How to Write a Great SOP (Updated 2019)?

Basically, the statement of purpose is a long essay that you are required to write by the university’s board in order to assess your personality, life’s motive, and other things. SOP has many names like graduate admissions essay template, college statement of purpose etc.

What is an SOP and how to write it?

This generally is a long 1000 words essay that will help the admissions board to understand you better. Statement of purpose is that important part of your application that will determine your image before the admissions’ committee.

It is essential for you to have a good SOP because it is the initial information which the committee will know about you when they get your application. Read here to know the common mistakes which students make while filling the applications.

The statement of purpose is a personalized statement that should include all the important elements that it requires- Who are you or what influenced your career so far, what are your goals etc are all included in the statement of purpose?

How to write a statement of purpose?

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How to write statement letter or how to format statement of purpose is a common query here you will find answers. Learn how to write a strong personal statement.

Before you start to write there is something you need to do:

Step 1: Research about the university you are going to apply for
Step 2: Think clearly about your goals.
Step 3: Prepare a list of your achievements

Once you have done this you are ready to start Well, let’s see what are the important elements that your sop must’s the who what and why theory. 

WHO- Who are you?

It is very important how to start a statement letter. It is common to introduce yourself to someone else before you start anything, right? So Here you introduce your self. Here the introduction doesn’t mean an introduction which includes the name other general details, you have to introduce your personality here. You know yourself best! Think of every other quality that makes you unique and stands out and just frames them in the right words and lo! there you go. A person reading your sop should get the idea of your impressive personality that fulfills the requirements of a perfect candidate.

WHAT- What drives you?

You have a reason behind why you chose to take up certain careers. You just have to simply explain your reasons tell them what drives you. You can tell them about what inspired you to choose a certain field. Now, are you wondering why is it important to tell them what inspires you? Letting them know what motivates you will help them access your persistence, willingness to learn more and learn your interests. If you are genuinely interested in pursuing a certain course let it reflect in your SOP. Pen down your dreams and convey how determined you are to achieve them. An ambitious, persistent and determined candidate is always preferred. You can present everything that you believe motivates and inspires you or that reason what makes you find the course interesting. You just have to tell them what made you choose the particular course, what all you want to achieve in future and that’s it!

WHY- Why should you be selected?

Keep this towards the end of the essay. So far you have written about yourself and your motive now you have you let them know you are worth it. Write all your achievements big and small leave nothing behind. Remember not to bluff here, it might leave a bad remark if found to be untrue. From the list of all the achievements put the ones that you think will be of greater value and emphasize on them. You can you stress you the individual qualities that you have.
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What to do once you are done with the writing?

1. Check for any grammatical errors.
2. Check whether it is to the point. Unnecessary exaggeration is not much appreciated.
3. Ensure that no repetitions have occurred.
4. Maintain originality.
5. Try making it creative and interesting.
6. Read and re-edit again and again.

Why is it important to write a perfect statement of purpose?

Consider other important things for admission, your academic scores and extracurricular records are all what you already have and can’t change it whatsoever but SOP gives you the opportunity to impress the admission committee. You might also choose the best recommendation letter writers but again it’s not in your hands. But you can sure hope they give you the best possible recommendation. One reason that SOP is so important is that this is the only part of which you can have command over. You can choose what image you should create before the admissions’ committee SOP is your golden chance to communicate with the admissions’ committee. You can talk directly with them and convince them that you got everything that they are looking for in a candidate. It is more like a wildcard entry that you might get. You can decide how they should recognize you. It is a chance you get to tell them about all that you are and what you want to be.

What all should your statement of purpose contain?

Well, your sop should contain everything that you wish to communicate with the admissions board so that you can convince them that you have the spark in you. It should be a personal statement that will make you stand out from numerous persons who have similar qualifications. Out of many other candidates who have similar qualifications as yours, you sop will determine who holds the upper hand.

Every SOP is not the same just as every individual is not the same and it is absolutely alright. Every SOP will have a different story as far as your SOP defines you well it is okay. Whether you are writing a personal statement for grad school or personal statement for a master’s program know that SOP can make great differences, you just have to get it right. Read here to know about the factors for selecting a university for master’s programs.  There is nothing so complicated about it you just have to pen down yourself so that you can convey to them the true you with your goals and ambitions that you will achieve with your efforts. Statement of purpose sample essays are available online you can refer to them also. What problems are you facing while writing your SOP?  Share with us in the comments below. Also, please do share your suggestions and feedback.
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