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InfyTQ 2020 Exam – Certification Syllabus, Registration, Result

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Mon, February 24, 2020 1:43 PM   Updated on Thu, September 24, 2020 9:21 PM   12 mins read

Infosys Certification Examination or InfyTQ is an online test that has been conducted by Infosys that was started in 2019. Infosys with its efforts to make the ordinary into extraordinary by introducing InfyTQ, which is a direct help to all the gen-next students for the sake of improving the technology quotient of the upcoming engineering students with a view to uplift their market establishment before they are ready to enter the market.

It is a training drive where before recruiting the fresh talents, an organization like Infosys is taking a step ahead of these engineers by creating them as quality software professionals who are giving the economic boost. A closely watched impact is being created to the students by InfyTQ as a renowned training program of the market, which is helping them analyze the practical aspect of the organization’s technologies and its working into the real-life market.

The Infosys innovation system is on a continuous transfer of digital skills drive to motivate students through learning the concepts from a broader perspective. The drive initiated by Infosys in the form of infyTQ provides various forms of digital courses and give new-age abbreviations to technological ABCD.

There are end numbers of courses on digitalized aspects these are –

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Blockchain Overview
  3. Big Data
  4. NoSQL Databases
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Cloud Computing
  7. Cyber Security

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Infosys InfyTQ

Infosys unveiled InfyTQ, a digital platform of the next generation, launched on February 16, 2019, to provide engineering students in India with the best learning and engaging opportunities available.

Infosys is a world leader in digital services and consulting of the next generation. They allow customers to navigate their digital transformation in 45 countries. Infosys expertly guide customers through their digital journey, with over three decades ‘ experience in the management of systems and operations in global companies.

InfyTQ is a free forum for all third- and fourth-year engineering students throughout India. The forum encourages sustainable advancement through the dissemination and training of technological and skilled skills.

InfyTQ 2020

Infosys Certification Program 2020 plans to offer business chances to last year applicants who will graduate in the 2021 group. Competitors from BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MSc/MCA from all the offices are qualified for Infosys affirmation test/test.

Understudies who clear the test will get a chance to go to the Infosys off-grounds drive and will be assigned the situation of System Engineer. InfyTQ 2020 is a test to credential Infosys. The programming and database skills and information checked in this Infosys test. This InfyTQ check provides the newbies with an opportunity to continue their work in the tech line. Every year in one particular month, Infosys schedules the InfyTQ 2020 analysis.

For all candidates, it is an off-campus drive. Candidates can apply for the InfyTQ 2020 exam after meeting the eligibility requirements. Infosys wants to select students off-campus in 2020 before its on-campus recruiting for the 2020 batch.

This off-campus drive has no question/test capacities and is dependent solely on your “Infosys Certification” results. As seen below, the process is. The Infosys Certification is an assessment to assess the competence of the company by evaluating the programming and database expertise. Just the InfyTQ software helps you to sign in for the certification exam. Those that are registered on InfyTQ will register and book a slot directly for the certification exam.

InfyTQ App

The Link to the App to InftTQ on Playstore is:

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InfyTQ Results

Once the check is done you receive the Infytq assessment results on the system and receive a copy of the certificate on your registered e-mail address. This ensures the results are then announced and the interviews are called for on the same day without delay for students who rate above 65%.

On the same day you will be able to engage in the interview. The qualification examination will be administered in the same location. The HR interview will be the post-evaluation test. Therefore, during the training for the exam, you will practice for the interview.

InfyTQ Registration

Follow the process for registration on InfyTQ:

  1. You will first have to download the InfyTQ code, or register on this site-( to register or apply for Infosys Certification.
  2. You can see the dashboard and login options in the tab of the website at the top left of the page. To redirect to the new web page, type Registration option.
  3. Please fill out the info on the registration tab. Note that you won’t be able to delete them until you fill in the details. So fill it carefully, then.
  4. After you have enrolled, you will be forwarded to a new page on which you can book your examination slot. To pass the Infosys certification check, you need to pick a city and available date.
  5. The examination begins at 9 AM and will run until 12PM each day. Seven days before your test, you can also get a Hall card. This must be taken to the review hall.

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Preparation for Infosys InfyTQ

Infosys itself has provided courses that will help you with the certification test. These courses will help you cover the syllabus of the Infosys Certification Test or InfyTQ.

You will find these courses on the home page of the Infosys TQ website under the section called “Foundational Courses“. You can apply for the exam directly if you are sure enough. It is optional to take these courses.

INFYTQ Certificate

Infosys certificate awarded to candidates in the InfyTQ exam for cut-off points that check the programming and database skills of the students to make them qualify for the post. The drive off-campus is explicitly approved. The check was conducted before the candidates ‘ on-campus drive.

InfyTQ HR Interview Round

InfyTQ HR interview round is not like any other HR rounds, the questions are not basic like Tell me about yourself? or Why do you want to join Infosys? or What is your career aspiration? or Where do you see yourself after five years?

The questions asked are related to the technical knowledge like “Tell me about your projects“, “Tell me about your content writing“, “What have you written in Statistics?“, “Give a real-life scenario where we can use absolute frequency and relative frequency“, “Will you work if I changed your field of work? “.

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InfyTQ App

InfyTQ app is available on the smartphone and desk as well as online tests and qualifications to develop talent-friendliness at the industry level. With InfyTQ, students will benefit from the ongoing transition of digital skills and expertise from the engineering ecosystem of Infosys any time and anywhere.

It will also allow students to remain in touch with the organization, catch up with the current developments and learn about the philosophy and belief system of Infosys.

