How to Study Abroad for Free in 2020?

Who doesn’t have a dream to study abroad in some of the most elite universities? But the one thing that comes as a hurdle all the way long is not the entrance exam, rather the fee concerned.


The single most important way of making a transition from a “job” to “learning technology” of your field is by taking up a Masters from a good foreign university.

Let’s look at some of the avenues to crack the ultimate deal with respect to a foreign “higher education”:

  1. Choose a country that takes less to no fee at all. This list includes countries like Norway or Slovenia. In case the language is not a barrier for you, Germany and Brazil to have good options for cheap education.
  2. Getting a Scholarship with the right degree. For example, there are higher chances of getting a scholarship for MS in the USA than for an MBA.
  3. Applying earlier in your career might as well help you with getting the best and most effective deals from the University. Good students are more likely to gain access to scholarships in places like the USA, where they know that you don’t have enough work experience to be able to pay the fee through your savings, and hence may require assistance from the University.
  4. Cracking the GMAT, GRE, ACT, SAT and other such examinations with flying colors will help you get some good scholarships to pay the tuition fees.
  5. Getting Graduate Assistantships (GA), which are one of the biggest financial aid sources for international students.
  6. Developing a strong career profile which may help you have higher chances of getting a scholarship.
  7. Selecting the right universities. For example, while people know a lot about the free undergraduate programs in Germany, a lot less know about France, which has some of the most amazing and ever-increasing international scholarships, rising from 7000 last year to 21,000.
  8. Part-time Work can do help students with a Canadian or New Zealand student visa with a job of upto 20 hours per week. This can be used to compensate for the little tuition fee that still is on the cards after getting a scholarship.
  9. Education Exchange Programs (EEPs) can be an effective way to gain access to free education. Indian government has signed MoUs with over 53 countries in the field of education may help gain access to scholarships for Indian students most specifically.
  10. Bursaries as a different instrument from scholarships can be a good option to finance your education dreams.

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How to Study Abroad After 12th For Free?

Getting a free bachelor’s degree option, that too in renowned foreign universities would be like a dream come true to many of the foreign education aspirants. There are a number of options which would help you get full to partial fee waiver in various countries and individual universities to study abroad after 12th.

So sit back and check out the following list:

  1. Giving a Language test: This includes IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. This score wouldn’t be useful in getting a scholarship but is an important prerequisite to getting access to any university abroad.
  2. Standardised test: This includes exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT or ACT scores. A high score is always important prerequisite to gain cent percent scholarship.
  3. Country specific: For example, countries like Germany and Norway provide free graduate courses for both domestic and international students.
  4. Choosing the right course or degree is the first step to gain free education access in countries like Argentina.
  5. Proof of living sustenance is important to show that even with a scholarship, you’ll be able to fund your stay in the country.
  6. Completely filling and sending the completed application before the deadline is important. Many universities consider a first-come-first-serve basis.
  7. Individual Universities take their own entrance examinations which, when cleared, increases your chances of gaining access to free education after 12th.
  8. A scholastic aptitude in the field of study is also really important to gain free education in the Nordic countries after 12th.
  9. Required proficiency tests like French, English, or Dutch for specific and respective countries is important.
  10. Getting an alternate funding options like Graduate Assistantship.

How To Study Abroad For Free?

While most of us dream of getting exposure for our personalities by going abroad for higher studies, what hinders us almost every time that thought crosses our mind is financial restrain because the concept that studying abroad is expensive is what we were aware of till today. But if you really want to accomplish this dream of yours with the least cost possible or even free.

Here are a few ways that will help you realise this intention:

1. Find a country which offers full scholarship or take no tuition fee

Several high ranked countries like Germany and France have universities that charge no tuition fees, be it the students from their country or the students from abroad.

Finding yourself a study program in these countries will not only provide you with the desired exposure but will also ensure that you don’t experience any financial restrain when you do that. These countries also provide you with part-time opportunities so that you can easily get away with living expenses.

2. Look out for a program that best suits your interest and has a low or minimal tuition fee

You might consider opting for a Masters in related aspects instead of MBA considering the cost of both programs. While a masters degree will be covered easily through a scholarship or grant, an MBA might not have similar provisions.

