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What is GRE?

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination is a test which evaluates the English language proficiency. The evaluation is done in 2-D aspects means both writing and speaking skills are tested. It is actually a computer and paper-based test and very popular among developing countries who want to pursue studies in European and American countries. GRE records the highest number of graduates all over the globe for higher studies. The test is conducted by Educational Testing Services, also known as ETS.

This test doesn’t work on the rejection basis but selection basis where students with specific score bands are allowed to study abroad. More than a million students appear in GRE in over 1,000 test centers. The exam is conducted in over 160 countries. All over the world, it is recognized by more than 1,200 business schools having MBA programs. There are a few law schools, as stated by U. S. News and World Report and the Financial Times.

This entrance test is widely accepted by numerous graduate programs of Canada for masters. Students can enroll themselves in doctoral courses also. Other than the general exam, there are specific subject tests for the students holding bachelors in a certain discipline. The subject test is for evaluating the subject skills of graduation. This helps the universities to see if the candidate is fit of specific courses in masters. 


Why GRE?

GRE evaluates three kinds of skills. The skills that are mainly seen in this exam are analytical, verbal, and comprehensive. One should not forget mathematical skills, as they are also important. Students who want to pursue a Business degree like an MBA can apply at any business school through this the exam. For enrollment in MS programs, GRE exam is compulsory. Scholarships are also decided on the basis GRE score. For example Tata Scholarships for Masters in Engineering.  Besides, there are also fellowship programs which can be accessed thorough GRE. However, GRE is mainly focused on checking the proficiency skills in the language. Therefore, preparation of GRE also helps students to have command over the English language.


GRE 2019 – Eligibility Criteria

GRE test doesn’t have any limits for age. Not only no age limits, but it also doesn’t have the predefined criteria for the exam. However, aspirants need to have their original passport as their identity proof at the examination center. Anything different proof of identity alternative cannot be accepted as they are extremely certain about it. So, one must have a complete document with a passport as a most necessary one. The passport must be from the country of aspirants’ education and graduate degree. However, there are no tough limits for marks percentage in a graduate degree. The main focus is paid on the scorecard of GRE. The score determines which country or university one can go for studies. Generally, the USA has high demands of the score for their universities such as MIT.

Types of GRE

There are two types of GRE – General Test and Subject Test.


GRE General Test

GRE General Test consists of 3 sections – Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning. It is a standardized test accepted at many schools. It is the only test where a candidate can edit the given responses that have been entered. All the 3 sections are analyzed to test the skills. It is accepted by many countries also.

GRE Subject Test

GRE Subject test highlights your knowledge on a particular subject. It emphasizes on the importance of your skills of the concerned discipline. The test is intended for students who have a background in Biology, Chemistry, and Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. Other stream students can’t give this test. English is the core subject as questions come in the English language.


How to Register for GRE?

Registration can be done online on www.ets.org/gre, through phone or the mail, for both paper-based and computer-based test. Since spaces often fill up quickly, it is strongly recommended to register as early as possible.

  1. Visit the official Website.
  2. Register through your mail.
  3. Choose the relevant option
  4. Select the test center.
  5. Choose a center near to you.


GRE Pattern

GRE has two types’ formats for the test one is paper-based, and other is computer-based. The tests analyzed analytical, verbal, reading the quantitative skills of the candidate. Hence, it helps in evaluating the overall skills of the applicant through the exam. Each format has specific time limits for each segment. One should keep in mind the time limit during exam 

GRE Computer–Based

GRE Segment

No. Of Sections


Analytical Writing Segment

2 Tasks

30-minutes each

Verbal Segment

20 Questions (2 sections)

30 minutes (each section)

Quantitative Segment

20 Questions (2 sections)

35 minutes (each section)


GRE Paper–Based

GRE Segment

No. Of Sections


Analytical Writing Segment


30 – minutes each

Verbal Segment


35 – minutes each

Quantitative Segment


40 – minutes each


GRE Scores and Results

GRE Scores can be seen on the official website through the candidate’s ETS account. The official scores can be printed that will consist of all the GRE tests taken, which is mainly for a personal record. It will show the scores of the candidates for each segment of both the formats.

  • The result will be available within six weeks of the test date. 
  • The candidate will receive a mail regarding the publishing of results.
  • The score mean can be calculated by a table given on the ETS website.


Score range



0 – 6



130 – 170



130 – 170



GRE Dates

GRE offers no fixed dates like any other standardized tests. The candidate can choose any date throughout the year based on their availability and convenience. It is important to choose the date before two months from the first application. Choosing date late can increase the complexity of getting the center of your choice. So, always try to register as soon as forms are available


GRE Facts

  • 6,75,000 candidates from over 230 countries take the GRE test every year.
  • 48% of all the candidates who take the GRE test have got undergraduate degrees in quantitatively demanding fields such as engineering, mathematics, and the sciences.
  • The GRE General Test measures the same level of math knowledge as other leading graduate admissions tests.
  • The AACSB, ACBSP, AMBA, and EFMD do not require business schools to use any particular standardized admissions test for accreditation.
  • Independent research has shown that the GRE General Test has excellent predictive validity for social science programs, including business.


Difference between GMAT and GRE




Governing body

Educational Testing Services

General Management Admission Council


Taken by students who intend to study at top graduate schools

Taken by individuals who intend to study management at business schools




Field of Study

No specific field

Business studies


3 hours 45 minutes

3 hours 7 minutes


Admission to graduate and doctoral programs at top universities

Admission to management and finance programs at business schools


GRE Exam Centers

GREs centers are at numerous cities throughout India. Candidates can choose their center according to their availability. However, not all centers provide a computerized test; some centers only have paper-delivered test available.

Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Cochin, Gandhinagar, and Mumbai conduct GREs.



1.Which MBA programs accept GRE scores?

Numerous schools accept GRE, including Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


2. What is the price of the test?

GRE test costs $205.


3. How do I register for the computer-based test?

You can register for the computer-based test onhttps://www.ets.org.


4. How do I register for the paper-delivered test?

You can register for the paper-delivered test on https://www.ets.org.


5. How often can I retake the test?

You can take the GRE test once after every 21 days and for five times within 12 months.


6. How can I prepare for the test?

You can get access to numerous online prep material to get started.


7. How long is the test?

The test lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes.


8. Can I use a calculator in the test?

No calculators are allowed during the test.


9. How are the scores reported?

Scores will be sent to your official ETS account after 10 to 15 days from the test date.


10. How can I send my scores to an institution?

While registering you can choose the institutions you wish to send your scores to.


11. Can I view my scores online?

Yes, you can view your scores online from your ETS account.


12. How long are GRE scores valid?

Your GRE scores are valid for five years.


13. How can I order additional score reports?

You can order for Additional Score Reports through the mail, phone or on the fax.


14. How can I change the date and location of my test?

You can submit a reschedule request online which will change your location through your ETS account.


15. What level of math content is included in the test?

The Quantitative/Math section consists of high school level mathematics.


16. How can I register for a GRE subject test?

You can register for the subject test online or through the mail.


17. What are subject tests offered?

The subject tests offered are Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Literature in English, Psychology, and Physics.


18. How can I prepare for the GRE Subject test?

Subject test materials are available on the official website that is great for preparation.


19. How are subject tests scored?

GRE Subject tests are scored on a scale of 200 to 990.


20. What should I take to the test center?

A confirmation email will be sent regarding the test. Mechanical pencils are not allowed. No.2 HB pencils and an eraser is required.


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