Data Science Syllabus

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Data Science is the most demanding fields in today’s world. This field uses scientific methods, processing, algorithms and system to attract knowledge. It is a multi-disciplinary field and the future of Artificial Science which includes machine learning. The data analyst explains the processing history of data.

Data Science Course Syllabus

The Data Science course is for both bachelor and master degree. Data science is an interdisciplinary, problem-solving oriented subject. The course includes practical classes and self-study during preparation.

  • Data science aims to develop practical data analysis skills.
  • Data science develops knowledge of concepts of fundamental skills.
  • Data science develops the modern concepts of technology.
  • Data science explains the contribution of maths and information science in building algorithm and software.
  • Data science gives real-world practical experience.
  • Data science lectures are taught online using current teaching software.
  • Data science classes consist of independent mini-projects performed by the students.
  • Data science involve analytical skills development.
  • Data science main work is to develop students the experience of latest technology by giving training to the students.

3 Key Components in the Syllabus of Data Science

There are 3 key parts of data science:

  • Machine Learning– Machine learning involves mathematical and algorithm models. The main aim is to develop in the students to machine learn and adapt to everyday advancement. The machine can predict future outcomes from the historical data patterns.
  • Big Data– The data which is generally unstructured is called Big Data. For example- images, videos, orders, comments, articles etc. The unstructured data is then converted into a structured form by using big data tools and techniques.
  • Business Intelligence– There is too much data which is produced by each business. This data is then presented in a visual presentation form. This will help the management to make the best decision. 

Core Subjects offered in Data Science Syllabus

There are some core subjects in the data science syllabus-

  • Data Science: Introduction and Importance- Data science has gained importance in the business world. In this subject, teachers will teach you about the handling of data which is in the unstructured form to convert it into a structured form.
  • Data scientist roles and responsibilities– Data scientist is responsible for advising business data analysis and go through the statistics of the business data.
  • Data acquisition and data science life cycle– The life cycle of data science needs to be identified first to the person who knows what data to acquire and when to acquire. Data acquisition involves acquiring data from all the internal and external sources and helps to answer the business question.
  • The algorithm used in machine learning– It is an evolution of regular learning algorithms. It makes program smarter through which you will learn from the data provided.
  • Working on data mining, data structures and data manipulation– Data mining is a way to find out hidden information from database and data structure is a way of organizing data or storing data.

Data science with Python syllabus

  Python is a language which is best suited for a data scientist. Python is a powerful open-source language. Python was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1989. Python in data science helps your growth in the IT sector.

  • This will prepare you for three main courses for masters that are Statistics, Machine learning and Spark.
  • This will start with the learning of the basic process of data science.
  • You will learn Python and Jupyter notebooks.
  • An applied understanding of how to manipulate and analyze uncurated datasets.
  • Fundamental statistical analysis and machine learning methods.
  • Visualization of effective results.

Data science Syllabus IIT

Data science is a post-graduation course and is a 2-year program. The eligibility is B. E or B. Tech graduation with 60% aggregate marks. The selection is based on the merit of the qualifying exams. The average range of course fee is 1.40 to 9 lakhs for the 2 years. There are various subjects in the syllabus of IIT- 

  • Econometrics
  • Programming foundation for data science
  • Data warehousing and data- mining
  • Mathematics for data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Large-scale graph analytics
  • Empirical research
  • Big data technologies
  • Data analytics lab
  • Advanced data analytics lab

MSc Data Science Syllabus

MSc in data science is a 5-year integrated program. It provides the basics of advanced mathematical tools. This will enhance your business analytics skills as well as artificial intelligence. This will also improve your growth in the It sector industries.

  • This will help to gain knowledge in computer programming, mathematics and business analytics.
  • The jobs will be in the both conventional and software industries.
  • Scope for the research who wants to be a scientist or teacher.
  • This is the most wanted program in academics and industry.
  • The curriculum is designed according to the industrial needs and latest trends and technologies.
  • Ability to absorb and understand abstract concepts.

NMIMS Data Science Syllabus

NMIMS is deemed to be university started full-time. Tech data science program. The main aim is to enhance the main latest development of industries and technologies.

  • The faculty team is highly experienced and more dedicated and motivated.
  • There are various subjects like:
  • Data gathering, cleaning
  • SAS Programming
  • Big data technology 
  • Machine learning 
  • Data mining
  • Data science- Business analytics

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