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Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Thu, December 12, 2019 7:34 AM   Updated on Fri, March 4, 2022 12:51 PM   19 mins read

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Sample SOP for MS in CS can help applicants write a precise and helpful SOP for themselves. Before writing an SOP for an MS, an applicant needs to know the subject or the course that he/she wants to apply for.

When it comes to Computer Sciences, while the opportunities for doing an MS in CS is immense, the competition is stiff. The new-age technology incorporates the learnings and adoptions from the Industrial Revolution and hence new developments like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are taking up interests.

Countries like the US stand at the apex of the computing universe and getting into the top colleges in the country requires a lot of qualifications, and writing an SOP is one of them. 

Sample SOP for MS in CS

Since childhood, I took a deep interest in things around me, which included cricket, swimming, tennis, guitar, basketball, and a lot more. But the one thing that has remained permanent since I started to find interest in is the love for computers. They inspire me to not only learn more but to improve them and contribute to their development – payback for what they have done for me since childhood. I acquired an interest in knowing the logic part of computers more since my graduation in the subject. The reason why I am choosing the University of Texas is that it is not only a reputed institution of learning, but it also guarantees an in-depth education in the subject of my interest. To be a part of a curriculum and a learning environment like this would only be a dream come true. 

I started with the Logo programming language during my school days, where I would produce line graphics and created various shapes. Gradually, I moved to the ‘BASIC’ language. In high school, I learned about C and Visual Basic. In my initial years of undergraduate, I learned ‘Photoshop’, and made animations and designs. 

In the final year of undergraduate, I worked with Amazon as a Team Leader leading a team of content writers working on Joomla. Next, I was working on a big project with my team which was involved in the development of a site for the education of students in Eastern India. The ultimate result was a comprehensive guide for parents and students highlighting the various opportunities for students in High School and Senior Secondary School Level.

As a software engineer with Aricent Group, I was working in the Telecom domain, involved in the maintenance and development of clients across the globe in Routing and Charging. The project helped me learn about Web Development using C, C++, and JAVA platforms. This included handling a lot of data, providing and implementing charging voice services. The various innovative services include internet callback, televoting, and other such services.

Along with my professional and academic life, I have also participated in cultural and athletic events, helping inculcate in me the various organizational skills. I am a gold medalist in archery at the Zonal Level. I have also worked with the Delhi Government to organize events to raise awareness level among Delhites about the rising air pollution levels. I made them aware of ways to minimize the risks involved. 

The various research areas that I researched for the University of Texas, I associate myself with Data Security, Data Mining, and related subjects. I have understood from the University’s website that there are a number of research labs and centers, specifically the Center for Cybersecurity Research and Research Lab on Advanced Network. 

The ultimate goal of mine is to make a commendable and constructive career in the field and contribute my bit to the society. A dedicated study in Computer Science would help me gain a lot of experience, along with adding to my previous knowledge on the subject. Being a part of the University of Texas will be an achievement that would motivate me towards my career goal. I look forward to getting an opportunity for an MS in Computer Science from your university.

SOP for MS in Computer Science

Each Statement of Purpose or SOP is for a different purpose. The essays are individualistic having no perfect recipe. The chances of one type of essay working for a different person is gloom. Having said that however, the process of writing an SOP remains the same. This would include five basic steps which we would be listed in some bullet points.

As far as SOP for MS in Computer Science is concerned, for example, you have to explain the reason why Computer Sciences attract you for a professional career ahead, along with the reason for applying to that particular university.

Along with this, prior experience in the field can be talked about.

Let us look at the following points on how to write an SOP for MS in CS:

  1. Write down a list of achievements.
  2. Think clearly about your goals.
  3. Compare it with the sample SOP for CS that we’ll be writing.
  4. Exploring the research projects of the university you have applied for is an added advantage.
  5. Proofreading the essay is most important.
  6. Make sure you also write about the interest in the subject.
  7. Write down reasons as to why you have applied to that particular university.
  8. Talk about your previous work experience.
  9. Explain how an MS in CS from the university will add to your professional skills.
  10. Write about where you wish to see yourself after the completion of the course.
sample sop for ms in cs

SOP for MS in CS with Work Experience

Work Experience not only comes handy when you have to get a job. It is equally responsible for securing an admission opportunity overseas.