InfyTQ Exam

InfyTQ certification test is only conducted for B.E., B.Tech, M.E., M.Tech, M.Sc., MCM, MCA and postgraduates who qualify by 2020. This is a qualification exercise coordinated by Infosys. To be tested, an applicant must register on the InfyTq app or server. The review consists of two rounds, one – the middle of an online round, and the second – an HR interview.

INFYTQ Exam Pattern:

  1. As a screening test for the InfyTQ Final Round, Infosys launched the Qualifying Round. During the time of enrollment for the Qualifier Round, you will pick a date and time to take the test as appropriate. You can try the test from anywhere or device if you have a Web-camera, as the web-camera exam is carried out. The Infosys Certification Qualifier Round contains 40 multiple choices to be replied in a matter of 60 minutes. You will be given 1 mark for any correct answer, and 0.25 is deducted for every wrong selection.
  2. There are two parts of the InfyTQ final test i.e. three-hour test. The Objective section includes a minimum of 20 questions. The other segment consists of Hands-On Coding for two questions. In total there are 20 questions with multiple choices in the segment Goal.
  3. The first section tests the knowledge by asking the questions that will test knowledge on Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs), Data Structures, Data-Base Management System (DBMS), Structured Query Language (SQL) and Python.
  4. The second section of the CODE text includes two issues which have to be addressed with the programming language Python 3. The students have to answer two coding questions in the Hands-on coding round. The only language to code these two queries is Python 3. There is no alternative for students to code with C, C++, Java and other languages. The questions are related to basic coding and programming. Any aspirant who has core knowledge on how to code can clear the test.
  5. There is no negative marking in the InfyTQ exam yet one needs to be extra cautious while giving the exam because being the test by Infosys, the level of the test is a  bit high.

INFYTQ Exam Instructions:

In the Infytq test there is no negative marking. The Infosys InfyTQ test starts at 9:00 AM and runs every day until 12:00 PM. There is no need to worry, you can reappear for the qualification test after one month if you do not pass the assessment.

However, in two setbacks, you have to wait 3 months for the next effort to reappear. There is no minimum percentage required nor the age limit for registration for Infosys certification. You will receive Infosys Certification and will be entitled to an interview at Infosys after you qualify for the Qualifier Round (65%) or above in the Final Round.

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INFYTQ coding questions:

 The sample coding questions asked in the final round are:

1. What will be the output of the code below?
Class ClassA:
def _init_(self, val1) : self.value = val1
def method_a(self) : return 10+self.value

Class ClassB:
def _init_(self, val2): self. num=val2
ef method_b(self, obj): return obj.method_a()+self.num




a) 60
b) 50
c) 30
d) 40

2. Given a string, find the longest length of a prefix which is also a suffix

3. Consider a Patient table with attributes patient (primary key), patient name, city, date of birth, and phone. Except for patient no columns are unique. The table has three indexes as follows:

IDX1 – patientid
IDX2 – patient name, date of birth
IDX3 – date of birth, phone

Q. Which of the following queries will result in INDEX UNIQUE SCAN?

a) WHERE city <> ‘Mumbai’ AND date of birth > ’30-Mar-1995′

b) WHERE patientid = ‘P1007′ AND date of birth ’30-Mar-1995’

c) WHERE patients name = ‘Sam’ AND date of birth = ’30-Mar-1995′

d) WHERE patientname LIKE ‘R%’

4. Consider the Hashing methods given below:

i) h(key) = key%10
ii) h(key) = key%25
iii) h(key) = key%50

Q. Which of the hashing methods would NOT lead to collision when the following values are to be stored in the hash table?

80, 20, 35, 45, 25, 90

a) Only
b) Both ii) and iii)
c) Both i) and iii)
d) All i), ii) and iii)

InfyTQ Certification Exam

Candidates can apply to the Infosys Certification Examination for both graduation and postgraduate streams. For the applicants who will be in the last graduation year, InfyTQ is the qualification program. It will assess the ability of the industry to evaluate programming and database skills.

If you complete the test, you have a chance to take part in Infosys off-campus rides.

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InfyTQ Eligibility Criteria

The students shall enroll themselves initially through websites or applications. The student enrolling shall be a student of either B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech, M.Sc., MCA, or MCM.

Unlike other courses, there is no bar to any of the minimum percentage to proceed for taking up the Infosys infyTQ examination. The percentage of 65% is mandatory on a minimum level to attain the infyTQ examination certificate, and further interviews shall be conducted by Infosys, who attain the above-targeted percentage. 

INFYTQ Syllabus

The following information is given for the Infytq syllabus 2019 for the Infosys certify exam. The Infytq syllabus given in this segment is focused on the test questions. The topics that need to be covered thoroughly in order to clear the test are:

  1. Database – RDBMS Others
  2. Python – Open System
  3. Object-Oriented Development process
  4. Algorithms and Data Structures – ALL
  5. Requirement Engineering
  6. Waterfall based development
  7. Scrum
  8. Quality Assurance


Infosys imbibe the art of giving the best quality freshers on the grounds of improving the technological and practical aspect of every digitalized market associated student.

The psychological aspect of an entrepreneur to get the best quality employee with a developed mind and skill is taken into consideration, and Infosys is taking one such effort to improve the quality of students who aspire to become an asset to their organization in the first step itself.


How much prior to the certification must I assemble?

Ans. You will have to assemble at the test center one hour prior to the commencement of the examination.

What documents do I need to carry with me for the test?

Ans. You will receive an email post registration with the details of the documents you need to carry.

Can I change my test center /test date once I have booked it?

Ans. Yes, you can modify your center and date details post-registration.

When will I have to join Infosys if I get selected?

Ans. The date of joining will depend on the business requirement after you have completed your degree.

Can I re-apply for Infosys if I do not clear the post-assessment interview?

Ans.Yes, you can participate in our on-campus drives (when we visit your campus) even if you do not clear the post-assessment interview.

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