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University Of Wollongong

New South Wales, Australia
Estd. 1951
Rank: #11
public University
251 Courses Available

Facts about University of Wollongong 

  •  The University of Wollongong is consistently among the top 2% of the world. The main reason for such high rank is quality research in technical areas.
  • Its campus has students from all over the world. Students gather here from over 150 countries.
  •  The University is ranked in one of the best Universities in the world by the QS World University Rankings.
  • The institute has maintained this rating since 2015. It has been the best institute in science within the country. UOW is continuously in the best 1% in the world for the quality of graduates in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings.
  • There are more than 4,000 students in different courses. In all these students there are more than 1000 international students add each year.

University Of Wollongong Highlights

Established in 1951
QS Ranking 651-700
Total International Students 12800
Size of Campus 202 acres
Faculty 1732
Valuation USD 623 million
No.of Campuses 9
Acceptance Rate 60%
Address Northfields Ave, Wollongong NSW 2522, Australia

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Admission Procedure

How To Apply in University of Wollongong

The university offers different opportunities to get admitted into the graduate, degree, and masters programs. The online application requirements are to have complied with the submission of the amount of the fee.

Admission Requirements For University of Wollongong

List of Documents Required for UG

Undergraduate Documents
UC writing Supplement
High School Transcripts
Proof of English Proficiency

SAT, Act, UC Maths Placement Score


Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

List of Documents Required for PG

Postgraduate Documents
10th Grade Transcripts and Certificate

12th Grade Transcripts and Certificate

Bachelors Transcripts and Degree

Work Experience Documents

Financial Documents
Visa Forms

Masters In University of Wollongong

The university offers masters programs and is also an institution to development of professional excellence.  There are a large number of masters degrees offered by the institution. The master's degree is available in various domains ranging from architecture, behavior analysis, biological engineering to civil engineering and communication. 

Bachelors In University of Wollongong

The university offers a wide range of choices when it comes to bachelor degrees.  The option of studying through flexible choices is also available. It provides a lot of opportunities in the field of bachelor education. The major academic programs accessible in this domain are arts & sciences, music, design & architecture, Allied Health Sciences, nursing, and business.

MBA in University of Wollongong

MBA programs are designed for experienced professionals with ambition and leadership skills in the domains of business and corporate culture. The course covers three stages, like diagnostic, exploration, and integration & application. The course is of duration 1-1.5 months full time and part-time.

Requirements & Eligibility
Business and Management
Computer Science and IT
Fine Arts
Hospitality and Tourism
Social Science
Important Deadlines
Area of StudyPGUG
Business and Management12/Nov, 15/Apr12/Nov, 15/Apr
Computer Science and IT12/Nov, 15/Apr12/Nov, 15/Apr
Education12/Nov, 15/Apr12/Nov, 15/Apr
Engineering12/Nov, 15/Apr12/Nov, 15/Apr
Fine Arts12/Nov, 15/Apr12/Nov, 15/Apr
Hospitality and Tourism-10/Dec, 15/Apr
Law-12/Nov, 15/Apr
Mathematics12/Nov, 15/Apr12/Nov, 15/Apr
Medicine12/Nov, 15/Apr12/Nov, 15/Apr
Science10/Dec12/Nov, 15/Apr
Social Science10/Dec, 15/Apr10/Dec, 15/Apr
Sports-12/Nov, 15/Apr
Life at University Of Wollongong

Student Life

Life At University of Wollongong

Student life is an eternal part of education and university thrives to its full potential to make this life memorable and worth remembering. A large number of student activities are promoted to bring out the hidden talents of individuals. The entire compilation of Accommodation, Food, Athletics, Recreation turns out to be great.

Accommodation at University of Wollongong

Wollongong offers both on-campus and off-campus housing facilities to its students. Temporary accommodation is also available in the city for emergency purposes.

University of Wollongong On-Campus Accommodation

  • Residence halls are provided to the students with all the necessary amenities.
  • These halls are fully-furnished, air-conditioned with high-speed internet and cable services.
  • The application needs to be submitted with a security deposit fee.
  • The amount of living in residence halls in $195 per week for graduate students.
  • The most important benefit is the hassle-free peaceful environment provided by the campus, which enriches the student life to a large extent.

University of Wollongong Off-Campus Accommodation

  • Private listings of residence halls are compiled by the institution in case of no availability of on-campus options.
  • The rentals are generally located at a walking distance from the campuses.
  • The graduate and family housing are available near the uptown campuses.
  • Renting an apartment can also be a good option.
  • The various online sources to search are also available.