Be flexible with your choice of program. While you are applying for multiple universities, it is required to have an open mind to be able to take the final call for a university that will provide you with free education abroad.

3. Apply for various scholarships, private or governmental

One aspect of study abroad scholarships that most people are not aware of is there are multiple tracks through which you can get in a university. While scholarships are offered by a lot of universities, government scholarships are also available by almost all countries.

Certain private consultancies and institutes also provide scholarships that are free to avail lest you fit in their criteria. So, before you give up on your thought of studying abroad if rejected for a scholarship, please do consider other pathways as well.

4. Consider volunteering abroad instead

Who says you can only study abroad through a university, one track you may not have come across is volunteering abroad. This pathway is not only cheap but also socially responsible.

Some programs do charge a minimal fee if you wish to volunteer abroad but certain free programs are available as well. Going through this road, you will not only get exposure but also work experience that will help shine your resume.

5. Study Abroad virtually

One thing that this pandemic period taught us is the power of virtual studies. While most countries went through lockdown and schools were shut for almost a year, the only way to not stop the learning process was to take classes online. While we did that in the vicinity and comfort of our homes, it also ensured minimal expenses when it came to studies.

While virtual study programs gained popularity, a lot of renowned universities also went through this evolution. So, one way you can earn your degree is by distance learning. This way you not only get an accredited certificate from a legible university but also cut out on the living expenses of going and studying in that country itself.

6. Earn while you study abroad

Most countries give you access to part-time jobs on your student visa. Opting for these countries not only ensure a steady income to take care of your living expenses but also help you polish your resume.

Some universities also provide jobs within the campus itself, in case you apply, so the process of finding one for yourself is also taken care of.

7. Lookout if your selected country has provisions for Grants

Most of us confuse scholarships with grants and think they are the same but that is not true. Scholarships have criteria that you need to fulfil making them merit-based. But Grants are totally need-based, so even if you do not have a good score on your mark sheet, you can still study abroad for free.

How Can I Study Abroad For Free?

Students have a tendency to think that any semester or studies abroad is really an expensive option. But in case you are really keen to study abroad at a comparatively low or no cost, and don’t have any issues with the various options that we are going to suggest, then you are at the right place.

Following are some of the places which provide free education option for your graduation, post-graduation, doctorate and diploma:

  1. While undergraduation in countries like Germany is mostly free, degree after that can be a bit expensive. Some of the options can be Graduate Assistantship, Paid-Internships etc.
  2. Scholarship options includes Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships for students from India.
  3. Getting a very good score on the GRE or GMAT which helps gain access to various scholarship options in other countries.
  4. Bursaries: A Bursary is like a monetary award which is different from scholarships in the sense that while scholarships are merit-based, bursaries are financial-need based awards. 
  5. Paid-Internships: Gaining a formal work experience is always a good option to give the applicant an edge over more than half of the applicants. In case you have relevant previous experience, the chances of you gaining scholarships gets really high.

Study MBA Abroad For Free

Masters in Business Administration is one of the most important and popular courses among international students. But the important question that remains among the aspirants is, how can they get an option to pursue free education?

Let’s look at some of the following options for the same:

  1. Student Exchange programs can be researched for your respective country with the country you wish to pursue your course in.
  2. Part-time Work is provided for students with Canadian and New Zealand Visa, which can be an important source for funding the little tuition fee that students are subjected to.
  3. Applying earlier in your career is always an advantage over the rest of the applicants. This helps the administration of the college to know that you have lesser chances of paying the full fee and they don’t want to lose a good student.
  4. Choosing the right degree can be a good option for gaining access for cent percent scholarship. For example, gaining scholarships for MBA in France has more chances than doing an MBA in the US.
  5. Bursary as a merit-based financial instrument can be a substitute of scholarships.
  6. Choosing a country like Norway or Slovenia for free MBA is always an option.
  7. A good GRE or GMAT score is very important to get scholarship for free.
  8. A free MBA can be availed by assistantship.
  9. Selecting the best university which provides individuals with scholarships for MBA is really very important to gain access to free education.
  10. Apart from the above options, students can also look for individual universities which provides scholarships after clearing their own entrance exams.

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Study Medicine Abroad For Free

Medicine is one of the most lucrative options abroad for international students. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany provide options for free Medicine education.

