The Ultimate Guide to Study in Sweden- Admissions, Universities and Scholarships (Updated 2020)

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Sweden is a perfect location for abroad studies. The tuition fee in Sweden is affordable and you can also get the right scholarship you can pursue education cheaply. The living standard in Sweden is high. Students can have a good study abroad experience in Sweden.

So, how can I study in Sweden?

What are the universities in Sweden?

Can I study in Sweden for free?

Let’s take a look on such questions for studying in Sweden.

Top Universities in Sweden in 2019

Sr. No.UniversityLocationRanking
1Karolinska InstituteStockholm40
2Uppsala UniversityUppsala87
3Lund UniversityLund98
4Stockholm UniversityStockholm153
5KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm187
6Chalmers University of TechnologyGothenburg201–250
7University of GothenburgGothenburg201–250
8Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesUppsala251–300
9Umeå UniversityUmeå301–350
10Linköping UniversityLinköping351-400
11Örebro UniversityÖrebro401–500

Karolinska Institute

The institute is famous for its medical research and is often ranked in the top institutions in the field of medicine. The university was established in 1810 to train army surgeons. They offer courses in medicine, psychotherapy, midwifery, nursing, dentistry, occupational therapy and speech, optometry, audiology, physiotherapy, psychology, radiography and language pathology and many more.

Uppsala University

It is the oldest university in Sweden. It had major emphasis on theology. Today it offers courses in medicine, arts and social sciences, pharmacy, science and technology and around 70 undergraduate courses. Law, psychology, are among the most famous choices for the new students. The selection process for the university over the time has become very competitive and difficult. Eight winners of Nobel Prize have been associated with this university.

Stockholm University

The college was established in 1878, it has more than 31,000 students. The university is surrounded with a national park with many animals, birds and 800 varied species.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

It is Sweden’s largest and oldest technical university. They have a strong base in engineering, natural sciences, industrial management architecture and urban planning.

Who can study in Sweden for free?

If the student belongs from the EU /EEA or Switzerland, they’re eligible for studying in Sweden for free. For other students the tuition fee is a bit higher, the Swedish government introduced tuition fees for the students not belonging to EU/EEA in autumn 2011. This made Sweden one of the most expensive European destinations for the international students. The range of the tuition fees is 8,000 euros to 19,000 euros per year based on program the student chooses. Bachelor’s degree is less costly as compared to master’s degree programs. However expensive the education in Sweden is, it gives a high – class tag on the student’s resume and open diverse doors for their career.

How can I receive a scholarship to study in Sweden?

There are many scholarships offered to study in the universities of Sweden. The SI (Swedish Institute) lists a large variety of scholarships that can be filtered based on the subjects chosen and nationality.

Can I study for free if I come from Asia, Africa or elsewhere outside Europe?

You can study in Sweden for free under certain circumstances; you need to pay for the tuition fees for the full degree programs, to avoid it you need to be enrolled in a school of Sweden that is a partner university to the universities in Sweden, you can then be a part of their study abroad exchange programs. 

How much does it cost to live in Sweden?

The cost of living depends upon the place you’re living in Sweden. For example if you’re living in Stockholm you need to pay more than if you live in smaller city like Boras. On an average the monthly expenses of living in Sweden ranges about 8,000 euros. In the bigger cities of Sweden it is difficult to find an house for students, however there are websites in which students put up advertisements to let other people join them to live together. When you apply for a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in any university of Sweden you need to show proof to the migration authorities that you will be able to successfully finance yourself throughout the course of study.

How easy it is to communicate with the locals?

Children in Sweden have learnt English language hence it is very easy to survive if you know English. Due to this anyone you meet will be able to communicate in English. If you wish to take interest in the Swedish culture and language then there are many Swedish courses to pursue to get a better insight of the culture there. You can also study these courses for free if you have obtained residency for the duration of the studies.

Let us see 5 reasons why students choose Sweden over other countries

  1. Creativity is a major aspect When you study in Sweden, you think independently, creatively and critically. The students start to develop a quality to ask questions seek new perspectives, and come with well informed opinions. Everyone can make their voice heard as Sweden ranks among the top innovative nations and that investment in research is among the highest in the world in relation to the GDP.
  2. Coursework is challenging Sweden is known for its long history of academic excellence and it is a home to world’s top universities. As a student you become a part of these top universities and academic excellence. Sweden also ranks top 3 in the world for English proficiency.
  3. Sustainability and environment in focus The subject of sustainable development is very famous in the Sweden universities, if you’re pursuing that course you’re right to be at Sweden. This country has been the most sustainable country in the world for its use of renewable energy. It is also aiming itself for 100% renewable energy production by 2040. Studying about sustainability from Sweden will give you a chance to dig deep about Sweden’s environmental structure and apply its sustainable approach in your own field.
  4. Equality and diversity are central to the Swedish society. Swedish society is known for its equality. It is referred as the most equal country in the world. It is constantly placed in world’s top countries in gender equality. The country has also been supporting the LGBT community since a very long time. During your stay, you will learn to balance different interests, needs and ideas to bring the best in everyone and solve complex issues as a team.
  5. Students will learn skills for a global career The most important thing to survive in any company at global level you need is creativity, it is analysed by the global level CEOs. Creativity is promoted in the courses of Sweden with other skills and combine theory and practical altogether. Many degree programmes in Sweden have internships included which give the students on field experience.

Scholarships and Grants There are a number of scholarships international students can avail and gain education for free.

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global professionals – Master’s degree The Visby Programme Scholarships Blenkinge Institute of Technology Scholarship programme Chalmers IPOET scholarships Halmstad University scholarships Stockholm University programme scholarships Each university have their own scholarship programmes majorly for master’s degree for the international students (non – EU/EEA)

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