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GMAT Sample Papers 2022 – Question paper format, online papers

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Thu, December 23, 2021 10:39 AM   Updated on Tue, August 23, 2022 10:10 AM   12 mins read
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Students who either want to join a finance-related program or seek an MBA sit for the GMAT. The test is used for admission to many management programs all around the world. As per GMAT applicants, GMAT sample papers are perhaps the most useful preparation tool.

The first step in GMAT prep is to take a diagnostic exam to assess the candidate’s strengths and shortcomings. After that, students will practice multiple GMAT sample papers in quantitative, Verbal, IR, & AWA.

Candidates can improve their critical thinking, reading comprehension, and sentence completion portions by using GMAT verbal mock test. Candidates can use the GMAT quant mock test to improve their arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and other mathematical topics. Daily practice with GMAT sample papers can also help you enhance your IR & AWA.

GMAT Question Paper PDF

The goal of practising with GMAT Sample papers is to see how well you can answer each one of the 5 categories of GMAT test questions: problem-solving, reading comprehension, sentence correction, critical reasoning, and data sufficiency.

This practise test will assist you in becoming acquainted with the kind of problems or questions that will be given on the final exam day.

Sample paper PDF

GMAT Question Paper Format

The GMAT test is divided into 4 parts, each with its time limit. Single essay makes up the Analytical Writing portion. The IR section has numerous response styles for graphical & data analysis problems. The Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning portions comprise MCQs.

The Gmat Exam’s Verbal & Quantitative portions are computer-adaptive, meaning the test uses a big database of questions to adjust itself to one’s skill level, and therefore won’t have many problems that are too difficult or easy for them.

The following table discusses the format of the GMAT exam:

SubjectTiming  No. of Questions
AWA (Analytical Writing)30 Minutes1 Question
IR (Integrated Reasoning)
-Table Analysis
-Two-part Analysis
-Graphic Interpretation
-Multi-score Reasoning
30 Minutes12 Questions
Break (Optional)Up to 8 Minutes          –
-Data Sufficiency
-Problem Solving
 62 Minutes31 Questions
Break (Optional)Up to 8 Mins          –
-Critical Reasoning
-Reading Comprehension
-Sentence Correction
65 Minutes36 Questions

187 Mins80 Questions

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GMAT Question Paper Pattern 

The GMAT exam is divided into four sections: verbal reasoning, quant reasoning, integrated reasoning, & analytical writing. The GMAT AWA part is optional & includes a descriptive problem. MCQs are included in the remaining three sections:

GMAT verbal: 36 questions (65 minutes)

GMAT Quantitative: 31 questions – (62 minutes)

GMAT IR: 12 questions (30 minutes)

GMAT AWA: 1 essay (30 minutes)

Verbal Reasoning

The following are 3 categories of problems given in the Verbal section:

  • Critical Reasoning – This portion assesses how skillfully the test taker examines an argument & determines its answer via logical writing. In this part, questions are posed in response to a brief piece of 100 words.
  • Reading Comprehension – This determines how effectively the test taker comprehends the logical statements in the passage & how well they can express it in their very own way. This portion assessed the participant’s logical framework, writing style, & supporting concepts.
  • Sentence Correction – The participant’s linguistic skill is assessed in this part. The candidate’s grammar use & linguistic structure are assessed in this part. In this part, the exam taker must correctly compose sentences.

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative & mathematical ability of exam-takers is assessed in this part. Test takers have 62 mins to complete 31 multiple-choice questions in this part. In this portion, there are two sorts of questions:

  • Data Sufficiency – Test takers evaluate relevant data & locate data points to answer the needed issue in this part.
  • Problem Solving – The exam-taker must apply analytical thinking to answer quantitative questions in this portion.

Integrated Reasoning

In this portion, exam takers gather the information presented graphically and look for related information. Examinees are also requested to discover connections between the associated issues in this part. A total of 4 types of questions were posed in this section.

  • Table Analysis
  • Multi-score Reasoning
  • Two-part Analysis
  • Graphic Interpretation

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GMAT Sample Papers Online

MBA aspirants all around the world are studying for the GMAT exam to gain admission to their preferred B-school. Candidates can join up and take online mock exams to assess their preparation for the GMAT exam. Even though the exam may be taken both in-person and online, true test-like mock examinations are only accessible online.

The GMAT test can be taken in both forms in-person & online. Students can also practice before the final exam. There are both offline and online mock tests available for the exam.

However, we’d recommend going for the online GMAT sample paper practice as many websites offer FREE and real exam-like sample papers, which will help prepare test-takers to understand the pattern & format of the exam.