Let’s look at the following list to get an idea to study medicine abroad for free:

  1. Norway and Slovenia are good options to get free options for Medicine if language is a barrier. 
  2. Nursing and Medicine scholarships are provided in countries like the UK
  3. Applying after 12th may increase your chances on first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Having a good score in the language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL is an important requirement.
  5. Individual universities in and around Europe, the US, South American Universities provide options for free education in Medicine.
  6. Some of the universities that provide free scholarships.
  7. Right University selection is important to increase scholarship options for Medicine. 
  8. New Zealand or Canada provide options for Part-time work upto 20 hours per week to compensate for the tuition fee.
  9. Education Exchange Programs with the countries the Indian government has signed MoUs with is on the cards.
  10. Bursaries are a kind of scholarships which are need-based instead of merit-based which can be availed from different sources.

Study MBBS Abroad For Free

One of the most lucrative options both abroad and in India is Medicine. MBBS abroad is always is a good option, especially if it’s for free. Countries like US , UK, France, Australia and Germany are some of the options.

Let’s look at the various options available for getting an MBBS for free:

  1. A country like Norway or Slovenia is a good option if a language barrier exists for free options in countries like Germany or Brazil.
  2. Scholarship with the right degree under MBBS, for example, Nursing, Medicine, in countries like the UK always has better option than in the US.
  3. Applying just after 12th will give you an upper hand over those who have either taken a drop to prepare some entrance, or have already joined some college and are thinking to drop-out for a better and free abroad option. 
  4. Having a language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL is an important prerequisite.
  5. Individual scholarships are granted either by the place you are going to, or the university itself. 
  6. Selecting the right university is really important. Countries like France are already increasing scholarships for international students from 7000 to 21,000 in the year 2019-20.
  7. Part-time work to fund your stay is an option in places like New Zealand or Canada. A job of upto 20 hours per week can compensate for the tuition fee.
  8. Education Exchange Programs with the countries the Indian government has signed MoUs with is on the cards.
  9. Bursaries are important instruments different from scholarship which are need based instead of merit-based.
  10. Internship options in the medicine field itself also opens doors for a post-graduation in the medicine field in places you are already doing your internship.

Study Engineering Abroad For Free

Students dream to study abroad, that too if the student is interested in doing undergraduation and post-graduation in Engineering. The thing that becomes a hurdle is the exorbitant fee being taken for taking courses which are elite in nature, like Engineering.

The following are some of the ways by which aspirants can avail free engineering option in the various universities around the world:

  1. Norway or Slovenia are the best options to do free Engineering if you have a language barrier. In an otherwise case, Brazil and Germany can be a good option for low to no fees respectively.
  2. Getting a Scholarship like an MS from USA has higher options than doing an MBA from the same university in the US.
  3. Applying at an earlier stage in your career is a good option to gain access to scholarships in UK, France, Australia and Canada.
  4. High GMAT or GRE score increases the scope of availing a scholarship.
  5. A good career profile always gives an added advantage over the rest of the applicants to get a 100% scholarship. 
  6. A Graduate Research Assistantship and likes are important financial aid sources for international students around the world.
  7. Selecting the better and free places like Germany also comes with the condition of selecting the right universities and the right courses under engineering.
  8. Part-time work as an option in countries like Canada and New Zealand can be an option to be able to pay the low fee taken by the universities there.
  9. There are Education Exchange Programs (EEPs) having signed MoUs which your country signs with the countries you want to pursue your engineering in.
  10. Along with scholarships, bursaries are important instrument which can be availed by students in need rather than merit-based.

Study Abroad After 10th

Every student dreams of going abroad for pursuing his/her higher education. The infrastructure and scope of education in foreign countries are much more as compared to anything in our country. But the high fee is always a detriment.

We bring to you a list of ten countries where studying after 10th for free or minimal fee is possible.