Adding a work experience always keeps you apart and gives you an edge over the other applicants. Even if you have experience in an internship, which you think was worth a mention, it should be written which adds more value to the SOP. But you need to make sure that you have particular knowledge about the subject you have interned in.

Let’s take a look at some of the following bullet points on what to write on the SOP –

  1. Mention your academic credentials.
  2. Talk about your undergraduate degree and how it helped you in what you are pursuing currently.
  3. Talk about your work experience.
  4. Mention leadership roles.
  5. Talk of the various co-curricular activities that you take up at your office, or any other such activities you did in your undergraduate. 
  6. Talk about why you wish to pursue the subject you want to pursue.
  7. Talk about how the course is going to help you with your career goals.
  8. Talk about the reasons you applied to that university.
  9. Mention the different research centres that you wish to be a part of in the university.
  10. After doing all this, kindly proofread your essay to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes and the essay is coherent to read.
sample sop for ms in cs
sample sop for ms in cs

Sample SOP for MS in CS with Work Experience

I am Nitish Singh, currently working as an IT Security Analyst with Infosys. I have been deeply interested in swimming, tennis, guitar, and singing since childhood. But one thing that has been a constant among my interests include a computer. Computers have inspired me to learn, improve, and develop my personality. I have acquired interests in languages used to run the computers. The one reason why I am choosing the University of Texas, Dallas is because of the reputation which comes along with the brand name, and the remarkable environment and curriculum that the university boasts of. To be a part of such a culture would be a dream come true.  

I started with the C programming language during my school days. In high school, I learned about Java and Visual Basic. Initial days of undergraduate went into learning more and more about animations, design, and photoshop.

In the 4th year of my B.Tech, I worked with IBM as a Team Leader, where a number of associates worked under me for tech support. Next, I was also working with Nitya Foundation which serves food to the underprivileged school-going children. I thus have an inclination both towards my subject, and social issues.  

As an IT Security Analyst with Infosys, I take care of various vulnerabilities in the system. The project has helped me understand the various aspects of cybersecurity, including a lot of manpower handling and maintenance of the online registry. Along with my professional and academic life, I have a social life too where I take care of my parents who are solely dependent on me for their livelihood. Most recently, I have helped my father in opening a shopping outlet where he handles two more working individuals.

The various research areas that I researched for the University of Texas, I associate myself with Data Security, Data Mining, and related subjects. I have understood from the University’s website that there are a number of research labs and centers, specifically the Center for Cybersecurity Research and Research Lab on Advanced Network. 

The ultimate goal of mine is to make a commendable and constructive career in the field and contribute my bit to the society. A dedicated study in Computer Science would help me gain a lot of experience, along with adding to my previous knowledge on the subject. Being a part of the University of Texas will be an achievement that would motivate me towards my career goal. I look forward to getting an opportunity for an MS in Computer Science from your university.

Statement Of Purpose For MS in Computer Science With Work Experience PDF

Download PDF for Statement Of Purpose For MS in Computer Science With Work Experience (Click Here)

Sample SOP for MS in CS without Work Experience

You must emphasise your passion to learn more about the topic, your academic credentials and achievements that set set you different from the competitors, in order to write an enticing SOP for an MS in Computer Science without work experience.

A example SOP for an MS in CS with no job experience is as follows:

Computer science has always aroused my attention, and I began learning coding in 10th grade and entered the world of computer programming at the age of 17. After graduating from high school, I opted to pursue a BTech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and haven’t looked back since. To satisfy my developing desire to learn about the field of computer science, I participated in several data science contests both at university and online, as well as pursuing a variety of online certifications in Machine Learning, Python, and Artificial Intelligence.

I was always active in data science lectures and activities at university and opted to pursue a master’s degree in computer science immediately after graduation. The fact that I have no professional work experience in this field, I was in the top 5% of my class during my undergraduate degree and also served as the president of my university’s Robotics society, RoboGyaan, as well as pursuing various internships during my bachelor’s degree’s final two years.

