GRE Practice Papers

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GRE Practice Papers

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is an examination that is an obligation before admission for numerous graduate institutes in the United States as well as Canada. The examination is held and directed by the Educational Testing Service. The examination was recognized in 1935 via the Carnegie Groundwork for the Development of Education. To prepare for this exam, one needs to practice mock papers on a daily basis.

GRE Practice Test

Here are samples of some GRE mock tests

The GRE targets to check verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and logical writing, in addition to acute thinking aids that have been achieved over an extended period of knowledge. The syllabus of the GRE contains certain precise geometry, algebra, arithmetic, and language units. The GRE test prep needs the following points to focus on:

  • Read the paper daily
  • Follow the study plan
  • Focus 
  • Make a daily progress report
  • Understand your weakness
  • Rectify your weakness
  • Work on your strength
  • Be confident
  • Talk to seniors
  • Take daily mock tests

GRE sample papers

GRE sample papers are available both on-line and off-line. Aspirants can download different practice papers from various websites available. For offline mode, candidates can visit the nearest stores and ask foe GRE sample papers. They can also look for sample papers at the end of the practice books they are referring to. There are many previous year and sample question papers are available at the end of many practice books.

Websites providing sample practice papers for GRE

GRE sample essays

As we all know that there are 3 sections in GRE. One of them is Analytical Writing. In this section, there are 2 tasks. Both tasks are based on essay writing. Many websites provide sample essays for revision and practice. Aspirants can download PDFs or can surf online.

Websites providing GRE sample essays

GRE sample augment essay

In an argument essay, you will be provided and argument based article. You have to analyze that argument and create an essay response based on your reading and understandings. Candidates can find these sample essays at many online platforms and offline too. The following are some website mentioned which are providing sample essays for free.

Websites for a sample argument essay

GRE practice questions

GRE practice questions include all the sections. They are a part of sample papers and are a little bit advance in nature. The students should practice these questions 15-20 days before the exam. You can find these questions online. Following are some websites mentioned 

GRE practice question websites

GRE practice questions verbal

GRE verbal section is a section that is further divided into 2 sections. These sections have 20 questions. Under this section, candidates need to think constructively while answering the questions. There are many websites and books for the practice of this section. Both of them are mentioned below.

GRE sample questions verbal websites and books



Official GRE verbal reasoning practice questions

5lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

Kaplan’s GRE verbal workbook

Barron’s GRE verbal workbook

GRE practice questions Mathematics

The GRE exam includes a section based on mathematics problems. These problems are based on the basics of mathematics. The students must clarify the basics before solving the practice papers. Although, there are many books and online study materials available for the basic practice. There are some practice papers and study materials mentioned below.

GRE practice questions (Mathematics)

GRE Online Preparation

The GRE General Test contains about six units. The first unit is continually the analytical essay section connecting distinctly timed matter in addition to dispute tasks. The following five units contain two cognitive units, two quantifiable reasoning units, in addition to a research unit. These five units are usually in any given order. In fact, online preparation is a lot in demand now as it saves time and energy.

  • The official guide to GRE
  • GRE Prep by Magoosh
  • Word problems for GRE
  • Quantitative comparisons and data interpretation
  • Manhattan set of strategy guides for GRE

Best GRE Preparation

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is an examination that is an obligation before admission for numerous graduate institutes in the United States as well as Canada. The examination is held and directed by the Educational Testing Service. The examination was recognized in 1935 via the Carnegie Basis for the Development of Education. Try to attempt the best GRE practice tests online.

  • Choose the right study material
  • Stick to the study plan
  • Mental stamina is important
  • Be confident
  • Daily practice mock tests

GRE practice questions online

Students can test their skills by solving many practice questions on a daily basis. They can do practice by sitting at home. They can download these practice papers from many websites for free. The following are some websites mentioned. Students can go through these websites in search of practice papers.

Websites for GRE practice papers online

GRE practice papers with solutions

While solving the practice papers, the biggest doubt we all have is whether the answers are right or not? Well, there are many websites and apps providing practice papers with solutions. These make our practice more convenient. We can track our score and how many answers are correct. The following are some websites and apps.



Varsity Tutors GRE


GRE practice questions Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning is a test based on basic math skills such as algebra and many more. This also includes understanding the information given in various formats and reasoning on the basis of your understanding. The Quantitative section has many practice papers available online and offline. Also, there are many books providing practice papers. The books and websites are mentioned below.




GRE prep 2021 by KAPLAN

Barron’s GRE with online tests

The official guide to GRE


  • How should I start preparing for GRE?

GRE preparation can be done by both on-line and off-line sources. You can take a GRE practice test to check how much practice you need. You have to set a study schedule and follow it strictly.  A study plan should be developed. Keep practicing daily and keep tracking you progress

  • Can I prepare GRE at home?

Yes, you can study GRE at home. There are many online classes and lessons available.  Some of these lessons are chargeable while some are free of cost. Study material is also available for free. Students can enroll in these classes and study materials and get started with preparation.

  • Can I prepare for GRE in 1 month?

You need to have proper basic knowledge of the subjects. If you have a good basic knowledge you can prepare GRE in 1 month. It requires daily practice. Solving the practice papers on a daily basis. Basics should be on the tips.

  • How much time is enough for GRE preparation?

Does it depend upon how much basic knowledge you have? And are you preparing along with a mock test?  A normal GRE preparation requires around 4-20 weeks duration. But if a student is also opting for mock tests, the time duration increases to a minimum of 6-24 weeks. On a daily basis, it requires 2-3 hours.

  • How important is the GRE?

GRE is considered as a basic admission test in most of the colleges in the USA and Canada. Also brush-up your skills if you wish to prepare for any other exam. It is one of the most important admission puzzles for admission in the Grad school abroad. It is one of the factors in top Grad school admission.

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