  1. Germany: Almost all the universities in Germany provide free higher education opportunities, except for the minimal administration fee that is charged which can be easily given by doing a part-time job.
  2. Norway: Norway is an opportunity driven country, where the most important opportunity is provided in the form of undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral degrees for free or minimal charges.
  3. Sweden: Swedish universities provide for tuition fee waiver to both Swedish and non-Swedish nationalities.
  4. Austria: Austrian universities provide international students with education at a very nominal enrollment fee. The courses range from basic domains to advanced subjects.
  5. Finland: The country has popular and free courses for architecture, communications, designing and fashion technology. There are some great polytechnic colleges giving practical education. 
  6. Czech Republic: There are a total of approx 37,000 international students in the country, with one of the best providing upto 100 percent scholarship in top courses like Medicine, Engineering and Sciences. 
  7. France: France, as much of a beautiful country it is, also has the best options for engineering and medicine to be pursued free of cost.
  8. Belgium: Belgium is known for its free research based practical and theoretical learning experience.
  9. Greece: The English language courses provided to the international students is mostly funded by the respective university as well as the free education provided by the government.
  10. Spain: About 45,000 international students are working in the country and providing free post-graduate courses to them along with on-campus accommodation.

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How To Get Scholarship To Study Abroad?

Getting a scholarship to study for free abroad is a hectic task. A lot of websites give you ideas and strategies that are mostly futile in nature and add nothing which values your time.

After putting in a lot of resources, we have come up with a list of 10 sure shot ways to score the best scholarships while you are still dreaming of studying abroad:

  1. Asking for help to the people and contact the university’s study abroad office, financial aid offices and other such places to get an idea about ways to enter the country with an education visa having a scholarship always helps.
  2. Researching and applying for a lot of scholarships increases your chances of getting a good scholarship. 
  3. Contacting the Scholarship or Grant Funder directly or in person increases your chances of being able to take up a scholarship.
  4. In case you are a working professional and are good with equally good bargaining power, you may avail a study opportunity in a foreign university through the sponsored category of the company.
  5. Tweaking the resume to highlight important achievements in your life always adds to the advantage of being able to draw the attention of the scholarship granting committee.
  6. References, wherever put, are always added advantages.
  7. In that case, putting up a Statement of Purpose along with a Letter of Recommendation helps you put more weight on the application form.
  8. Generally, two letters of recommendation always helps you draw the chances towards success.
  9. There are a number of universities that take their own entrance exams in order to decide the scholarship holders.
  10. Governments of Sweden or Norway provide free scholarships to international students.

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Universities Providing Free Study Abroad

Indian students always wish to study abroad but the cost of studying abroad goes beyond their capacity. Scholarships are good opportunities that can be availed by outstanding students.

The article will list some of the University options available where free education for under graduation or post-graduation can be availed:

  1. The University of Lille provides an excellent option to pursue a master’s in business and social sciences, that too at 100% scholarships for some students.
  2. University of Paris-Sud Tuition provides international students to get a degree for a nominal fee, which can be further reduced by availing of various available scholarships.
  3. The University of Nantes is known for its affordable liberal arts courses.
  4. University of Bergen is a research-based university in Norway, where more than 5 doctorate programs are fully-funded by joint efforts from the Government of Norway and the University of Bergen.
  5. Karolinska Institute (Sweden) provides fully-funded course like a Doctorate in Biotechnology.
  6. Reykjavik University provides excellent courses in Engineering related to Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
  7. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba is a known university in Argentina which provides free learning opportunity in Anthropology.
  8. Karolinska Institute (Sweden) provides a fully-funded option to pursue Masters and Doctorate in Biology and related fields.
  9. University of Burgundy is one of the most affordable options when it comes to studying abroad in the country of France.
  10. Along with all the options stated above, other options can be availed by gaining scholarships like the Rhode scholarships and Oxford scholarships.

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Where To Study Abroad For Free?

Studying abroad is always a dream of individuals, especially if the educational opportunity is free. Options include doing MBBS, Engineering, MBA, Law, or any other degree. There are various countries and individual universities that provide options for free education.