Key Attractions

  • It is a coastal city of the country, south of Sydney with the Grand Pacific Drive.
  • The city has surfing beaches with rock pools on the coastline, making it attractive destinations for international students to come and study in a great environment.
  • The nightlife of Brisbane city centers is fabulous and a must.
  •  The city has the forests with rocky cliffs of Mt. Keira. They are in the Illawarra mountain range which surrounds the city.
  • On the north of the city, there are hang gliders launch on the. Bald Hill. There are public parks that are best suited to spend peaceful time, especially on the weekend.

Career at University of Wollongong

Careers are at the topmost priority when it comes to the University Of Wollongong. The university aims to act as a bridge between employer and candidate by engaging students in learning initiatives. It introduces candidates to experts from various disciplines to find solutions to world-class problems and challenges.

Jobs After Studying At University Of Wollongong

The University Of Wollongong provides job opportunities to its students, especially those belonging to the domain of law, health, and nursing. It also opens up the option of abroad settlement of the candidates. 500 out of 699 business graduates were placed with an average salary of $ 45000. 70% of graduates were employed in the best sectors.

Placements At University of Wollongong

The university has maintained more than a 70% placement rate all over the years. Graduates are hired by various colleges promoting the scale of employment. The graduates are placed at suitable positions in academic institutions as editors, counselors, aerospace engineers, etc.

University of Wollongong Notable Alumni

  • Willy Susilo
  • Van Badham
  • Stephen Jones
  • John Tranter
  • Bryan Dohle

Colleges related to University of Wollongong

The colleges under the University of Wollongong  are:

  • Faculty Of Business
  • Faculty Of Engineering and Information Sciences
  • Faculty Of Law, Humanities, and Arts
  • Faculty Of Science, Medicine, and Health
  • Faculty Of Sciences
Living Costs
Accomodation818 aud/month
Food300 aud/month
Entertainment200 aud/month
Utility219 aud/month
Travel63 aud/month
Miscellaneous200 aud/month
Coke/Soda2 aud/month
McDonalds9 aud/month
Colleges at University Of Wollongong
School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences

About the University

The School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences (SEALS) is a newly established school which serves our society by connecting environmental sciences research and teaching.


School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering

 The School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Wollongong provides diverse and skill-based courses from 3D printing to robotics.

School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

The School of Geography and Sustainable Communities gives courses in a variety of areas like the Human Geography and even the Land and Heritage Management.

School of Law

 The University of Wollongong's School of Law is known for its world-class legal research and also aims to produce informed, independent, and effective graduates.

School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience

The School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience is a newly found school that will serve the purpose in our communities better by connecting molecular sciences research and development.

School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

The School of Accounting, Economics and Finance aims that the aspirants receive commendable education in both the skills and the conceptual learning required to prosper in professional careers.

School of Medicine

University of Wollongong School of Medicine provides skill-based courses which prove to be engaging and at the same time, challenging for the students interested in medicine.

School of Computing and Information Technology

The University of Wollongong School of Computing and Information Technology is an institution which has an innovative and evolving curriculum and put a strong emphasis on industry links.

School of Health and Society

The School of Health and Society at the Wollongong University aims at student and society satisfaction as the health department serves the society.

School of Physics

The School of Physics of the University of Wollongong is known for its research in the areas of medical radiation physics, terahertz science and technology, applied superconductivity, and many more. 

School of Education

About the University

School of Education is graduate school of University Of Hertfordshire located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

The school of Humanities and Social Inquiry at the Wollongong University which is situated in Australia aims and provides the aspirants the best level of theoretical knowledge.

School of Management, Operations and Marketing

The School of Management, Operations and Marketing ensures purposeful research that contributes to business concepts and practice.

School of Nursing

University of Wollongong School of Nursing provides a clinically relevant curriculum and is also ranked in the top 100 institutes for Nursing by QS World Rankings (Subject) in 2019. 

School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering

School of Electrical Computer And Telecommunications Engineering is a part of the University of Wollongong in Australia and one of the most accepted schools for the electrical, computer and telecommunications engineering.

School of Psychology

University of Wollongong School of Psychology aims to provide a solid foundation in psychological science by covering key aspects of human behaviour.

Sydney Business School

The Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, was inaugurated in the year 1997.

School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering

The School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering (CME) has earned a world-class level reputation and acceptance for excellence in research and development.

School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics

The University of Wollongong situated in Australia offers some well known courses like Mathematical and Applied Statistics which aims at quality education and academical exposure.

School of the Arts, English and Media

The University of Wollongong's School of the Arts, English, and Media aims of producing professional-level graduates by offering various interdisciplinary degrees in creative arts, communication & media, journalism, and theatre.

Contact Details
ADDRESSHanging Rock Pl, Batemans Bay NSW 2536, Australia
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