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Top Universities for Masters in Machine Learning in 2020

There are several universities In india and abroad offering courses in data science and machine learning. The data scientists are similar to the detectives who keep an eye on what sort of content you are reading or watching, and then attempt at understanding their characteristics; this needs a lot of analytical creativity.

Data Science studies are offered for higher studies like Masters or PhD degrees. This program comprises of subjects such as applied statistics, various lessons in the programming skills (Python, SQL). You can later apply in fields of data architecture, computer engineering, programming etc. Data Science and Machine Learning courses often come together hand in hand.

Masters in Machine Learning programs

The MS in Machine Learning offers students with a baccalaureate the chance to boost their coaching with advanced study in Machine Learning. Incoming students ought to have smart analytic skills and a robust ability for arithmetic, statistics, and programming.

The program consists primarily of work, though students do have the chance to have interaction in analysis. The programme for the Master’s in Machine Learning needs four Set Core courses, three Menu Core courses, two Electives, and a practicum.

Some of the best colleges in Machine Learning and Data Science are

Data Sciencetech Institute- MS in data science (France)

Illinois Institute of Technology – MS in data science and machine learing (Chicago)

Merrimack College – MS in data science (Massachusetts)

North Central University – MS in data science and machine learning (San Diego)

University Of California – MS in data science and machine learning (California)

University Of Missouri – MS in data science (Columbia)

Masters in Machine Learning in Canada

Some famous universities in Canada for the same are

  • University of British Columbia
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of WaterLoo
  • Ryerson University

Masters in Machine Learning in the USA

Some of the programs for MS in Machine Learning in the USA are:

Masters in Machine Learning Harvard

In this course,  you’ll learn fashionable machine learning algorithms, principal element analysis, and regularization by building a pic recommendation system.

You will study coaching information, and the way to use a group of information to get probably prophetic relationships. As you build the pic recommendation system, you’ll learn the way to coach algorithms victimization coaching information thus you’ll be able to predict the end result for future data sets. You’ll conjointly study over training and techniques to avoid it like cross-validation. All of those skills area unit elementary to machine learning.

Machine Learning in Stanford

Stanford offers technological courses in a broader field like artificial intelligence, information and management analytics, bio computation, computer and network security etc.

The college also offers online courses in machine learning, the registration and deadline dates are mentioned in their official website. The course makes the student understand the various fundamentals of machine learning and statistical pattern recognition. Through this course a student can learn the latest applications and develop algorithm for machines. The official website also contains a first problem set to make the students familiarize with the curriculum of the syllabus and if they find it hard, they can quit it anytime.

Masters in Machine Learning Columbia University

Students should complete all core courses and elite electives for a complete of thirty graduate points of educational work via CVN whereas maintaining a minimum mark average of two.7. All degree necessities should be completed inside five years of the start of the primary course attributable toward the degree. This includes courses taken within the non-degree program.

Students should complete 2 needed track courses by either taking 2 courses from blood group, or one course from blood group and one course from group B. (At least one course should be taken from cluster A). Students who have opted for equivalent courses within the past and received grades of a minimum of a B might apply for waivers and take alternative caesium courses instead.

Masters In Machine Learning Syllabus

Set Core

MS students take all four Set Core courses:

10-701 Introduction to Machine Learning or 10-715 Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning

10-716 Advanced Machine Learning: Theory and strategies (formerly 10-702 applied mathematics Machine Learning)

10-718 information Analysis

36-700 likelihood & Mathematical Statistics or 36-705 Intermediate Statistics

Menu Core

Students take their selection of 3 Menu Core courses from separate lines:

10-703 Deep Reinforcement Learning or 10-707 Topics in Deep Learning

10-708 Probabilistic Graphical Models

10-725 gibbons improvement

10-620 freelance Study or 10-940 freelance Study (under metric capacity unit Core school or beneath the student’s metric capacity unit Doctor of Philosophy adviser if within the metric capacity unit PhD)


Students take their selection of 2 Elective courses from separate lines:

10-703 Deep Reinforcement Learning

10-707 Topics in Deep Learning

10-708 Probabilistic Graphical Models

10-725 gibbose improvement

10-805 Machine Learning with massive Datasets (or 10-605 Machine Learning with massive Datasets taken in Spring 2019 or earlier)

15-750 Algorithms

15-780 Graduate computer science

15-826 transmission Databases and data processing

15-853 Algorithms within the globe

36-707 multivariate analysis

36-709 advanced likelihood

36-710 Advanced applied mathematics Theory

10-620 freelance Study or 10-940 freelance Study (under metric capacity unit Core school or, if within the metric capacity unit Doctor of Philosophy, beneath the metric capacity unit Doctor of Philosophy advisory)

How to study Machine Learning Online?

The online courses for machine learning are less expensive than the university ones and easy to learn sitting right from home. You can submit your assignment from home and attend the lectures at your home comfort.

Georgia Tech and edX offers Online Master of Science in Analytics offering courses in Introduction to Analytics, Modeling, and Computing for Data Analytics etc. University of Illinois offers online courses in Masters in Computer Science and Data Analytics and the fees is less than $20K. This program develops expertise in computer science, data visualization, machine learning, data mining and cloud computing.  There are many other online specializations for data visualization and cloud computing.

Salary in Machine Learning

The curriculum abroad has topics like machine learning, data mining, applied statistics, probability models, inferences, database management, data analysis, data visualisation and big data analytics, among others. A Master’s degree from abroad has been equated to an applied data science boot camp, rather than just another academic credential. Hence, it provides great value to one’s CV and a good impression on the interviewer when you apply for a job. The average salary for Machine Learning is $98,743 if they’re earning abroad and the range gradually differs if a job is taken in India. On a higher level the companies also pay $104, 831.

Scope In India

Machine Learning and Data Science has been an emerging field in recent years, Artificial Intelligence have been a part of these subjects. The IIT Bangalore and Upgrade aims to create the 11 – month program to prepare professionals in the field of data science and machine learning. The few objectives of the PG program are to learn classification algorithms, create intelligent solutions like Chatbots, smart games etc. and participate in hackathons and you can develop a portfolio for industry projects. The USPs of the program are cutting edge curriculum, learn advanced applications like chatbots and understand how the industry works.

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