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What is the USA Student Visa Process?

The process for the visa is fairly neat and simple. A student must fill in form of DS-160. Then he must pay the required application fee. He/she can schedule a visa interview. After that he/she needs to get all the required documents. Then he/she needs to attend the visa interview.


USA Study Visa Process Time

The processing time of the F-1 visa is much shorter than other visas. The interview is the concluding step for US Embassy to assess whether they should give you an F-1 visa or not. The interview may tell you whether your visa is approved or not by the end of the interview or it makes take up to 2 to 3 days. For J1 visa, it can vary from 1 to 4 months. M1 visa takes the same time as F1 visa. You may know immediately or might take up to four weeks.

  • Most of the students opt for the F-1 visa, the approval or rejection for which is immediately informed in most cases.
  • The visa interview is conducted to assess the candidate.
  • In case of visa rejection, the students are advised to apply again, after amending the reason for rejection.


USA Study Visa Processing Time

The student visa for the USA takes around 60 days for the complete process. Once you apply for the F-1 Visa, you will get an interview date. After the interview, it will be made known to you whether your visa has been approved or denied. It is usually informed after the interview itself and in case of visa approval, the embassy keeps your passport and send it along with your visa. 

Cost of USA Study Visa

There are two types of fees- SEVIS Fee & Visa Application Fee. The SEVIS fees for F1, J1, M1 is $200, $180, $200 respectively. The visa application fee is $160 for all three types of visa.


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