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Studying architecture in Australia indeed is an opportunity that no student will want to miss. It could be the most rewarding experience because of the way architecture here combines elements of art and design with materials management.

Architects are magicians who design and create beautiful structures to improve the world we live in. Architecture is a creative profession which requires immense skills and passion it is similar to engineering because of its close ties to principles of design and construction.  Read here to know about the 10 Best Countries to Study Architecture.



Find out the best universities in Australia

How to study Architecture in Australia?

There are numerous different options for studying architecture programs in Australia at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Australia has been a student-friendly country that welcomes international students warm-heartedly.

Students have a wonderful study experience in Australia. Read here about funding studies in Australia. The best ranking colleges for architecture as far as numbers going to in Australia are: RMIT, QUT, and UNSW. These colleges likewise have the most elevated level of design understudies in general which strengthens their prevalence.

What are the Best Architecture Universities in Australia?

1.RMIT University

2.Queensland University of Technology

3.University of New South Wales

4.Curtin University of Technology

5.University of South Australia

6.University of Technology Sydney

7.Deakin University

8.University of Newcastle

9.University of Sydney

10.University of Melbourne


What are the top Universities to Study Architecture in Australia Course-wise?


What are the top Universities to Study Undergraduate Architecture Courses?


A strong foundation is necessary. In every course or field, a firm foundation and sound knowledge of the basics is a must. As a student who wishes to pursue a course in architecture, it is necessary to have a strong foundation in it.

The undergraduate program is considered as the foundation course for architecture. Australia has some of the world’s best universities that are ranked among the world’s top universities. Much importance is given in developing and nurturing the practical skills of the students in Australia. A student is trained to be a successful professional in this field. A balance is maintained between the practical as well the theoretical study.


Here is a list of some undergraduate architecture courses in Universities of Australia:


Bachelor Of Design ArchitectureThe University of Sydney
Bachelor Of Architectural StudiesUniversity of New South Wales
Bachelor Of Design In Digital ArchitectureThe University of Sydney
Bachelor Of Architectural StudiesBond University
Bachelor Of DesignCharles Darwin University
Bachelor Of Industrial DesignUniversity of New South Wales


What are the top Universities to Study Postgraduate Architecture Courses?


The Master of Architecture develops the emerging architectural professional and challenges the individual to discover and develop personal skills in the architectural world.

 A master’s degree is proof that tells you are a master in a particular field. In the competitive world today high qualifications are important to survive in any field. Australia has many institutions that provide the master program in architecture.

Australia has always maintained its place at the top in the list of most desired destinations for higher education. Students who wish to have an expert knowledge and excel in the field of Architecture may opt for a master’s program.


Here is a list of some postgraduate architecture courses in Universities of Australia:


Master Of Design Science (audio And Acoustics) (facilities Mgmnt)The University of Sydney
Master Of Urban And Regional PlanningCurtin University of Technology
Master Of Design Science (audio And Acoustics) (building Services)The University of Sydney
Master Of Design Science (Sustainable Design) (facilities Mgmnt)The University of Sydney
Master Of ArchitectureRMIT University
Master Of ArchitectureMonash University


Check your eligibility in the top universities in Australia

What are the top Four Universities to Study Architecture in Australia?



RMIT focuses on design in the architecture field. The university has a project-based research pattern that helps in exploring innovative practices. The education pattern also includes critical debate and rigorous enquiry.


Study typeProgram nameLocation
UndergraduateBachelor of Architectural Design

Open Midyear (July intake)

Melbourne City
PostgraduateMaster of Architecture

Open Midyear (July intake)

Melbourne City
PostgraduateMaster of Disaster, Design and Development

Open Midyear (July intake)

ResearchPhD (Architecture & Design)Melbourne City
ResearchPhD (Built Environment)Melbourne City
VocationalAdvanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

Open Midyear (July intake)

Melbourne City
VocationalCertificate IV in Design

Open Midyear (July intake)


QUT – Queensland University of Technology


QUT is an innovative multidisciplinary university that offers courses of architecture at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The university has excellent connections with the real world of professional design. QUT provides opportunities to collaborate with the design community through public lectures, student-run exhibitions, and off-campus and international study tours to design capitals in Europe, America and Asia.


QUT architecture studio is a space for students to experiment and explore ideas. Click here to have a look at QUT architecture studio.


UNSW – University of New South Wales


UNSW Architecture offers a distinctive architectural education with 4 areas of specialization: high-performance technology, housing, urban conditions, and social agency. The university prepares the students to work in architecture and other design-based industries and to operate at a professional level in the practice of Architecture.


What are the courses offered by UNSW at the undergraduate level?

  1. Bachelor of Architecture studies.
  2. Bachelor of city planning
  3. Bachelor of computation design
  4. Bachelor of construction management and property
  5. Bachelor of interior architecture.

What are the Post-graduation courses offered by UNSW?


  1. Masters of City Analytics
  2. Master of City Planning
  3. Masters of Construction Project Management
  4. Masters of Landscape Architecture
  5. Masters of Property and Development



Curtin University

Architecture is more than just designing and constructing buildings. The University offer courses that are about creating quality environments in which people live, work and play. Curtin offers architecture courses at both the undergraduate and post-graduate level.

What are the courses offered by Curtin at the undergraduate level?

  1. Bachelor of Architecture
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  3. Bachelor of Civil and Construction Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Construction Management
  5. Bachelor of  Interior Architecture
  6. Bachelor of  Mine and Engineering Surveying

What Post-graduation courses are offered by Curtin University?

  1. Masters of Architecture
  2. Master of Sustainability and the Built Environment
  3. Master of Science (Project Management)
  4. Master of Urban and Regional Planning


The University offers many more courses in this field apart from the above-mentioned courses. You can visit the official website f Curtin University to know more about it.

What are the entrance exams to study Architecture in Australia?

Although different universities select students based on different criteria. Few universities conduct their own exam and check student’s academic/professional portfolio. To proof your English proficiency in writing, reading and speaking you need to give TOFEL or IELTS exam depending on the country or university you are choosing for your degree. To know about this in more detail you can visit official websites of shortlisted colleges and universities in which you wish to take admission.

Architecture is a vast field where there is a lot to learn and even more to explore. The universities in Australia offer the students every possible facility to nurture and encourage their skills.

Innovation and creativity is something that is required in abundance when it comes to pursuing a career in architecture. The moral and ethical purpose of architectural practice is to serve communities through practitioner engagement with designing, promoting and overseeing the procurement of built environments that sustain and celebrate human occupation. 

It can be stated and concluded that Studying in Australia is a lifetime experience that will leave an impact on the students. After all, every place has different cultural as well as the traditional impact on its architecture. These were the best architecture courses in Australia. If you have something to add to this list, kindly add it in the comments section. Also, please don’t forget to leave your suggestions and feedback.


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