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OMR Sheet – PDF Download, Samples, Complete List

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Mon, February 17, 2020 6:29 AM   Updated on Sat, July 15, 2023 10:09 PM   12 mins read

OMR sheets are a type of answer sheet used to key in answers prominently for multiple-choice questions. It is the preferred method of making candidates enter their answers in many competitive examinations and tests. A space (mostly in the form of circular shapes) is designated in every OMR sheet for each option under the given question and the student is expected to shade or mark the right option’s corresponding circle.

Source: Medica Wing

Phototubes on the opposite side were used to detect the marked responses. Ballpoint pens or pencils are more often used as per instructions. Initially, blue ballpoint pens were unable to be used due to the failure of reflectivity of the light because blue ink reflects and transmits light. Hence pencils were best suited for this purpose as graphite is typically an opaque object.

Then the modern optical answer sheets evolved to reflect lighter inks as well. OMR sheets have thereby proven extremely effective for many decades now since its inception.

OMR Sheets

OMR Sheets also called bubble sheets is a special kind of answer sheet or form that is being used for various purposes, mostly exams. There are many kinds of OMR sheet patterns in existence for each specific exam.

Each University or paper setter customizes the OMR sheet as per his/her requirement. Students are appropriately instructed on how each pattern needs to be shaded, filled or marked for the respective exams they appear.

  • Captures human marked data.
  • Comprises of blank boxes, circles or ovals for each of the options under each question.
  • Rewriting may cause ambiguity and lead to errors.
  • Shading more than one oval shall also throw errors.
  • Apart from being used in tests, OMR sheets are well used in healthcare and business sectors for huge data collection and input feedback surveys as well.

Download OMR Sheet PDF

Click here to download OMR Sheet PDF

What are OMR sheets?

OMR sheets are basically robust instruments that collect, summarize, and record data entered by students in a digital manner. OMR sheets are made of offset paper which is a type of paper grade (similar to book paper) to serve the purpose of reflecting the darkened areas appropriately.

As we know, they are used for evaluating exam answers and mark candidates based on the result, it is suitable to use offset printing techniques as well to manufacture and print OMR sheets.

  • Ideal for security purposes during evaluations. No plagiarism is possible. No manipulation of entered data can be possible. The keyed-in data is untouched throughout the procedure.
  • Data is not interpreted at any level while processing. Once the sheets are submitted, they are directly read by the scanner software and the result is given. There is no intermediate step where anything can be altered or manualized.
  • This system can never be wrong since duplicity is not allowed.
  • Cost-effective and highly efficient. The cost of an OMR sheet may range from as low as a single Indian rupee.
  • A convenient method for multiple purposes trying to know one option from multiple choices.
  • Swift processing is possible for result announcements through easy analysis. The regularized methods examine data technically and give fast end results. Due to the absence of any character by character analysis, quick protocols are applied and completion of the entire process takes place in a few minutes for a set of sheets.

OMR Sheet Full Form

The full form of the OMR sheet is Optical Mark Recognition and it collects the response or the right answer which is marked on the given sheet. The presence or absence of the mark at the expected position is observed leading to conclusions.

The marked area is optically recognized using appropriate scanner devices and then a value is returned. The read and evaluated value is the result or score that is expected out of the test.

  • Optical Mark Recognition or OMR is mainly used for multiple-choice questionnaires, assessments, competitive tests, feedback surveys, medical reports, etc.
  • This technology remains purely upon manual entries i.e., the shading has to be totally physical by human candidates which are the entries made to trigger the rest of the process through automated software.
  • Despite introductions and several evolutions into the online forms of documents and exams, OMR is still popular today in its own way and still employed by the most important and most common exams due to its perfect and extremely unaltered result producing capability.
  • The basic principle is to collect data from the “fill-in-the-bubble” strategy.

Let us look at a couple of exams using different patterns of OMR sheets.

NEET 2020 OMR Sheet

The Government of India conducts The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test or NEET for aspirants wishing to study MBBS or BDS in AIIMS, JIPMER in order to select eligible medical practitioners for the future. OMR Sheet for NEET 2020has columns to fill in details namely, candidate’s name, contact number, center code, roll number, tenth grade, and eleventh-grade marks and category (General or Reserve).

All the requested details should also be shaded with respective letters or numbers given below each box to enter their names or numbers. It also contains two different sections for containing the student’s and invigilator’s signature. Every OMR sheet for NEET comes with a distinct bar code and a number.

  1. The NEET OMR sheet consists of typically 3 sections – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Biology is further classified into Botany and Zoology.
  2. Each section consists of 45 answer rows with four options each (A, B, C, and D).
  3. The questions are numbered from 1 to 180, splitting 45 questions to each section.
  4. A tick, cross, half-shades, drawn lines, or a dot within the oval constitute to wrong marking.
  5. The correct marking is denoted by a completely shaded oval without smudging the shade outside the oval
  6. Signatures should not protrude outside the designated boxes.
  7. Shading of names and roll numbers should not be left incomplete.
  8. You should not shade more than one oval for one question. If done by mistake, it cannot rectify. The answers go disqualified.
  9. Ballpoint pens will be provided at the center to fill in the given OMR answer sheet (or Response sheet). Sheets marked with pencils will be rejected for evaluation.


