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GRE Test Centres in India

Unlike other entrance exams for India, GRE doesn't have such date and time. The dates vary in line with the examination. The GRE General check is obtainable across India at varied centers. 

All centers in  India supply solely computer-delivered testing for the GRE General check the mode. Therefore the checking center besides. Always choose your test center before any chaos on the last date of deadlines.


List of GRE Test Centres in India

  • Ahmedabad - Prometric Testing Private Limited.
  • Allahabad – IPEM.
  • Bangalore - Prometric Testing Private Limited, IDomain Technologies.
  • Calcutta - Indexpo Corporation.
  • Chandigarh - Saint Kabir Public School.
  • Chennai - Prometric Testing Private Limited, Everonn Systems India Limited.
  • Coimbatore - ANCONS International.
  • Gurgaon - Prometric Testing Private Limited, ETS Onsite UAS Intl Production Lab.
  • Hyderabad - Prometric Testing Private Limited.
  • Mumbai - Prometric Testing Private Limited, Everonn Systems India Limited.
  • Mysore- Exuberant Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • New Delhi - Cyberstation, Merit, Council for American Education, Shiksha Overseas.
  • Pune - GRAD Dreams Education Consulting Pvt Ltd.
  • Trivandrum - Prometric Testing Private Limited.

GRE Test Centres Guidelines

  • Test takers ought to dress in a very means that they will adapt to any temperature.
  • Report to the checking center a minimum of a half-hour before the scheduled testing time. If arrived late, check taker might not be admitted, and therefore the check fees are going to be forfeit.
  • Food, beverages, and tobacco don't seem to be allowed within the room.
  • Weapons and firearms don't seem to be allowed within the checking center.
  • If check taker has health-related wants that need him/her to bring instrumentality, beverages or snacks into the room or to require additional or extended breaks, check taker ought to follow the accommodations request procedures.



1. What if I observe irregular behavior at the testing site?

Please immediately contact ETS as soon as possible to report any observed irregular behavior that may lead to an invalid score, for example, someone copying, taking a test for someone else, having the question paper before the exam. All this information is confidently restricted.


2. Can I use a calculator on the test?

The computer-delivered GRE General check includes associate degree on-screen calculator to be used within the Quantitative Reasoning section to scale back the stress on computation and to focus a lot of focus on reasoning skills. The calculator has four functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and a root. For paper-delivered tests, calculators area unit provided at the checking center to be used throughout the check. You'll not bring your calculator.


3. When and where is the GRE held?

The GRE is held around the year at test centers around the world. The ETS web site contains a full list of testing centers. The test is computer-based, and paper-based wherever computer testing is out of stock. Paper-based testing is held thrice annually.


4. When do the testing centers offer the GRE?

The GRE is obtainable as a computer-based test year around at bound registered centers. One will register online on the ETS website and register for a specific date and time from the list of obtainable dates and time slots. Appointments area unit scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis. If one needs to induce the most popular check date and interval ought to register early.


5. What are the things that a test taker need to bring to the Testing Centre?

For the computer-delivered test, test takers positively have to be compelled to bring a suitable ID with a registered name. Test takers are suggested to bring water and snacks for the break, though test-takers won’t be ready to have them throughout testing time. Make sure to dress in layers.


6. What are the ID requirements for taking the GRE revised general test?

A valid passport is that the solely ID accepted by the checking centers to permit a test taker to require the GRE.


7. How to submit GRE scores?

After taking a look at, one can have the choice to submit the foremost recent score or all of their scores from the past five years. When they take a look at they'll have the choice to send specific sets of taking a look at scores. One might consider management that scores square measure sent out, however, will solely send complete sets of scores, one cannot mix section scores from completely different exams, they have to send scores for a complete communication, however, might select that exams to send.


8. How long does it take for the GRE general test scores to be sent to the universities of my choosing?

Score reports are going to be sent to candidates selected establishments close to 5 business days when his/her order is placed. For the four recipients one should select at the test center are the official scores are going to be accessible in candidates My GRE Account and sent to candidates score recipients close to 10–15 days when their check date.


9. Does a test taker get scratch paper on the Computer-Based GRE?

Take a look at takers can receive scratchpad on the computer-based GRE. It's unlimited and is allowed to fire a lot of if run out. However, underneath no circumstances take a look at takers don't seem to be allowed to require the used scratchpad out of the testing center with them.


10. What if I need an unscheduled break?

If there's an emergency, Raise your hand to urge the administrator’s attention. The administrator can set your digital computer to interrupt mode, and you'll leave the room. The communicating timer won't stop throughout your extra break.