The following list may be considered:

  1. Germany: Freie University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, and Heidelberg University are some of the options available.
  2. US & Canada: Case Western Reserve University (USA), University of Calgary (Canada) and Humber College (Canada) are some of the available options.
  3. UK: University of Westminster, University of Bristol, and University of The West of England are available options.
  4. Italy: Scuola Normale Superiore University and Bocconi University are the options for free education in Italy.
  5. University of Burgundy has subsidized tuition fees for a number of post-graduate and doctorate programs in recent times.
  6. Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France provides free education opportunities to pursue MS in the Engineering field.
  7. University of Helsinki in Finland is a research-based university which provides scholarship based free education for its international students.
  8. Roskilde University (Denmark) is known for its departments like the Department of Mathematics, as well as the Department of Natural Sciences.
  9. Bifröst University is known for liberal arts and also provides free education option.
  10. Universidad de Buenos Aires is a top university in Argentina which charges a nominal fee for education.

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Study in London For Free

Being able to take up a course in London for free would be like a dream come true for the students aspiring for the same. While it might seem a bit unrealistic, there are options where scholarships can make it happen.

Let’s look at some of the options available to be able to study abroad for free in London:

  1. Clarendon Fund Scholarships at the University of Oxford: This scholarship option covers the college fees along with the tuition fees covering the full cost of living while studying in the university. 
  2. Gates Cambridge Scholarship: Pursuing a full-time post-graduate program for free can be availed by the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.
  3. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan: For Indian students planning to do a master’s degree or a three year old doctoral degree, which is executed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. 
  4. Goa Education Trust Scholarship: Indian nationals having an Indian passport has an option to avail this scholarship, which covers the fees for a master’s degree in UK (London).
  5. Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford: This is one of the oldest available scholarships in the world, where postgraduate scholarships are awarded to outstanding students.
  6. Along with the above options on scholarships, there are options for getting a Bursary.
  7. Graduate Assistantship can be availed by outstanding students.
  8. Part-time jobs for students in London can always be an advantage to fund their stay in London.
  9. Applying at an earlier stage with completely filled form with all the important documents gives you preference in a first-come-first-serve basis.

Study in Germany For Free

There are a number of states in Germany that offer an education which is free for international students. The country boasts of an excellent education system at the university level. Students however have to pay an administration fee, which is nominal in most of cases.

Certain points to consider to be avail to attain free education in the country are as follow:

  1. Most important thing is to choose the right institute before you apply in Germany for free education. Every university is unique and has different programmes.
  2. Next in the line is to consider the right degree programme that you wish to pursue for studying abroad for free.
  3. Following that, the proof of living sustenance has to be shown in order to avail the benefit of free education, which is necessary to be able to bear the cost of living in Germany.
  4. The candidates must also have language proficiency test scores, which in the most common case is IELTS or TOEFL.
  5. Further, the student needs to apply for scholarships in the individual university the administration of which will ask for a valid GRE or GMAT score. 
  6. In many cases, an SAT or ACT may be asked too.
  7. Some of the universities in Germany also conduct their own entrance examination, which needs to be cracked to be able to be eligible for a scholarship.
  8. Any added references like letters of recommendation is always an added advantage.
  9. The final step would be to submit a completed online application form on or before the deadline. 
  10. In case of any further queries, the college administration can be directly contacted on their registered email.

Study In France For Free

France is the land of the renowned principles of equality, justice, and fraternity. Not only this, but the land is also the hub for providing good education to the students for free.

There are a number of public universities in the country which provide you with an option to study there for free. The classes are mostly duel in nature with both English and French being given equal importance.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can secure free education in France:

  1. Choosing the right university is an important prerequisite to take the first step forward to a free university degree.
  2. Next in the line is to choose the right course which in many cases may be offered free or at a nominal rate in the universities in France. 
  3. While choosing the universities, look for the option of directly applying with a scholarship option.
  4. In case the university doesn’t provide the option of free education, then a valid GRE or GMAT score can be considered.
  5. In many cases, a valid SAT or ACT may be asked for.
  6. Having a proof of living sustenance during your stay while you are pursuing the course is important. 
  7. A score is needed to show you language proficiency in French or English, however the case may be.
  8. Having a scholastic attitude always helps. Outstanding grades in your graduation or high school along with statement of purpose adds weight to your scholarship candidature.
  9. Grants and scholarships by the government like the Erasmus Scholarship helps you get a fully-funded master’s and doctoral research degree.
  10. The last step is to submit a fully completed application before the deadline.

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Study In Canada For Free

Canada is known for two reasons around the world, for the multicultural environment that they have, along with a world class education that the nation provides. Canada is a dream destination as far as education is concerned for a lot of people.