Several third-party websites on the internet offer a mock test for the exam. The majority of these websites offer 1-2 free tests and charge from between 25$ – 10$ per test. Every portal has a different pattern from each other, and the closet mock test that replicates the real exam can be found of GMAC. 

Here are a few of the portals that offer the GMAT mock exam:

Website Free TestsFees Total No. Of TestsOverall 
GMAT Prep2$1002 + 4Must
Experts Global1$5015Must 
Manhattan Prep1$496Next Best
Kaplan1$306Can Avoid
Princeton1$304Good (if 650 is the target score)

GMAT Sample Papers With Solution

One of the most accurate techniques of evaluating your competence is to solve GMAT sample papers. Once you’ve started studying for the exam, it’s critical to stay on track and keep track of your progress. Practicing these sample papers with solutions can help you discover your shortcomings & determine which sections require more study.

Most importantly, the regular practice reduces stress and test anxiety. There are a plethora of sites that provide practice tests PDFs to aid in the preparation. However, one must use caution while selecting a source for Gmat sample questions. Official sources, such as, are recommended. Upon enrollment, the website offers 2 free practice papers as well as a small GMAT quiz.

Here are some website links that may be helpful.

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GMAT Sample Questions Maths

Data Sufficiency & Problem Solving are the two components of the Mathematical Section in a GMAT sample paper. There’ll be 18 problems in the data sufficiency part & 18 problems in the problem-solving part. The problems will be objective, with multiple-choice responses.

The following are the topics that are covered in the Math syllabus of the GMAT:

  • Probability
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Percentage
  • Fractions
  • Number properties
  • Ratio & proportion
  • Speed, distance & time
  • Average
  • Decimals
  • Multiples & factors
  • Permutation & combination
  • Arithmetic & geometric progressions
  • Exponents
  • Algebraic expressions & equations
  • Stats
  • Functions
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Lines & angles
  • Circles
  • Triangles

GMAT Sample Questions Verbal 

There will be 36 MCQs in the Verbal Skills segment. Sentence correction, Reading Comprehension, and Critical Reasoning are the three sections of this part. This section assesses the applicants’ ability to read & comprehend written information, as well as the logical link between both the passage’s arguments and concepts.

Critical: It assesses the applicants’ ability to construct and analyze arguments as well as formulate/evaluate an action plan.

Reading Comprehension: It assesses the applicants’ ability to make inferences, comprehends logical linkages between major points, comprehend words & sentences, and track the progression of numeric concepts.

Sentence Correction: The 1st is to improve expression while adhering to grammatically & structurally sound phrases. The 2nd aspect is effective communication, which refers to phrases that simply as well as grammatically represent a concept or relationship.

The following topics will be presented in the verbal section of the GMAT sample paper.

  • Critical reasoning
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Reading unseen passages
  • Countable v/s uncountable
  • Misplace modifier
  • Parallelism
  • Sentence correction
  • Rhetorical sentence construction

GMAT verbal questions pdf

GMAT Practice Questions

Ques 1: Artistic success as an actor is directly dependent on how well an actor has developed his craft. This has been demonstrated by the discovery of a positive relationship between the number of classes taken by an actor and the number of professional productions in which the actor has appeared in the past two years. Each of the following, if true, cast doubt on the author’s argument about artistic success for actors EXCEPT: 
A. The figures for the number of classes taken were based solely on the information provided by actors. 
B. Success as an actor cannot necessarily be judged exclusively by recent credits. 
C. For most successful actors, it’s not the quantity but the quality of their classes that have helped to develop their craft. 
D. There is no relationship between the number of professional productions in which an actor has appeared and true artistic success. 
E. Most successful actors have taken only a small number of intensive classes. 
Ans1: A

Ques 2: Recently, hopes that the European Central Bank will reach a deal to help Spain and Italy borrow at cheaper rates has nudged financial markets higher. 
A. Spain and Italy borrow at cheaper rates has nudged financial markets higher 
B. Spain and Italy borrow at cheaper rates have nudged financial markets to higher levels 
C. Spain and Italy borrow at cheaper rates has nudged financial markets to higher levels 
D. Spain and Italy borrow at cheaper rates nudged financial markets to higher levels 
E. Spain and Italy borrow at cheaper rates nudged financial markets higher 
Ans2: B 

Ques 3: It is ironic that while the word “perfect” is considered to be the highest compliment possible, calling someone a “perfectionist” is perceived by many as anything but 
A. considered to be the highest compliment possible, calling someone a “perfectionist” is perceived by many as anything but 
B. considered the highest possible compliment, calling someone a “perfectionist” is perceived by many as anything but 
C. considered as the highest compliment that is possible, calling a person “a perfectionist” is perceived as nothing much by many 
D. considered the highest compliment possible, calling a person “a perfectionist” is perceived as anything but by many 
E. considered the highest possible compliment, calling someone “a perfectionist” is perceived by many as nothing
Ans3: B 

