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IELTS Results And Scores

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Updated OnJun 17, 2021

IELTS 2020 Results and Scores

IELTS score is the score that correctly reflects your performance. For a preview of your results of IELTS, you can log in to Test Taker Portal. IELTS results remain for 28 days on the website. This result should not be used as the official confirmation of your result.

You can get your result by 12:00 noon after 13 calendar days from the test date if you have given a paper-based test. If you have given a computer-based test, then you will be able to get your result after 5-7 calendar days from the test date.

You will also get the paper copy of your IELTS test score which is called a Test Report Form (TRF) by post on your postal address. IELTS results will not be disclosed over the phone or through the mail.


IELTS score is reported as the band scores. The IELTS Score measure on a scale from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest). The band score will be given to you for each section of your test that is Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Also, the average band score is also given to you which is the average of your 4 individual test sections.

  • The scores for each of the 4 skills are equally weighted.
  • The overall band score will be calculated by taking the mean result for each part of the test.
  • If the score ends up with .75 then it will be rounded up.

IELTS Score Band

The IELTS Score Band ranges on the scale from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest). For each test section that is Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, you will be given band score from 1 to 9.

Also, you will be given an overall band score which is said as the average of 4 individual test section band scores.


The table of the IELTS Band Score is represented below – 

Band Score

Skill Level



Expert User

Fully operational command of the language, appropriate and accurate.


Very good user

Fully operational command of the language with unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies.


Good user

Operational command of the language with misunderstandings in some situations.


Competent user

Effective command of the language. Can use and understand fairly complex language.


Modest user

Partial command of the language and coping overall meaning in most situations.


Limited user

Frequent problems in understanding and expression. Not able to use complex language.


Extremely limited user

Conveys and understand the only general meaning and frequent breakdowns in communication.


Intermittent user

No real communication is possible. Difficulty in understanding, speaking and writing English.



Has no ability to use the language.


Did not attempt

Not attempted the test and no information provided.

IELTS Score Calculator

The IELTS Score Calculator is that in which score is given from 1 to 9 for each part of the test like Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The overall band score is produced by average. You can score whole (for eg. - 5.0, 6.0 etc.,) or half (5.5, 6.5 etc.,). 

  • Your score will be increased to 6.5 if the overall score is an average of 6.25.
  • Your score will be increased to 7 if the overall score is an average of 6.75.
  • Your score goes down to 6 if the overall score is an average of 6.1.
  • The score will be rounded up or down to the nearest 0.5.

IELTS Score Validity

IELTS is an English language test that is needed to be taken by worldwide competitors considering examining or working in a nation where English is the primary language of correspondence. The most well-known nations where IELTS is acknowledged for college endorsements are the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. The test primarily quantifies the capacity of test-takers to convey in the four essential English language aptitudes – tuning in, perusing, talking, and composing. The IELTS test is together possessed and led by IDP Education Australia, British Council, and Cambridge English Language Assessment. With the quantity of IELTS tests developed to a record of 3.5 million in the year 2018, it has become an innovator in the region of worldwide advanced education. It is acknowledged in 100% of colleges in the UK and Australia. Additionally, it is acknowledged in excess of 3,400 organizations in the US and a huge number of foundations in English talking nations.

Is IELTS Validity Extended To 3 Years?

Yes, the IELTS validity has been extended to 3 years. The IELTS score is valid for 3 years as soon as you obtain your IELTS results. The validity period starts from the date of your examination.

IELTS Result

The IELTS result is available on Test Taker Portal (TRP). Candidates need to log in by filling up all the details. For a computer-based exam, the result is available within 5-7 days after your test date. For the paper-based exam, the result is available on the 13th day after the test.

The paper-based result will be available on Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT). You will get your results officially through by mail. Also, your test centre sends your Test Report Form (TRF) officially through a post on your postal address.

  • TRF of computer-based exam will be posted after 5-7 days of the test date.
  • TRF of paper-based exam will be posted after 13 calendar days from the test date.
  • The IELTS Result will be available on Test Taker Portal.
  • The official result will be sent to you via mail.
  • Also, a copy of your result will be sent to your postal address by your test centre.

IELTS Result Online

The IELTS result online will be available on the official website. The computer-based test result will be available online within 2-5 days after the test date.

The paper-based test result will be available online 13 calendar days after your test date. The online availability of your result will be notified to you by your test centres.

You should be handy with your passport number, personal details and your test for getting your IELTS result online. 

  • The IELTS result will be available online for the last 28 days.
  • For a computer-based test, you can preview your result online within 2-5 days after the test date.
  • For a paper-based test, you can preview your result online 13 calendar days after the test date.
  • Your test centre will notify you about the online result availability.
  • The documents which you require are your passport number, personal details and your test date.

IELTS Result

IELTS Result Check

 There are 4 modes of IELTS result check – online, at the test centre, via SMS and via email. The IELTS result check 4 different modes process is given below – 

The Online mode of IELTS result check:

  • Visit the British council's official website (
  • Then select the link for the result.
  • Select your test date.
  • After that enter your date of birth, identification document number and candidate number.
  • Then after filling all the details click on the find button.
  • Your result will be displayed on the screen.

The IELTS result check on the test centre – 

  • To get the result from the test centre, candidates need to show ID number or passport number which is used at the time of registration.
  • Candidates need to show the candidate number which is given on the test day.
  • Then the test centre will give the hard copy of your IELTS result.
  • The candidates who are receiving their result directly from the test centre will not get the result on the phone, via SMS or email and fax.

The IELTS result through SMS – 

  • Candidates have to send the code from any mobile number to 9289892898 after 12 p.m.
  • The SMS needs to be sent on the result day.
  • The format is – RESULT<space>Candidate number<space>Passport number.
  • The score will be automatically sent to your preferred universities or organizations which you choose at the time of registration.

The IELTS result via mail – 

  • The candidates will receive mail on their mail id which they have given at the time of registration for the IELTS test.
  • The mail will be sent by the British council.
  • You need to check your mail for notification of your result.


Q: How can I check my IELTS result?

A: The candidate can check their IELTS result via 4 modes. The 4 modes for checking the result are – online, SMS, email and through the test centre. After taking your result from the test center you will not get your result on the phone via SMS, mail, or fax. 

Q: How long is IELTS valid?

A: The IELTS is valid up to 3 years from the date of the exam. The result date will not play any role in the validity of IELTS. The IELTS validity is totally based on the test date.

Q: How many times can you take IELTS?

A: There is no time limit for giving the IELTS test. You can give as much time as you want. The IELTS test is conducted 5-6 times every month. But it is advised that you should not appear for the exam any closer than once in a period of 2 months.

Q: Is IELTS valid for 3 years now?

A: Yes, IELTS validity has been extended for up to 3 years in recent times. 

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