How to improve your English language skills?

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English, today has reached its pinnacle. Knowing the language alone opens several doors to success, and an expertized knowledge in this paves the way to better education abroad. Most of the reputed universities have English as their first language. For admission in UK, USA, Australia or Canada, English communication is a must-have skill.

So, it becomes mandatory to brush up your communication skills and verbal knowledge in English to appear for colleges outside India. English is a second language for Indians. Tests like SATs, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc. have a compulsory English test with different criteria to confer to your communication skills. Knowing the language alone doesn’t guarantee high scores in these exams.

Here are some hints and suggestions to upgrade your vocabulary and fluency in English:

Focus on Grammar

An extraordinary vocabulary will not be helpful if you are using it wrong. Usage of proper tense, adjectives and pronouns will be useful for both oral and written exams. For this, watch as many English shows or TED Talks as possible using subtitles preferably by Indians to understand the accent at first. Focus on sentence formation and usage of speech. Keep your basics strong to make sure they do not become an issue.

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Improve your vocabulary 

Once you have a good catch on grammar, focus on your vocabulary. While following similar steps as for grammar, keep a dictionary with yourself to find the meanings of new words you are learning. Write them down and maintain a diary for the same. Revise it every day and use the maximum possible words in your daily communication until it comes naturally to you. 

Speak the language

Nothing adds up to knowledge than its practical use. Speak English wherever you get a chance to. Practice your diction in front of a mirror. Know the proper pronunciation of every word you use. Surround yourself with English speakers. Focus on fluency but do not fumble with the words. Give yourself time to practice English personally before you present it to someone else.

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Practice Writing 

Whether you are an aspiring poet or wish to express your feelings, write them in English using the words you recently learned. Grade yourself every day, focusing on improving it eventually. It would not only give you peace of expression but also enhance your speed and writing skills for several entrance tests. 

Be Confident

Last but not least, believe in yourself and have confidence during the entire procedure. It won’t happen overnight, but the fruit will be worth the pain. 

Follow these steps and even build some of your own for your prospects of getting selected in International universities. 


How can this benefit me other than for the tests?

Ans. Improving your vocabulary in English can help you in extensive interviews, social platforms, among your friends and other surroundings.

What are the accents that I can start learning from?

Ans. Begin with an Indian accent, then American and touch British at last as some pronunciations are not easy to understand for a layperson.

Can you suggest some shows to watch for improving my English?

Ans. You can watch any famous sitcoms like FRIENDS, How I met your mother, Modern Family, etc. They are light-hearted comedies with clear diction for you to understand.  

Does the practice remain the same for all type of exams?

Ans. Yes, you can create your targets and prepare for your exams.

How should I study to improve my grammar?

Ans. You can buy books from local stores or online and follow them through the beginning.

How can I use my English writing skills?

Ans. Alternatively, to taking tests, you can explore the poet within you or write articles as a freelancer that can help you earn.

What is the way I can utilize my English speaking skills?

Ans. You can use these skills to participate in debates and extempores and improve your extracurricular skills.

Can you suggest some easy novels to read?

Ans. You can read Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, or Salman Rushdie’s novels. You can also read Agatha Christie novels if interested in detective fiction. They are easy to understand and can also be acclaimed as a hobby of yours in interviews

Can I do this at home or do I require any coachings for it?

Ans. You can easily do this at home, give 2 hours each day to this. You already have all the resources you need in your smartphone.

What can I do if I don’t have English speaking friends?

Ans. In this case, you can join forums and online groups where students like you come together to improve their skills.


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