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Ontario, Canada
Estd. 1969
Rank: #82
public University
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About Centennial College

Centennial College is a public college in Ontario, Canada. Centennial College was the first public college to be set up in Ontario when the province's public college system was established in the 1960s. It has grown from being a small community college to an education hub for students around the world. Courses in only a few streams were offered at first. In the present era, the institute offers a wide range of courses in all major fields. The institution was founded to provide students with an accessible and fulfilling education. The college aims to prepare students for success in life.

Centennial College Campus

Centennial College has eight schools spread throughout its five campus locations. Courses and programs for full-time and part-time learning are accessible at all locations. The School of Transportation is located in the Ashtonbee Campus and is one of Canada's largest automobile and aerospace technical training facilities. The Downsview campus has aerospace programs while the Morningside campus houses the School of Community and Health Studies. The Progress campus has the School of Business. The other three locations are the Story Arts Centre, the Community Employment Centre, and the Performing Arts Commons at Daniel Spectrum.

Centennial College Rankings

  • It was assigned the world rank of 5476 in the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions. 
  • In the metrics of impact, openness, and excellence in the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions, Centennial College received the scores 2358, 5410, and 6,650 respectively. 
  • It was ranked 79th in Canada in the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions. 
  • It received a continental rank of 974 in the Webometrics Ranking of Institutions. 

Centennial College Acceptance rate 

The acceptance rate of Centennial College is above 60%. An acceptance rate of a college is an important indicator of the selectivity of the college. In simple words, the acceptance rate of an institution is the percentage of candidates who are accepted. It's computed by dividing the total number of applicants by the number of admitted pupils.

Centennial College Students

As part of their purpose to educate students, Centennial College and its Board of Governors value and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. The college welcomes international students and encourages domestic students to broaden their horizons. According to the College's website, there are more than 100 ethnocultural groups. More than 80 languages are spoken on campus, making the student population extremely diverse. 

Centennial College Faculty

Centennial College has several well-known professors who provide students with a high-quality education. Professors who teach a wide range of classes are considered for being wizards in their fields. Some of the most notable alumni of the college are Ted Barris (Journalism professor and winner of Libris Non-Fiction Award), Ann Buller (Former Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at Nova Scotia Community College), Lorne Hilts (George Wicken Memorial Award recipient), and Chuck Gullickson (Former faculty of the Recreational Leadership program).

Centennial College Achievements and Awards

In the last six decades that Centennial College has existed, it has achieved a lot of success.

Let us take at some of its greatest achievements.

  • Centennial College was Ontario's first publicly funded college, having opened in 1966.
  • Centennial College is the one and only college in Canada that has a campus in China.
  • In 2016, the college won the Ontario Export Award.
  • In 2018, in the Leadership Development category of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) Awards of Excellence, Centennial College bagged the Gold Award. 

Centennial College Scholarships

According to its website, Centennial College is ready to give out $3 Million in scholarships and bursaries. There are different types of scholarships available to students, both domestic and international.

  • Brandon Ramdial Building Leaders Scholarship - It awards one student $1,000 enrolled in a post-secondary full-time course in the second or third year with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Centennial Pride Scholarship - It awards one student $1,000 enrolled in a full-time course. They must be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.  
  • CCSAI Academic Merit Scholarship - It gives out two awards of $1,000 each to full-time students in the second, third or fourth year of a course. It is available only to international students.  
  • Esther Whittingham Scholarship - It is available for only female candidates who must also be a person of colour. It awards one student $1,000 who must be enrolled in a full-time course with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Centennial College Highlights 

QS Ranking


Annual student population



Community College

Alumni Network

More than 60,000 students

Acceptance rate 

Above 60%

Size of Campus 




Total international students





941 Progress Ave, Scarborough,  ON M1G 3T8, Canada

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How to apply to Centennial College?

The admission procedure for applying to Centennial College is just a few steps long. The procedure is simple for domestic and international students. 

  • The first step is choosing a program that aligns with your interests and career objectives. There are more than 100 full-time programs, 160 part-time programs, and thousands of part-time courses to choose from. 
  • The next step is to ensure that you meet the admission requirements of the course. 
  • Next, apply online at the Ontario colleges portal if you are a Canadian Citizen. International students will have to follow the international application guide to apply.  
  • The next step involves submitting all the relevant documents including all transcripts, English language test scores, etc.
  • Track the application. 


The first step in applying to Centennial College is to determine whether or not you match the eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements differ for each program, and it is up to the student to ensure he matches them. 

For Graduate Certificate Programs

  • A degree or three-year diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institute.
  • Proof of English proficiency through previous education, English upgrading, Centennial college English Test or language test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL)
  • Work experience may be required in some programs. 

For Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs

  •  OSSD, GED, or its equivalent with an overall average score of 65% or above.
  • The student must have taken certain subjects like English, Math, etc in Grade 12. 
  • Proof of English proficiency through previous education, English upgrading, Centennial college English Test or language test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL)
  • Work experience may be required.

For Honours Bachelor's degree 

  • OSSD, GED, or its equivalent with an overall average score of 65% or above.
  • The student must have taken certain subjects like English, Math, etc in Grade 12. 
  • Proof of English proficiency through previous education, English upgrading, Centennial college English Test or language test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL)
  • Work experience may be required.

