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Ph.D. Admission

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Wed, February 5, 2020 1:23 PM   Updated on Wed, May 20, 2020 8:36 AM   5 mins read

We all are familiar with the word Ph.D. Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy. It is basically the highest degree that can be achieved by a person or a student after completing their course on respective subjects.

A Ph.D. is greatly desired by students in parts of the world. Most of the subjects are available for Ph.D. qualifications.

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This article will provide you with all the necessary information about PhD 

Do you know the origin of a Ph.D.? No? Then let me tell you. It was first developed in the nineteenth century in Germany. Back then, Masters’s Degree was the highest academic rank that one could achieve. With time and with the rise of new ideas, the Ph.D. was brought into the limelight.

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Ph.D. Full Form

Ph.D.: Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D. is an abbreviation that stands for Doctor of Philosophy. It is also called Ph.D., D.Phil or DPhil in some countries. A doctorate degree achiever can use a “Dr.” title in front of his/her name and refer as a doctor. Technically, the title doctor applies to anyone who has earned a doctoral degree. It is an independent, self-directed research degree supported by one or more supervisors.

Ph.D. is a very prestigious and one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by any university. Most of the Ph.D. degrees require the completion of coursework, comprehensive exams, and a dissertation. It is a post-graduation program and takes years of research and one has to publish his or her work to be awarded a degree. It takes at least 3 years of supervision for your original research work. The primary objective of the degrees is to prepare the next generation of leading scientists and researchers.

Ph.D. First Year

The first year basically builds a solid base as research, since Ph.D. is the purest form of a research degree. Meetings will be held with the supervisor discussing a plan of action on the current research relating to the topic. At first, a literature review will be carried out, and then with the help of the supervisor surveying will start. Original search will be guaranteed with this.  After submitting its insists discussion among the members will be held. If all goes according to the plan, a continuation of the research will be guaranteed in the upcoming second year.

Ph.D. Second Year

In the second year, the heart of the research is done. This year is focused on collecting results from the experiments. With the help of the results and to develop the thesis, the student might start working on their pieces which will eventually become a part of their thesis. The progress will be checked and feedback will be given regularly BT your supervisor. So, this year of PhD. is focused on putting your work for publications in a journal and resenting it in conferences. The second-year develops us professionally.

Ph.D. Third Year

The third-year is totally a writing phase. In this year of Ph.D., one must put together all his works and thesis to form a dissertation. Finally, there comes a day when all your hard work pays off. The final draft that you have submitted will be checked by the supervisor to let us know if the draft is ready for submission. AJaJamesal examination, Viva. An external examiner and even an internal examiner take up this process.   The article provides you a basic idea about the stages that you’ll go through in your journey.

Most of the time will be invested in researching, going through experiments, and reviewing literature during this journey. If things go well, you may even end up staying for a few days in any other research institute for your work. You might also even collaborate with other students of the same field for a third person opinion. It is necessary to be a part of joint events and organizing presentations because that is going to you develop you professionally and you will have a brief idea about your upcoming projects.

We cannot predict how a student may end up. For people who have both the luck and skills end up discovering new things in their specific fields and plays an important role in distributing human knowledge, and sometimes even win prizes.


✅ What is higher than a Ph.D.?

There is no Higher Degree than a Ph.D. also called a Doctorate. Ph.D. can be for different fields but there is no higher Degree

✅ How many years is a Ph.D.?

Ph.D. Usually takes 3 Years to Complete according to the Rule given that you complete your research in the given field and acquire your Degree

✅ Which Ph.D. pays most?

The Ph.D. which pays the Most are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) according to a Research

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