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How to register for GRE?

To register for GRE, students must first create a ‘My GRE Account’ at www.ets.org/gre. Both the registration and checking of the score can be done through this account. There are four ways to register for GRE, these four ways are, Online, Mail, Phone, and Fax. Candidates must register themselves at least six months before the examination since the spots and exam centers get filled very quickly for online examination and the offline exam. To avoid complexity and chaos it is important so that one can get their desired center of examination.

GRE Registration Process

  • Create a ‘My GRE Account.’
  • This account can be used to check your scores, choose test centers, etc.
  • It is important to pay attention while filling up vital personal information like DOB.
  • Choose ‘General Test’ to give the general GRE test.
  • Once the account is set up, search for test availability dates.
  • After choosing a date and time slot, choose the suitable test center from the list of centers provided.
  • After the selection, go to ‘set up an appointment’ which will last for 4.5 hours since this much is required to set up a test center and for other formalities.
  • Click ‘next’ and answer the questions, do not have to answer the questions which are not compulsory.
  • Pay the fees online which $205 and then finish the registration.
  • Do take a printout to use it later on.

GRE Registration Modes

There are four ways to register for the GRE Examination:


One can register online at www.ets.org/gre and pay the fee through a debit or credit card. Candidates can print their voucher from the site and can also confirm their test centers in real-time.



One must complete the Authorization Voucher Request Form available at the GRE website. The fee can be mailed to the address being provided on the website. The address must be written on the envelope which is to be sent.



A candidate can call 1-800-GRE-CALL or 1-800-473-2255 after the payment is made. When you call, confirmation number, the location of the test center and reporting time will be provided to you.



One can register via fax by printing the form and faxing it to the number, 91-124-4147773 at least seven days before the chosen date of exam. It must be sent along with the fees.


How to Fill the GRE Registration Form?

Filling the GRE form is a very easy task. The applicant just has to follow certain instructions.

  • Candidate must go to www.ets.org/gre and set up ‘My GRE Account’ there. Carefully enter your details there.
  • One should fill their vital information carefully. The personal information cannot be changed later.
  • Choose your preferred test location. You have to select your country, state and place of preferred test center out of the list provided there which will be based on locations closest to you.
  • Choose the date most suitable for you to give the exam and the slot out of the given actions.
  • After this one may have to answer a few questions, the candidate does not have to answer questions which are not compulsory.
  • Then pay the fees online or via mail, and complete the registration.

How to Cancel GRE Registration?

A candidate can cancel their GRE registration as and when they want. Candidate must cancel their test at least four days of the actual exam.

  • The candidate will get half the refund if they cancel the test 4 days before the exam.
  • The test can be canceled online, via mail or phone.
  • While canceling via mail, it is important to give all the necessary bio-data required.

How to Change GRE Registration?

A GRE can be changed or rescheduled. It is not much of a difficult task but should be done properly and within a specified time.

  • The test must be changed four days before the exam or else the fees will be forfeited.
  • The fee to change GRE is $50.
  • Rescheduling must be done in the same year. It is not allowed to be done in different years.
  • The GRE can be changed through an online process, via call or mail.
  • The fees for testing and registration are not exchangeable.

GRE Slot Booking

Slot Booking at GRE is mainly an online process but can be done via call and mail too. One must select their city, center and day of test first before booking a slot. It is always advisable to choose a slot according to y for our comfort for best performance.

  • Create your account and fill in the information, especially the city where you live.
  • Select your center and day of the test. Then select the slot you want to give your exam in.
  • The process can be done easily online.


  1. Can we reschedule the GRE?

Yes, one can reschedule their exam.

  1. What is the fee to change GRE Registration?

$50 is the fees for change of registration.

  1. When should we change the GRE?

At least four days before the exam.

  1. When should one register for GRE?

 At least six months before the exam.

  1. Do we need a print out of the acknowledgment after registration?

Yes, it will come in use later.

  1. How can we book a slot for the GRE Exam?

One can book it online or via call.

  1. Can I change the registration for next year?

No, it must be changed in the same year.

  1. Will my fee get forfeited if I change my registration?

If you do it four days before the exam, it won’t.

  1. What is the duration of the test?

Approximately 4.5 hours.

  1. Can we register for GRE though call?

Yes, one can register via call.


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