I’ve always seen computer science as a dynamic mix of well-known subsets and uncharted territory brimming with enormous potential to transform the world. I also aided one of my seniors with her research on how Artificial Intelligence is altering the world, which provided me with a wealth of knowledge in this field. My academic achievements, online certificates, and internships demonstrate my desire to learn more about the discipline of computer science.

With a master’s degree in computer science under my belt, I’d like to go even further into this field and get advanced-level knowledge as well as incremental research skills that will help me develop in my profession. My long-term carrer prospective is to work as a Data Scientist, and this master’s degree from your university as it will equip me with the knowledge and skills I’ll need to get there

Sample SOP for MS in CS For ECE Background

Here’s an example of a SOP for ECE grads with an MS in CS and job experience:

There is scarcely any sector left unaffected by the all-encompassing elements of technology in today’s society, which concentrates on innovation and computer applications. I was always captivated as a kid by how simple high-tech gadgets made our daily routines go more smoothly and effectively. I was always intrigued about the inner workings of the everyday items we use as an avid gamer and tech geek, and I would always have a screwdriver box ready to get to the bottom of anything. While I was interested in hardware, when I took computer science as an option in 12th year, I became more interested in programming and coding.

Python was the first computer language I studied in school, and from there I moved on to coding and creating new data networks from the ground up. I chose to pursue a BTech in Electronics and Communications Engineering because I have a strong interest in electronics and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to specialise in this field for my bachelor’s degree. During my internships while pursuing my undergraduate degrees, I worked on a variety of projects that helped me figure out my interest in computing technology

I worked as a Junior Data Scientist at FinCorp, which aimed to build a high-tech AI-blended Finance system that could automate financial services, in order to get prior industry experience before obtaining a master’s degree. I realised after more than two years at FinCorp that the major specialisation I want to pursue for my master’s degree is Computer Science.That’s when I discovered your university’s rigorously designed MS in CS programme and felt it was the appropriate fit for an experienced data science practitioner like myself

A master’s degree in computer science will enable me to get useful insights into the fields of computer science, data analytics, network programming, algorithms, and operating systems, among other things. After finishing this degree, I want to pursue a career in research, and I believe that studying under the supervision of a highly competent faculty at your university will provide me with the mentoring and expertise I need to be a successful research scientist.

Sample SOP for MS in Data Science

Here’s an example of a SOP for MS in Data Science :

Robots and how they actualized the simulation of the human mind fascinated me as a child. In high school, I chose Computer Science as an elective topic, which piqued my interest in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and its enormous potential in every industry and field of study. Everything from medical research and healthcare to mobile technology and education may be transformed by artificial intelligence. This is what piqued my interest in artificial intelligence and its wide-ranging applications.

I studied Computer Science as an undergraduate to gain a better understanding of data science and technology, and when it came time to choose a master’s specialisation, I chose Artificial Intelligence.

During my bachelor’s degree, I was the president of my college’s Data Science and AI Society, where we competed in intra-college and inter-college contests to represent our university. I’ve also built a number of AI devices from the ground up for various college projects and won a number of awards in data science contests both online and at the university level.

I’m pursuing an MS in Artificial Intelligence and would like to further my understanding of this field while also contributing to research at your prestigious university. My long-term objective is to develop a successful career in AI research and to make use of the technology’s significant potential in a variety of fields. This Artificial Intelligence programme will also assist me in gaining essential information and skills to help me succeed in my job and pursue my research goals.

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SOP Format

Sample SOP for MS in CS

How to start SOP for MS in CS?

The various parts of the application include writing about the current work experience, reason for applying for the course, the reason for applying to that particular university, etc.

It is difficult to write a creative SOP, but this is where we come in. While most SOP’s have similar types of questions and formats, a little creativity explaining personal experiences helps.

Remember that an SOP helps the university understand the caliber of the applicant.

Let us look at the following points on how to start an SOP:

  • Start with your name and designation.
  • Write about how your interest in the subject you wish to pursue started.
  • Mention in the initial paragraph about why you are applying for that university.
  • Mention how getting an admission would be a once in a lifetime experience.
  • The second paragraph should start with your academic qualifications in detail.

