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Google I.T. Support Professional Certificate is an interactive program which is designed and developed by Google. Those who successfully complete the program get the Support Professional Certificate. Not everyone are allowed to get the certificate thus, Google has approached over 25 community colleges in 7 present state in The United States of America through approaching them with the help of training sessions and by providing local facilities. The group of candidates or individuals have a free 7 day trial session after which they need to start paying $49 for a month till the program ends. 

Example of Google I.T. Support Professional Certificate

The course is basically of 6 months and the hours dedicated is nearly 5 hours a day. If a student or candidate complete the program and get the certificate they can earn up to 12 credit points which is equal to almost 4 degree level course. The whole program and the certificate is licensed under a creative international 4.0 attribution which requires confidentiality deed by the candidates working under the program. If one wants to participate in the program then they need to go to the which would be linked to JFF approved by the Google company to mark the consideration of that specific college. If the community college is eligible the, candidate will receive an assistance from the company and thus can sign up for the form available. If the candidate as an individual is found to be eligible for the program, they are thus approached for the further rounds and are assigned with the program work. After completion of the program, they are granted with the certificate which marks the end of the program and thus the candidate earns the certificate, experience, knowledge and credit points needed. It is thus an awesome experience for students/candidates to experience and learn something new.

The Google I.T. Support Professional Certificate teaches you to design an entry level role in the Information Technology world. Usually a job in the Information Technological world means to sit in a desk for a small company as well as for an multi-national company as well like Google. The main aim of Google is to invite and help in being a part of Google and to grow with Google. The company helps you to build the Information Technological skills which are needed in the real world which can be Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Networking, Operating Systems, System Administration, Security etc. By learning this particular program candidates can get their hands on a particular project and also can earn credential points and rewards in their college.

Under the Google I.T. Support Professional Certificate comes 5 courses which are as follows:

  • Technical Support Fundamentals: Prepares the candidate for I.T. support specialist.
  • The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking: Prepares and gives you a full overview of computer networking.
  • Operating Systems and You-Becoming a Power User: Prepares you on how to operate the system and to handle critical tasks and to configure hardware.
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services: Prepares you to work on a single computer to an entire fleet of computers.
  • IT Security-Defense against the digital arts: Prepares and covers a wide variety of tools and practices over best concepts.

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