Best Short Term Courses After B.Com in 2020

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In today’s competitive world, graduation like in B.Com isn’t enough, one needs to do some short term course after that to seek a job in. Most employers look for professionals who can add value to their organization with their knowledge and skill set.

Only a graduation degree just makes you a part of the crowd, to distinguish yourself and win this clash of clans you need to equip yourself with the littlest of additional professional skills. If you are not aiming for higher studies, it’s best to seek a job oriented short term course after graduation to stand at the top with this cut-throat competition.

Short Term Courses After B.Com Graduation

Don’t waste your time and improve your skill-set with some short term courses after graduation that give you an edge over others when it comes to job selection. We know you’re thinking about why they are required.

List of reasons why Short Term Courses After Graduation are important:

  1. Employers look for the X-factor in your CVs
  2. Specialization gives you a special job
  3. Makes it easier to move up in the corporate ladder
  4. Brownie points in this Competitive Scenario
  5. Quicker & efficient than post-graduation
  6. Creates a dynamic ability
  7. Develops a creative outlook
  8. Showcases your willingness to learn

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Short Term Courses For B.Com Students

Here’s a list of some job oriented short term courses you can pursue after your B.Com degree to enhance your professional appearance and conduct.

Short Term Courses After B.Com – Chartered Wealth Management (CWM)

CWM is a professional program to equip one with financial prowess and training in wealth management. This investment and financial planning advisory service are projected to grow rapidly in India. A desirable course for financial nerds, professional bodies like ICAI, AIWMI, Imarticus, etc. offer this course.

  1. Eligibility- HSC pass or any other graduation degree
  2. The certificate program is offered for both full time and part-time
  3. Job profile includes business relation development, financial management, wealth communications, etc.
  4. Fees- 30,000 INR approx.
  5. Top recruiters are Banks like ICICI, American Express and MNCs like Barclays and Reliance.

Universities offering Chartered Wealth Management (CWM) course:

  1. ICAI
  2. AIWMI
  3. Limen Solutions
  4. ICWI

Short Term Courses After B.Com – Business Accounting and Taxation

For all business loving students, BAT is an industry expert designed the course to educate people in business accounting and taxation. For calculating experts, this short term course gives extensive knowledge about the chartered accountancy aspects of the business.

  1. Students can explore a variety of tax fields like executive indirect taxation, employment tax, corporation tax, etc.
  2. Eligibility – Undergraduate or Graduate students in commerce
  3. Course Duration – 3 or more months
  4. Fees- An average of 50,000 INR a year
  5. It also involves soft skills training and Tally

Universities offering this course:

  1. Maharishi Dayanand Vocational Training Institute
  2. Ramakrishnan Computer Centre
  3. Nalbari Commerce College
  4. AKB Institute of Finance and Management

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Short Term Finance Courses after B.Com

Finance Courses after B.Com courses are in vogue these days. With the millennials looking to up their game and seek jobs in sought after fields, finance is the first choice. A trusted and respected field of Education, nothing can be done without finance and hence, the demand for this skill is increasing rapidly.

These courses challenge you in a dynamic environment making you job-ready. They also help you learn quickly and perform tasks in an efficient and effective manner.

Short Term Finance Courses After B.Com – Financial Modeling

It is a fundamental skill in the finance industry. Making presentable sheets and documents to explain and understand financial statements and investment analysis is important and a needful skill set. This course helps you learn financial projects, structure and analyze fields like operations, investment, financing and valuation.

  1. Eligibility- No such eligibility criteria, preference to those who already know MS Excel.
  2. Fees- Costs an average of 30-50,000 INR
  3. Improves decision making around business models
  4. The average salary of 10 lac p.a in Commercial banks

Universities offering this course:

  1. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
  2. IIM Indore
  3. St. Joseph’s College
  4. ICICI Centre for Financial Learning
  5. All India Management Association.

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Short Term Finance Courses After Finance Courses After B.Com – Financial Risk Management

Risk management refers to the process of identifying potential threats that may arise in the future and the risks can be that with the aid of analyzing the data and safeguards. It is a budding sector in the finance industry with a lot of career opportunities.

Big companies are constantly searching for experts from the history of risk management who can help manage the finances of the business efficiently. Students pursuing successful short-term courses after B.Com may see financial risk management as a great option.

  1. Eligibility- Graduation 
  2. Fees- 30,000 INR for a year
  3. Offered by Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance
  4. Equivalent to an MBA Degree
  5. Explore fields like financial management, risk analysis, risk valuation, etc.

Universities offering this course:

  1. IIS University
  2. Career Launcher
  3. GARP

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

One of the most appreciated courses in the world, a lot of students pursue IFRS post their graduation. The IFRS are issued by the IFRS Foundation and International Accounting Standards Board.

They are developed in a global language and are easily accessible by the accounting departments of all firms to help them understand business statistics and functions.

  • Eligibility- 2 years of relevant accounting experience and graduation in commerce.
  • Study fields like Investment Banking, International finance, financial accounting, etc.
  • Fees- 33,000 INR 
  • High demand and gives expertise in Accounting
  • Get Hired by the Big4

Universities offering this course:

  1. ACCA Amit Kumar
  2. NSE
  3. Laxmibai College


Which course is best after graduation?

Ans. An array of courses can be pursued after completing graduation, MBA, Post-graduation in the desired field, PGDM, Tally, Accounting & Taxation, Financial Planner, IFRS, etc.

What is the best short-term course to get a job?

Ans. The most required and sellable courses are from the IT and finance fields, like data analysts and investment consultants.

Which Diploma is best for the future?

Ans. According to surveys, Engineering diplomas are ranked the highest followed by Marine field, Fire & Safety, Hotel Management, etc

What are the government jobs available after graduation?

Ans. One has to give government recruitment exams to get a job. Recruitment exams after graduation are UPSC, SBI PO, IBPS, RBI Grade, etc.

What should I do after BSc graduation?

Ans. Pursue MSc, MBA or short term courses like MCA


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