Let us look at some of the ways on how students can avail an opportunity to study abroad for free in Canada:

  1. First of all the things, choosing the right university is really important. 
  2. Next comes the right courses concerned, which in many cases are free or cost a nominal rate of administration.
  3. While the universities are chosen, a good look at the option of being able to directly apply with an option of scholarship should be considered.
  4. If the university isn’t providing a free scholarship, options like GRE or GMAT and a valid score can be considered.
  5. A high GRE or GMAT score is equally important.
  6. Off-setting of the cost of tuition fees in the country through a work-study course may add to your education along with it being free. 
  7. In certain cases, a PTE, SAT, or ACT score is asked for.
  8. A proof of living sustenance is important to be able to convince the university and the government of Canada that they would be able to fund their stay expenses in the country.
  9. Getting an internship during the period can be helpful in off-setting the tuition fees.
  10. Canadian government provides high scholarship opportunities to the international students and the same information should be taken on a regular basis from the Human Resource Ministry of the government. 

Study In Japan For Free

Japan is a dream destination to the ones who wish to experience a rich culture with amazing sights. Right from the cherry blossoms to the sounds and lights of Tokyo, it is known for its vividness.

Being able to study in the country along with saving yourself from a hole in the pocket can be done by following methods:

  1. Applying for a scholarship: JASSO International Student Scholarship is a government-run program lasting a total time of three months or one year.
  2. There are also a number of private scholarships in the place.
  3. Examples of private scholarships are The Bridging Project, Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, Fulbright (Japan) etc.
  4. Finding cheap accommodation is the next step that can help reduce the cost of staying. Finding an affordable PG would be a better option.
  5. A direct enrollment into one of the Japanese Universities provides a cheap and low-cost study abroad option.
  6. Some of the programs with direct enrollments are IES Abroad, Japanese Language Program (Peace Boat) etc.
  7. Studying in Small Japanese Cities like Kyushu can help you save a lot of money.
  8. Apart from all this, having an advantage in the form of an early professional career gives you an edge over the others who have applied for the same scholarship.
  9. Getting sponsorship for the course that you wish to pursue can also help you with reducing your education cost.
  10. Finally, filling and submitting a complete form with all the details and documents for getting the scholarship is important, and this should be done before the submission date.

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Study In Europe For Free

Studying abroad is a dream of everyone. Along with this comes the fact that you have to pay a huge tuition fees. There are world class universities in various places in Europe like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, etc.

If you are planning to stay and study in Europe, let’s try to find ways to find a cheap option from the list:

  1. Norway has a total of eight universities, twenty state colleges, as well as sixteen private universities. Some of the ones which provide free scholarships are University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and University of Nordland. 
  2. Universities in Sweden which provide education without Lund University, Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Jonkoping University.
  3. German Universities that provide free education are in places like Lower Saxony, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hamburg.
  4. Denmark has universities like University of Copenhagen and University of Kiel which provide university education free of cost.
  5. Currently, there are no tuition fees in Finland.
  6. Austrian Universities like the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, and the Medical University of Vienna have free education.
  7. International tuition fee in Greece is very cheap when we compare it with countries like that in the UK and the US.
  8. Education in France with low to no fees includes a total sum of only 3000-4000 Euros per year.
  9. Along with all these things, what the students need to consider is a scholarship which pays for all the tuition fee that is applicable.
  10. Getting a part-time job along with your education can help you support the rest of the accommodation and flooding.

Study In USA For Free

United States is a top destination when it comes to studying abroad. There are a lot of scholarships, both private as well as government, which can help in studying in the USA for free.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can study in the USA for free:

  1. Always choose a place in the US where the cost of living is much less as compared to places like Washington and New York.
  2. Getting a good scholarship by applying directly on the university website is one method.
  3. Following that, finding a particular course which may be free should be focussed on. For example, applying with an MS in USA is much cheaper than with MBA in USA.
  4. Applying ahead in your career helps you with an edge in getting the scholarship.
  5. Always try to get a sponsored category scholarship from the company you are working in.
  6. Along with the above, getting a valid and high GRE or GMAT score helps in getting scholarships to pay the tuition fee.
  7. Some universities may also ask for ACT or SAT scores so you must be ready for the same.
  8. Also, a good option is to look for Graduate Assistantships, which is one of the biggest financial aid sources if you are a student looking for higher education opportunities.
  9. Part-time jobs can help students with jobs that will pay enough to survive student life.
  10. Bursaries are yet another instrument which is on need-basis and can thus be availed by coming in contact with some private individual. 

