as a nutritionist or dietician and manage the health of other people.


Ayurveda has been practiced in India since times unknown and has even started gaining popularity abroad.


Botany is an increasingly popular course which deals with the study of the plant kingdom and research related to plants.


Biochemistry essentially is the name given to the branch of study that deals with the study of biological processes’ chemical applications. It is the study of chemical processes occurring inside human/animal bodies.


Microbiology is the study of microorganisms is about the fundamentals of how cells work.

Home Science

As the name suggests, it is both the art and the science of home that deals with the individual, his/her family, and resources. It is the management of family and home and ways to manage resources skillfully.

Veterinary Science

Veterinary sciences deal with the health and wellbeing of animals.

Dairy Technology

It is a stream of science dealing with the learning and research of milk and milk-related products. They are food scientists who specialize in dairy products.

Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical science is a combination of genetics, medicine, pharmacy, and many other such branches which can lead to a career in the field of pharmacy.

Air hostess

It has become a very common career choice and can be achieved by undergoing air hostess training.

Hospitality Courses

This sector has a myriad of job opportunities. One of the most popular courses under this is the Hotel Management course.

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Career Options After 12th PCM Science Other Than Engineering

Journalism and Mass communication

Many students have the aspirations to have their voices heard by the public. Journalism and mass communication is thus an opt-in choice for youngsters who have such aspirations.

Photography, filmmaking, and animation

Photography is a form of art. Film making and animation is a learning process which requires a combination of imagination and how to bring that to practicality.


Students who want to become lawyers can study law from some of the top institutes of India. It is generally followed by an internship.

Architecture and Planning

The architectural design of a building and it’s planning to require precision and is an important field of study.


These two are vast subjects. A bachelor’s degree can be pursued in the desired subject and interested ones can do research too.

Mathematics or Statistics

Mathematics and statistics are some of the most interesting subjects and new researches is always at work. It teaches pure mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Commercial Pilot

Admission in flying school is required to complete a B.Sc. in aviation. Then, students receive training and license later.


National Defence Academy is the best in India offering defense learning. There are many ways to get into the military, one of them being through NDA.

Merchant Navy and related

Maritime courses are very lucrative and sought after by youngsters. There are many courses such as Marine Engineering, Nautical Science etcetera.


One of the most interesting and constantly developing courses are in the computer sector. A lot of courses such as coding, ethical hacking can be learned.

IT and Software

The software sector deals with the development of new software and IT section is for dealing with data related to computers.

Education and Teaching

Some people have a passion for teaching and bringing a change in the education sector. The education and teaching sector is for such aspiring students.

Tourism and Travel

It is a rapidly growing sector which helps people in tourist assistance, travel management etcetera.

Management Studies

Event management, brand management are some of the different management studies that can be pursued. Students interested in an MBA can also do this.


In today’s India, economics is becoming an important course of study. A passionate economist can really change the game of the whole economy.

Social Work

Social workers help people in need whether it is due to substance abuse, mental illness or any other thing.

Textile Designing

Textile designing is a vast course that deals with textile processes and also trains candidates to create their own designs and patterns. It is a very unique and interesting course.

Web development and design

These courses are currently in a lot of demand. Being able to develop new websites and designing them for optimum use is a talent worth a lot of money.

English or other language courses

Someone really passionate about literature and language can pursue English. Learning foreign languages is very common in this generation and interested ones can get a degree in that too.

Performing Arts

Acting, dancing, singing etcetera are the dreams of many youngsters these days. These talents can be professionally enhanced by doing courses in the interested area.

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Courses After 12th For Science Other Than Engineering And MBBS


Those who want to pursue dentistry go for Bachelor in Dental Surgery.

B.Sc. in Physics/Chemistry

Physics and chemistry are interesting subjects and these courses pursue them more in-depth.

B.Sc. in Computer

The computer is a very common course of study and also provides a promising career.

B.Sc. in Biology/Biotechnology/Microbiology

It is all about studying biology in detail and learning new technologies.

B.Math or B.Stat

Pursuing mathematics or statistics and learning its applications is very interesting and useful.


Bachelor of Computer Applications is a very good course for students interested in learning many different programming languages and much more.

B.Arch / B.Plan

Planning and designing a building or other structures can be studied in these courses and India has some very good institutes offering these.


Designing is among the top favorite career choice for students having creative juices flowing all the time.

BA in History

History is a vast and interesting subject and it is the best course for all history geeks who want to know it all.


A career in education and teaching is followed by passionate students. 


It deals with the study of visual and performing arts.


Science students can even follow a career in commerce by completing this course.


Bachelor of Business Administration is generally preferred by students willing to pursue an MBA.


The aspiring lawyer has to get this degree. Some colleges even offer Integrated LLB.

BA / B.Sc. Economics

It is for candidates interested in studying economics and making a career out of it.


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy gives a degree to practice occupational therapy and help ill, injured, disabled people to recover or learn day to day activities.

BA English

Literature geeks generally go for this course and study the different eras of English in detail.

Diploma in Nursing

The aspiring nurses can complete this degree to become a professional practitioner.

Diploma in Web Designing

Web designing is in a lot of demand and completing a course in it definitely gives a good edge to students.

Diploma in Drawing and Painting

Candidates willing to become professional artists and pursue drawing and painting as a career can study this.

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Can science students pursue humanity related subjects?

Ans. Yes, science students can definitely follow humanity related subjects. Some colleges may require prior knowledge and 11th and 12th marks in that subject. To apply to colleges that require those.

What is the best Bachelor option if my final goal is UPSC?

Ans. Although UPSC can be given after having a bachelor’s degree in anything, it is preferable to have a BA in one of the subjects that you are going to select for the exam. This will give an edge to the further preparation process and make it easier.

What are future career options after completion of bachelor apart from a job?

Ans. Students can pursue a Master’s in the same subject and can even have a Ph.D. later. MBA, UPSC are a few of the other available options.

What are the integrated courses?

Ans. Integrated courses are courses that provide Bachelor as well as Master’s degrees together. Its course duration is also shorter than a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree pursued separately.

Can science students pursue commerce related subjects?

Ans. If the college you are applying to does not ask for previous marks in commerce related subjects then yes. Most colleges don’t ask for that.

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