The Ultimate List of STEM programs in USA in 2019

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Basically, STEM programs in the USA are the degree courses in the fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. It is predicted that the US would experience a shortage of workforce in advanced areas related to these designated fields.

According to the data provided by the US Department of Labor, the number of jobs available in the STEM areas would be close to 1.2 million, however, the studies show that there would be a deficit of suitably qualified candidates to take up these positions.

This indicates that there’s a growing need to encourage students to study and take up careers in these designated fields. It is necessary to keep a pipeline ready for the next generation of STEM professionals.

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List of STEM programs in the USA in 2019


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Here’s a representative list of the degree programs included under STEM:

1 Aeronautical/Aerospace
2 Agricultural Engineering
3 Animal Sciences
4 Architectural Engineering
5 Astronomy
6 Behavioral Sciences
7 Biochemistry
8 Biomedical Technology
9 Botany
10 Chemical Engineering
11 Chemistry
12 Civil Engineering
13 Computer and Information Sciences
14 Computer Programming
15 Environmental studies
16 Food science
17 Forensic Chemistry
18 Forensic Science and Technology
19 Genetics
20 Geology
21 Horticultural Science
22 Human Biology
23 Mathematics
24 Mechanical Engineering
25 Meteorology
26 Military Applied Sciences
27 Mining Technology
28 Molecular Biology
29 Nuclear Physics
30 Nutritional Sciences
31 Ocean Engineering
32 Petroleum Technology
33 Pharmacology
34 Physics
35 Plant Sciences
36 Statistics
37 Zoology

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There is more to this list. You can choose from over 300 programs. There are many courses offered in the areas related to Science and technology touch almost every aspect of our lives. It is important that you should choose the right specialization that you are interested in. STEM has an immense opportunity and can provide you with the best jobs.


What are the criteria and how to apply for STEM in the USA?



To fit the bill for the two year STEM OPT augmentation, you should:

  1. Be in F-1 status
  2. Be as of now working in a time of post-fruition OPT
  3. Have a four-year certification or higher degree in a qualified STEM field
  4. You might be qualified to utilize an earlier STEM degree earned in the U.S. for this necessity; to utilize an earlier STEM degree, you should:
  5. Have gotten your latest degree (which shouldn’t be STEM-related) from an as of now certify Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)
  6. The qualifying STEM degree must be on the Department of Homeland Security’s STEM Designated Degree Program List at the time you present your STEM OPT expansion application (as opposed to at the time you got the degree).


Step by step instructions to Apply

Students with a STEM degree and right now in the year OPT period:

Stage 1: Confirm your year OPT data is right

In the event that your current location and business data is right, continue to Step 2 underneath.

On the off chance that your current location and business data isn’t right, present a 12-Month OPT Report. (Try not to ask for another I-20 in the year OPT report webform; simply present the data changes. You will ask for another I-20 in the different two year STEM OPT I-20 ask for webform beneath).

ISS must guarantee the year OPT data in your SEVIS record is precise and refreshed before preparing your STEM OPT I-20 to ask.

Stage 2: Complete and present your STEM OPT Extension I-20 Request to ISS

Finished I-765 Form

It is alright to leave the E-Verify field clear in the I-765 Form in this circumstance. ISS keeps up a rundown of bosses who don’t share the E-Verify number with university authorities on the grounds that the businesses will present the OPT expansion application for their workers. On the off chance that your manager isn’t on the rundown, your ISS consultant may get in touch with you to request an affirmation letter from your boss that states their strategy.

-For help finishing the Form I-765, if it’s not too much trouble see the I-765 Completion Guide – STEM OPT Extension.

-After August 17, 2018: Pay the $200 Post-Completion Training charge. Make certain to spare a duplicate of your email receipt – you will be required to transfer a duplicate with your STEM OPT Extension I-20 ask.

-Present the online STEM OPT Extension I-20 Request to ISS

What about the Importance of STEM Courses?

In United States professions related to the STEM fields are considered to be of high importance due to many reasons. The future of the country and the economic, scientific, technological and other progress, in the long run, is directly or indirectly related to these areas.

The United States has been regarded as the global leader in fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.  A concentrated effort to encourage more students to take up future positions in these designated areas is necessary as it is important to sustain this competitive society.


Education in this field cultivates a spirit of inquiry. Students are encouraged to think logically and come up with innovative ideas. Besides, exploratory learning and a problem-solving mindset are developed among students which are the foundation for our future. The STEM education will help to bring up the next generation scientists, architects, engineers, and educators.

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Additionally, these fields are the basic foundation of scientific and technological innovations which is the key to our prosperity. Improvement of quality of life is an essential component of a competitive society.

A competitive society like the US economy requires more professionals in these fields. USA has been encouraging efforts to increase the number of majors in the STEM. USA recognizes the importance of the STEM courses and it has has been emphasized by the USA.


What about International Students and STEM programs in the USA?

STEM has a wide scope on the global front. In the bigger picture, the international students and workers also play a significant role. Many international students have successful start-ups.

Numerous job opportunities have increased due to this. International students who perform well are offered jobs and retained in the country after graduation. Top talents are retained by offering better opportunity and better policies.

The total of the foreign-born workers already makes up about 17 percent of the domestic STEM workforce. This percentage increases up to 25 percent in certain areas like Life and Physical Science occupation.


What are the Benefits and Advantages of STEM programs in the USA for the students?

These are the advantages of STEM programs in the USA for students:

1. STEM Extension for F1 students in the USA

STEM students who are on an F1 visa can opt to work in the U.S. If a student opts to work in the U.S. under the 12 month OPT could extend it by 24 months. For this students should be employed by those employers who participate in E-Verify.

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2. Better job opportunities

Students pursuing courses related to STEM will get better job opportunities in the U.S. The number of STEM-related occupations is expected to grow at a higher rate in the United States. It is not only that they have better job opportunities they also have an opportunity to earn higher.

3. Higher remuneration

STEM students have a better job opportunity. A student who holds a degree in the STEM field generally earns a higher salary than those who’ve graduated in non-STEM related fields.

4. Launch your startup

It is seen that graduates of STEM programs have been successful in establishing their own start-ups. For being successful you have to be creative and innovative.

Students from a STEM field are trained to think of creative ways to develop your own software or your new app or create a gadget. Read here about the Top 10 Scholarships in the USA for Indian Students.

Choose the right STEM program in USA. All the best!

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