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Study In Switzerland For Free

There are a lot of Swiss universities which are awarded as one of the best for international students. Adding to this is the fact that a number of them can provide you a tuition free education which can be an opportunity of a life-time.

But there are certain points which you need to consider before doing the same.

  1. First is to choose the right degree subject. Some of the options include Masters in Human Medicine, Masters in Civil Engineering etc.
  2. Next is to choose the right university in Switzerland. This includes University of Zurich, Adolphe Merkle Institute, Geneva Business School.
  3. Next step is to look for scholarships.
  4. Some of the qualifications like distance education are not considered by the Swiss Universities for further studies in their country so caution is prescribed.
  5. Next, complete the online application process and submit all the documents before the prescribed date.
  6. Three Language Proficiency Tests are accepted, which includes German, French and English.
  7. Following are some of the required official documents which must be submitted to get a scholarship: Two passport photos, a Copy of identity document, Official academic transcript(s) from each university you attended, High school diploma or Bachelor’s diploma, Language proficiency certificates (German/French/English), CV, Evidence of payment etc.
  8. Some additional documents for the ones who wish to pursue a Doctoral program for free include a letter from the instructor of the faculty, certificates, and transcripts that don’t form a part of the previously assigned documents.
  9. University application deadlines should have strictly adhered to.
  10. Student Visa should be applied with the utmost importance as the whole process may take some time to actualize.

How to Study Abroad For Free in the Summer?

In case you are looking for an option to pursue a cheap summer abroad program, the trick is to find the perfect location and a substitute for it. For example, if you are looking for a place where education is affordable with the most returns, why not choose a place with a lower cost of living?

Let’s look at some of the options available for the same:

  1. CISabroad Summer Programs Abroad: This particular genre is the leader when it comes to affordable summer programs around the world. The program covers photography lessons covering countries like Spain, England, Ireland and Scotland. 
  2. TEAN Summer Study Abroad Programs (with Scholarships): The scholarship mostly covers tuition fee, orientation, housing and program fees. TEAN as it is commonly known as, offers the scholarship only to outstanding students with extra-ordinary academic skills.
  3. Danish Ministry of Higher Education Summer Language Study: This is basically for the Language programs in Denmark covering tuition, board, and living costs.
  4. Seamster’s Summer Study Abroad at Sea: You have an option to gain six college credits in the nautical sciences and oceanography program, with full waiver of fee and stay during the course.
  5. Foundation for International Education (FIE) Summer Programs: Latter scholarships are available only for summer programs in Dublin and London.
  6. CEA Study Abroad Programs: This particular program has been providing scholarships for various courses in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  7. SIT Study Abroad Summer Programs: Students who apply under this can receive around $500 to $4,000 in order to fund a summer programs.
  8. Center for Study Abroad (CSA) Programs: It provides opportunities to take up summer courses in big names like Oxford and Stanford University.
  9. Various scholarships are available for others who cannot avail the opportunities from the above list.

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How to Get Free Study Abroad After Graduation?

Education at a dream location in your dream university is always an experience. But what can be an experience can also be a major factor putting a hole in your pocket.

The idea behind getting a free or cheap education abroad is not just by getting financial aid in the form of scholarships, but also off-setting the costs involved during the stay for the course.

Let’s look at some of the ways through which graduation can be pursued for cheap of free abroad.