Second Paragraph for SOP for MS in CS

The second section of your SOP for an MS in CS should focus on your academic achievements and milestones. It’s simply an issue of achieving the appropriate balance of exalting the details without coming off as pompous. However, you may also write about getting fewer marks and just making the cut. Consider the following items to include in this section:

  • A succinct and succinct summary of your academic pursuit.
  • Make sure you’re expressing knowledge of your flaws and the lessons you’ve learned to help you make better decisions.
  • Mention how you learned how to apply information to practical scenarios rather than written exams and the grades that come with them throughout your prior academic degree.
  • Discuss their projects and employment experience to demonstrate what they have learnt over the course of their four years in college.

Third Paragraph of SOP for MS in CS

The third paragraph of our sample SOP for MS in CS discusses the student’s extracurricular activities. This section’s components are as follows:

  • Understand that institutes prefer students who are multi-talented or have interests outside of their studies.
  • Any voluntary work, internships, research projects, or training programmes in which the student has participated should be highlighted.
  • Even if students have a lot of extracurricular activities to write about, they must be accurate about all of their accomplishments in order to present a summary of their work without omitting anything.

Fourth Paragraph of SOP for MS in CS

In the fourth paragraph of your MS in CS SOP, you should begin focusing on what you aim to achieve in your career path.

  • It must include the student’s aims and ambitions.
  • Making an effort to study the university or college and stating the main subjects is a wonderful method to demonstrate your interest in taking their course to the institute.
  • Research the university’s CS instructors and their projects for further references, as well as contributing to your understanding of the school. The admissions committee will enjoy your passion and see how their faculty and the whole programme inspire you.
  • It’s crucial not to blur the line between inspired and desperate, as this would convey the wrong message.


The last and conclusion paragraph of a SOP for a master’s degree in computer science should be just as striking as the first. You can discuss how the institute will get a capable and excellent student who will give their utmost to preserve the university’s prestige and prosper in this paragraph of the SOP for MS in CS.

sample sop for ms in cs

Best SOP for MS in CS

The Statement of Purpose (SoP) is the most important element in the application package that comes with admission to MS in a foreign university.

An SOP provides the university admission administration various reasons to consider your candidature. While most of the SOPs for an MS are similar in the questions answered, a bit of creativity while writing the essay may provide an edge over the other applications.

In the following bullet points, we’ll talk about various points for writing a best SOP:

  1. Always keep the specialization – MS in CS, in your mind.
  2. Always write on the intention as to why you are pursuing a particular institution
  3. Write critical points that made you take up the course.
  4. Highlight professional experiences.
  5. Answer questions about previous experience, a program of interest, reasons for pursuing the course, etc.
sample sop for ms in cs


✅ What is a Statement of Purpose?

Ans. A Statement of Purpose is a draft of the professional interests, plans for future, and motivation towards doing the course you are writing an SOP for.  

✅ What do the universities look for in an SOP?

Ans. What schools look for is not just academically qualified, a well-experienced person having a prior learning experience, but they are looking for different types of individuals who are experts in their own way. However, having experience is always an added advantage.

✅ How do I start writing an SOP?

Ans. Start with your name and current work that you are doing. Move along with paragraphs highlighting and answering the broader questions.

✅ How do I polish my SOP?

Ans. Proofread the essay and make sure the flow in the essay is good. This gives a coherency to your SOP.

✅ Can I see some samples of SOP?

Ans. You can visit our website where there is a dedicated column on Sample SOPs that you may refer to for various subjects.

Is it necessary to write an SOP?

Ans. It is not just necessary, but also desirable to give a clear idea about the candidature of the applicant.

✅ Is writing about my work experience desirable in an SOP?

Ans. Absolutely. In fact, writing about your work experience gives you an advantage over other applications who may not be having prior work experience.

✅ How long should the statement of purpose be?

Ans. Statement of Purpose should be at least 500 to 600 words.

✅ Can the same SOP be used for applying to different universities?

Ans. While ideally, you should be writing individual SOP for different universities, you won’t find time for it.

✅ Should the faculty members be mentioned who I want to work with?

Ans. Yes, it is highly advisable for you to mention the faculty members. In case the professor is in the admission committee, it may help too.

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