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GRE Practice Test

GRE sample papers are the mock tests which help the students or aspirants to assess their skills. The sample is designed by the local teachers from the previous year questions. The sample paper gives an overview of the preparation of aspirant. They provide great help while practising questions on paper format. Therefore, it is very helpful for students in overcoming their mistakes.


What is the right time to take the GRE Test?

The best time to give GRE is during graduation. Usually, the third year of bachelors is suitable to apply for MS abroad. However, some students even try in their second years. After April or May, graduates usually prefer this exam. The exam can be given more than one times in a year. 


Why is the GRE Exam Important?


  • It helps to secure a masters seat in foreign university easily.


  • During the preparation phase, one can learn the high proficient language which will help if he/she does not get selected.
  • It provides the best opportunities to study abroad.
  • Scholarships are available is one score good in the exams.
  • Moreover, fellowships programs can avail through good GRE score.





1. Can anyone use a calculator in the exam?

No calculators are allowed during the test.


2. How are the scores reported?

Scores will be sent to your official ETS account after 10 to 15 days from the test date.


3. How can I send my scores to an institution?

While registering you can choose the institutions you wish to send your scores to.


4. Can I view my scores online?

Yes, you can view your scores online from your ETS account.


5. How long are GRE scores valid?

Your GRE scores are valid for five years.


6. Can we give a paper-based GRE?

Yes, you can.


7. What is the best way to give the GRE?

You can choose whatever mode which is comfortable for you.


8. When do we get our results in computer-based mode?

Within 10-15 days after the exam.


9. When do we get our results in paper-based mode?

After five weeks of the exam.


10. What is the charge for GRE Additional Score Report?

It is $27 per additional score report.

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