Admission requirements for Centennial College 

List of documents required for Graduate Certificate Courses :

For Graduate Certificate course

Official transcripts (Grade 12 and after)

Proof of language proficiency 


List of documents required for Diploma and Advanced Degree :

For Diploma and Advanced Degree

Official transcripts (Grade 12 and after)

Proof of language proficiency


List of documents required for Honours Bachelor’s Degree :

For Honours Bachelor’s Degree

Official transcripts (Grade 12 and after)

Proof of language proficiency


Graduate Certificate in Centennial College

Graduate Certificate programs at Centennial college help students upgrade their skills. The certificate programs empower students to take on obstacles that come their way in their professional careers.

  • Global Business Management 
  • International Business
  • Event Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Arts Management 

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Centennial College  

At Centennial College, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are offered that last between two to three years. These courses are highly recommended as they are career-oriented.

  • Diploma in Animation 3D
  • Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Business Accounting
  • Diploma in Culinary Management 
  • Advanced Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology (Co-op)
  • Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care

Honors Bachelor’s degree in Centennial College

At the moment, the Centennial college offers only three honours bachelor's degrees. The Honours bachelor's degrees at Centennial college last for four years. While the degrees offered are limited in number, there is no compromise on the quality of education. 

  • Bachelor of Public Relations Management 
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer and Communications Networks)
Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Hospitality and Tourism
Professional Studies
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management30.june30.june
Computer Science and IT30.june30.june
Engineering15/Jul, 15/Dec30.june
Fine Arts30.june30.june
Hospitality and Tourism30.june30.june
Professional Studies-30.june
Social Science30.june30.june
Life at Centennial College

Life at Centennial College

Life at Centennial College is thrilling. Currently, the college has 25,000 full-time students. The college's services are intended to enrich the students' college experience and foster a thriving college community. Peer tutoring facility, personal counselling for various issues, student clubs, and student association are some of the highlights of the student life at Centennial College.

Accommodation at Centennial College

Students of Centennial College can choose to stay in on-campus or off-campus accommodation. Living on campus is a very fulfilling experience, but living off-campus has its perks too.

Centennial College On-campus accommodation 

Centennial College has Centennial Residence in the form of on-campus accommodation. It allows students to study, rest, and socialize with their peers on campus.People who applied must pay a $250 security deposit. A non-refundable $100 application fee is also requested of new candidates. For returning residents, this charge is waived.

  • Centennial Place - Centennial Place is located in the heart of Centennial College's Progress Campus. It provides amenities like a fitness centre, gaming lounge, community kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and 24-hour security.

Centennial College Off-campus accommodation 

There are several off-campus accommodations available near Centennial College.Staying outside of school dorms costs an average of $3,020 a month in basic expenses. For a moderate eater, $2,000 goes toward rent, $400 goes toward energy expenses, $350 goes toward cable/internet, and $270 goes toward food. A student who lives outside of school for a semester will spend a total of $12,080.

  • Places4students Inc. - The college has partnered with Places4students Inc to help students find off-campus residence options. 
  • Travelodge - A hotel located near Centennial College that the college recommends for a temporary stay. 
  • Shared apartments and rentals are available too.

Key attractions

Toronto has a bunch of tourist attractions. From an aquarium to a zoo, there are many key attractions near Centennial College in Toronto.

  • Toronto Zoo - The Toronto Zoo aims to create a planet where wildlife and natural areas flourish. This zoo helps conserve wildlife and fight the extinction of precious species.
  • Niagara Falls - The most famous Niagara Falls is a sight to behold. This magnificent place is calm and serene.
  • Ripley's Aquarium - Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience. In Ontario, the Aquarium is the first and only aquatic facility of its sort.
  • Ontario Science Centre - The Science Centre is a place where people of all ages can learn by conducting experiments and finding new methods to think like scientists daily.

Career at Centennial College

Centennial College promotes the career growth of all students. More than 94% of the employers who have recruited Centennial College graduates are very satisfied with their performance. Centennial College is committed to creating inclusive settings that are friendly and accessible to all students. This allows equal opportunities for all students. The college has a lot of resources that support the students during and after their studies. 

Jobs after studying at Centennial College

Centennial College gives the students the knowledge and confidence to find employment. Both part-time and full-time programs of the college allow students to find the best job role for themselves. The future-oriented programs of the college aid students in learning the relevant skills required for a job in that specific domain.

Placements at Centennial College

Centennial College has many resources for helping students secure jobs. Resources for all of the personal needs of the students are present, from counselling and academic help to help in the transition to life after graduation. Academic and advising resources, Centre for academic English, and Centre for accessible learning are some resources that can help students before, during, and after graduation. 

Centennial College  Notable alumni

Centennial College has a long list of notable alumni due to its esteemed legacy. The college has more than 60,000 alumni, out of which many have gained fame due to their excellence.

  • Ana Casado (Member of the OCAA Rookie Team)
  • Helena Dufgran (Artist at Arc Productions)
  • Ahmed Bawah (Owner of Mama's Life products)
  • Andrew Pallillo (Proprietor of Save our Solez)
  • Sameer Vadera (Proprietor of Save our Solez)
  • Akeem Raphael (Associated with Spoke N' Heard)


Colleges related to Centennial College

Centennial College has tie-ups with multiple educational institutions. It offers joint programs with some universities and has partnered with others for making student transfer easier.

  • Collaborative programs with Ryerson University 
  • Joint programs with University Toronto
  • Cape Breton University for MBA
  • Nipissing University 
  • Central Michigan University 
Living Costs
Accomodation1204 cad/month
Food250 cad/month
Entertainment175 cad/month
Utility121 cad/month
Travel141 cad/month
Miscellaneous150 cad/month
Coke/Soda1 cad/month
McDonalds9 cad/month
Contact Details
ADDRESS631 Station A Toronto, ON, M1K 5E9
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