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The Central Teacher Eligibility CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination) is conducted twice a year all over India to select qualified teachers and it uses the OMR answer sheets method for evaluation. The OMR Sheet Ctet warrants the candidate to enter details such as the assigned roll number, date of birth, group, shift, Asc, and question paper serial number.

The description of its pattern is as below:

  • Each OMR Sheet CTET comes with a unique answer sheet number in its right-hand bottom corner for its identification.
  • There are four separate sections on the sheet for each subject – English, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology.
  • Each subject consists of 50 questions and each question has four options (A, B, C, and D). Therefore, in the Ctet OMR sheet, there are four ovals corresponding to each of the 50 questions for each subject.
  • The questions are numbered from 1 to 50 in each section.
  • The usage of whiteners within the ovals is not greatly recommended. However, if something goes wrong accidentally, you may wish to use whiteners to reverse the error. 
  • Strictly blue or black ballpoint pens are to be used. The usage of the pencil is not accepted.

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OMR Sheet – Download

OMR sheet download requires the candidate appearing for the relevant exam to login to the official website of the particular test with a unique login ID allocated to him/her and the set password.

Samples of OMR sheet download is important for acquiring more practice sessions with the sheet shading and familiarity before giving the exam. 

  1. For each examination conducted by the corresponding organizations or institutions, the concerned official website displays a downloadable format of the OMR sheet they will receive during the exam.
  2. The institution normally uploads the latest versions of these sheets for the current examination period, session, or year.
  3. These formats are delivered to the candidates with the intent of acquiring more practice and confidence in order to face the examination with more familiarity in the usage of these sheets.
  4. Downloadable links are available on the website as hyperlinks or push buttons. 
  5. Websites restrict access of these downloads only to students by allowing access through a login ID and password only for those who have enrolled for the upcoming test. 
  6. Web networks also stop allowing the download after a particular term of the period until when they can be downloaded. Precisely, they set deadlines to permit downloads.
  7. Each institution provides different formats for user IDs. To name a few – the user ID may be Name, Email id, roll number, student ID, Registration number of any kind, the combination of name and batch number, roll number with year, etc.

OMR Sheet Sample

Free downloadable and printable formats of OMR sheets are available online to assist in developing the shading skills and gaining speed for the same. This greatly helps in managing time effectively. There are different sets of OMR sheets provided for different exams. One may contain 50 questions; the other may contain 100 questions and so on and so forth.

OMR Sheet Image

However elaborate and descriptive the techniques could be, an image tells more concisely. Perhaps, displaying an image of an OMR sheet could explain things with more clarity. To help you relate & comprehend the above-mentioned theory, here is a sample of the OMR sheet image with brief highlights of the descriptions stated so far.

Sample Image for an OMR Sheet

Dos and Don’ts in an OMR Sheet

All but the first one are wrong.

Correct Vs Wrong methods

OMR Sheet Model

OMR sheet models are available in different forms. Each organization is free to design its own convenient patterns of OMR Sheets. Every exam follows unique structural models of OMR sheets for the candidate to fill in the necessary particulars in accordance with the requirement and the responses as well.

The OMR sheet model is a very important factor because there are indexes at each corner of the sheet and the scanner reads the dots at regular distances. It is modeled such that it is scanned properly by the software. Parameters used to develop OMR sheets are unchanging and hence are best suited for objective type questions with more than one choice issued.

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✅ What is the full form of OMR?

Ans. The full form of OMR is Optical Mark Recognition. It is precisely named after the technique that it follows – the marked (shaded) area is recognized/scanned using optical recognition scanners.

✅ What is OMR Sheet in NEET?

Ans. The NEET OMR Sheet may be downloaded from the NEET official website before the exams. It requires details such as name, center code, section, contact number, etc. to be written as well as shaded. It contains 180 sets of four ovals for each question under each of the four sections.

✅ How OMR Sheets are checked?

Ans. The OMR sheets are read using installed software on the desktop. Scanning of any numbers of sheets through the OMR scanner may be done quite quickly using this software.
The results interpreted by the software are completely accurate and reliable. There is no way that they can go wrong or even if found erred, they must be minimal and negligible errors.

Which pen is best for OMR sheets?

Ans. Most commonly, blue or black ballpoint pens are preferred by exam conductors. At the same time, an HB pencil or darker pencil like 6B or 7B could work great on an OMR sheet.
If using ballpoint pens, it could be good to use a pen with a nib thickness greater than 1.4mm to be handy for faster and smooth shading.

✅ What is meant by OMR sheet?

Optical mark recognition (also called optical mark reading and OMR) is the process of capturing human-marked data from document forms such as surveys and tests. They are used to read questionnaires, multiple-choice examination papers in the form of lines or shaded areas.

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