Ques 4: Because women buy approximately 80 per cent of ties sold in the United States, they are often displayed near perfume or women’s clothing departments. 
A. they are often displayed 
B. ties are often being displayed 
C. the displaying of ties is often 
D. ties are often displayed 
E. they often can be found 
Ans 4: D

Ques 5: Unlike other primates, which are born with fully formed craniums, a newborn human baby’s cranium consists of eight bones that take years to fuse together fully, allowing the brain to grow much larger during those early years. 
A. fully formed craniums, a newborn human baby’s cranium 
B. fully formed craniums, newborn human babies have craniums that 
C. a fully formed cranium, a human baby’s cranium 
D. fully formed craniums, a human is born with a cranium that 
E. a fully formed cranium, the cranium of a newborn human baby 
Ans 5: D 

Ques 6: If negative integers k and p are NOT both even, which of the following must be odd? 
A. kp 
B. 4 (k + p) 
C. k – p 
D. k + 1 – p E. 2 (k + p) – 1 
Ans 6: E 

Ques 7: John spent 40% of his earnings last month on rent and 30% less than what he spent on rent to purchase a new dishwasher. What% of last month’s earnings did John have leftover? 
A. 30% 
B. 32% 
C. 45% 
D. 68% 
E. 70% 
Ans 7: B 

Ques 8: With a boiling temperature of -195.8 degrees Celsius, nitrogen composes approximately 78% of the volume of the atmosphere. 
A. nitrogen composes approximately 78% of the volume of the atmosphere 
B. nitrogen is composing the volume of 78% of the atmosphere 
C. the atmosphere is approximately 78% nitrogen, as measured by volume 
D. nitrogen is composed of 78% of the atmosphere’s volume E. the atmosphere is composed, in terms of volume, of 78% nitrogen 
Ans 8: A

Ques 9: If x is an integer and 2.134 x 10x is less than 210,000, what is the greatest possible value for x? 
A. 7 
B. 6 
C. 5 
D. 4 
E. 3 
Ans 9: D

Ques 10: If a rectangular billboard has an area of 104 square feet and a perimeter of 42 feet, what is the length of each of the shorter sides? 
A. 4 
B. 7 
C. 8 
D. 13 
E. 26
Ans 10: C 

Ques11: If 2 + 2/x = 3 – 3/x , then x = 
A. -5 
B. 2/3 
C. 1 
D. 3/2 
E. 5 
Ans 11: E 
Ques6: If negative integers k and p are NOT both even, which of the following must be odd? 
A. kp 
B. 4 (k + p) 
C. k – p 
D. k + 1 – p 
E. 2 (k + p) – 1 
Ans 11: E

Ques 12: John spent 40% of his earnings last month on rent and 30% less than what he spent on rent to purchase a new dishwasher. What % of last month’s earnings did John have leftover? 
A. 30% 
B. 32% 
C. 45%
D. 68% 
E. 70% 
Ans 12: B

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gmat sample paper


Is scoring 750 on the GMAT test easy?

Ans. Less than 2% of the candidates’ population achieve a score equal to 750. So, it’s safe to say that scoring 750 in the GMAT isn’t going to happen in a blink of an eye. But, it is not impossible. Candidates just have to focus on their shortcomings and work on them. Refer to guides and GMAT sample papers for better results.

Is the GMAT exam easier than CAT?

Ans. Overall, the CAT is more challenging than the GMAT. The GMAT features a defined syllabus, thus making it simpler to prepare, but the CAT curriculum isn’t as defined. Therefore the time required may be more.

What score do I need to get into Harvard?

Ans. A strong GMAT result for Harvard MBA will be 20+ points higher than the most recent Harvard MBA class’s average GMAT mark. As a result, a 750 GMAT score is recommended for Harvard. If your score is less than 700 then don’t bother applying and practice for the next attempt or look out for B-schools that accept your GMAT score.

Is the GMAT exam tougher than GRE?

Ans. The answer to this question completely depends upon the test taker’s abilities & skills, but the GMAT Quantitative is thought to be more difficult than GRE Quantitative. The GMAT Math section assesses problem-solving abilities. Even though GRE math problems are simpler than GMAT, GRE permits you of using a calculator, but GMAT doesn’t.
What to know more about GMAT & GRE comparison? Click here to read our GMAT v/s GRE. 

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