  1. Applying directly to Universities. There are a number of options where many countries offer free education. One such example is Paris’ La Sorbonne which has a modest fee of only $200.
  2. Volunteer abroad: A volunteer experience in order to gain knowledge of a foreign language without having to pay any tuition fees is one of them.
  3. Completing a work-study can be a good option in places like New Zealand & Canada for getting an off-set over the tuition fee or even getting a sponsored education.
  4. Getting a sponsor: For any job that you do after your graduation, there is always an option for the most talented cream to be able to pursue masters in the field of interest and relevant for a job in the company.
  5. Getting a Graduate Assistantship or a Graduate Research Assistantship is one of the ways through which the tuition fee can be paid.
  6. Government-funded scholarships for international students which is provided by countries like Sweden and Norway.
  7. Selecting the right course and the right university is equally important.
  8. There are certain select universities which conduct their own entrance test and cream out the ones who can be eligible for cent percent scholarships.
  9. Adding to that, a remarkable score in GMAT and GRE is always an added advantage to be able to gain some scholarships.
  10. Along with the points stated above, the most important thing to remember is you need to have at least a good profile after your graduation to be able to think that you are eligible for a good scholarship.

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Study Abroad For Free Without IELTS

Studying in a foreign university has a lot of prerequisites which has to be fulfilled before admission. The most important part of it is to have a valid language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. But there are also certain universities around the world that don’t ask for a language proficiency test and hence students can get admission without an IELTS score.

  1. Australia: Universities in Australia accepting admissions without IELTS or TOEFL scores are University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, and Bond University.
  2. Canada: A number of universities take up admissions without considering an IELTS or TOEFL and these universities include Brock University, Carleton University, Memorial University, and Concordia University.
  3. United Kingdom: While most of the universities in the UK consider an IELTS, there are a number of universities that take up admissions without an IELTS score and these include University of Bristol, The University of Bolton, London SouthBank University etc.
  4. Norway has University of Oslo and other such universities that take up admissions without an IELTS score.
  5. In case you have a Bachelor’s in English paper, you don’t need an IELTS or TOEFL score.
  6. In Holland, the Inholland University accepts students from South Africa who are applying for Applied Sciences without a valid IELTS.
  7. There are some universities in the USA like the University of Colorado which asks for other details and documents without asking for an IELTS score.
  8. There is no compulsory English Proficiency Test required to take admission into any of the Universities in Malaysia.
  9. Similarly, in India too, an international student can get admission without requiring you to have an English Proficiency Test score.

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Study Abroad For Free Programs

There are a lot of universities which provide study abroad option, that too without a tuition fee. Some of the places include Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and even places like the US and UK.

The following list will include some study abroad for free programs:

  1. There are a total of eight universities in Norway, along with sixteen private universities and some twelve state colleges which provide an option to study for free.
  2. Similarly, Sweden has universities like Lund University, Stockholm University and Uppsala University which provides education for free.
  3. German Universities like the Lower Saxony, Hamburg are options if you wish to pursue good education without having to pay tuition fee.
  4. University of Copenhagen and University of Kiel in Denmark also provides free of cost education.
  5. There is no tuition fee taken in most universities in Finland. 
  6. Similarly, Austrian Universities like the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, and Medical University of Vienna have free education.
  7. Greece also has many cheap options when we compare it to places like the US, UK, and others when it comes to tuition fees and on-campus accommodation.
  8. Education in France also takes a fee of not more than 3000-4000 Euros per year.
  9. Looking for cent percent of scholarship options is important to avail the benefits of free education.
  10. Getting a part-time job is also a good way to support with the rest of food and accommodation.

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Which countries provide free education?

Ans. Countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Denmark, Argentina.

Which European countries offer free education?

Ans. Germany, Nordic countries, France, Italy, Austria offers free education

Are Bachelor’s degree programs free in some countries?

Ans. Only a few German Universities have a free option for bachelor’s programs.

Which level of education is free?

Ans. Mostly, free options are available for a few master’s programmes which are PhD level.

Are Nordic countries providing free education for international students?

Ans. All countries except Norway provide free education in doctoral programs.

Which other countries apart from Europe provide free education?

Ans. Iceland, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan are the non-European countries which offer free education

Which French Universities provide free education?

Ans. Only the public universities offer free education at the doctorate level.

How much does the language proficiency test matter?

Ans. It matters in some countries to be well versed with the local language and it is a very important criteria.

What about the living cost in case of tuition fee exemption?

Ans. While places like Argentina are cheaper, London and likes can be a bit expensive.

Does free education ensure quality?

Ans. Students need to research it on their own about the efficacy of education there. The factors include placements, education curriculum, and career prospects after the completion of the degree from the university.

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