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Fresher’s Resume Format

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Mon, February 24, 2020 12:33 PM   Updated on Wed, June 3, 2020 9:33 PM   5 mins read

The onset of development in the job market has created a tough competition among young graduates. Hence creating a perfect resume is challenging as well as essential. A resume is something that gives a concise about qualifications, academics background, and achievements of yourself, and it is the first interaction with the interviewer, so it should be crisp and must highlight skills, strengths and therefore attract the recruiter’s attention.

Fresher’s resume format should be designed in such a way that it not only looks attractive but also provide a brief knowledge about that person. Though everyone’s resume may differ because of their subject, qualification, achievements, nut basic format must be maintained by all.

As Fresher’s resume format doesn’t have job qualifications, so the educational details, courses studied, year of passing, qualifications should be given prominently. Thus a key to a successful interview is always a well-presented resume or CV.

The list below are essential features necessary while creating a fresher’s resume:

  1. Introduction: Fresher’s resume format should always begin with their complete name, contact number, email address, passport size picture, and necessary contact details. The first portion of the resume should always give clear information that should be precise and informative.
  2. Educational Details: Since fresher’s resume format lacks work experience, so educational details should be given very appropriately, all the information must be well provided like name of college/university, grades/CGPA, certificates, etc. details of school college, subject studied, qualifying arenas and qualifying years should be properly mentioned as it helps the recruiters in choosing best out of all.
  3. Relevant Skills: Technical skills, if any should be mentioned as it acts as a merit, main objective or goal in life should be mentioned, as it is very important because that generally catches recruiter’s eyes, how well planned, sincere you are, and this gives a better look to your resume/CV.
  4. Interest and Hobbies: Fresher’s resume format must always contain its interests, hobbies, details about co-curricular activities, awards, achievements in distinctive fields, various language is known, and key skills. It enhances the outlook of the resume. 
  5. Personal Information: Another important criterion is personal, details, like marital status, date of birth, etc. Should be clearly mentioned. It simply makes the resume very informative. It should be mentioned at the end of the resume.

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Do’s and Don’t For Fresher’s Resume Format

The first impression always leaves behind a mark, so a fresher’s resume format should be designed in such a way that every word makes it worth reading. So few dos and don’ts must be kept in mind before creating a masterpiece resume.


  1. Choose relevant and catchy font 
  2. Set appropriate margins
  3. Heading should be prominently visible and written in bold letters.
  4. Maintain page limit i.e., one or two pages.
  5. Maintain paragraphs
  6. Indicate interests/hobbies in a bullet form.
  7. Include soft skills.
  8. Check spellings and grammatical errors.
  9. Highlight relevant skills and information.
  10. Provide relevant and true details.


  • Don’t over exaggerate anything.
  • No confidential details must be provided.
  • Don’t include basic or general skills.
  • Don’t include unrelated hobbies/interests.
  • Objective statements shouldn’t be used.
  • Don’t lie regarding anything.

Thus these are few steps that will help fresher’s to create a perfect and impressive resume, but Drafting a resume is not the end; fresher should be well versed with it as well because the interview will be based on the information provided. Hence a fresher’s resume format must present a good image and throw a good light on his personality and abilities. 

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Which resume format is best for freshers?

Ans. For a fresher, the best resume format is a functional resume format. It is more emphasized on your skills and ability. Those who have work experience can try the chronological resume format.

How should a fresher resume look like?

Ans. Things you should take care in a freshers resume:
Your education qualification should be mentioned with work experience, skills, and interest. You can Mention about the extracurricular activities also.

What is difference between CV and resume?

Ans. Your CV or Curriculum Vitae is a summary of your skills, experience, and qualifications. The term comes from Latin and translates as “the course of your life.” A good CV aims to give any potential employers a summary of your knowledge, experience, and qualifications.
A resume is a marketing document, a “commercial.” And you are the “product.” A resume sums up your strengths, dreams, and skills, all wrapped up in a compelling message of VALUE. The reason you are creating a resume is to demonstrate your value to the specific employer by demonstrating how you brought that value to your previous employers.

What is the best format for a resume?

Ans. Chronological resume is the best format for Resume. It is used by most of the in commerce as it follows your work history section, followed by your earlier experiences in chronological order.

What should be the experience in resume for freshers?

Ans. In resume for freshers in the experience part, you can mention educational details, college coursework, project details, achievements, leadership activities, and related skills. In the end, you can mention your work experience (if any).

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